Winter Skin Care Essentials You Should Grab

Winter Skin Care Essentials You Should Grab – Winter calls for a special care for our skin. Dry skin with flakiness in galore along with a general aversion towards the icy cold breeze blowing in sheer abandon, winters may not be the best of times for those with a skin type that cries for intense hydration. Winters also augur a change in one’s skin care routine. Lightweight lotions and moisturizers need to be given a wide berth while intensely hydrating body butters and serums are made way for. Since chemicals abound almost every other skin care product and using them overtime does more harm than benefit, let us substitute some toxin-free alternatives available in India. Jot down these Winter Skin Care Essentials You Should Grab.
Winter Skin Care Essentials You Should Grab, Winter Skin Care Essentials

Winter Skin Care Essentials You Should Grab

Vedantika Herbals

Vedantika Herbals, Winter Skin Care Essentials

We are starting our list of Winter Skin Care Essentials You Should Grab with this one. An instant face lifting & firming treatment that helps sagging & ageing skin, regular use of which gives the skin lasting firmness & resilience, Vedantika Herbals’ Anti-Aging Mask in our list and how! It arrests premature skin ageing, leaving your face younger. Composed of Cassia Tora, Terminalia Bellerica, Withania Somnifera, Ocimum Gratissimum, Aloe Barbadensis, Citrus Aurantium, Ash of Turbinella Rapa, Saffroan, Multani Mitti, it has everything in itself to nurture skin the year round, particularly during gelid winters when we often tend to take our skin care routine for granted.

Priced in a budget-friendly fashion, it is available all over India via Amazon India. Versatile to be blended with whichever base ingredient available with you be it- honey, raw milk, cucumber juice, lemon juice or even plain water, you will always have something to treat yourself to natural goodness if you have it in your beauty arsenal.

Price of Vedantika Herbals Anti-Aging Mask : Rs.250/- for 70 g

Availability : Amazon India

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Nature’s Emporium

Nature's Emporium, Winter Skin Care Essentials

If you are face looks sapped off all the zing, lustre and luminosity that it otherwise beams with during gelid winters, Mrs. Roopa Honnaswamy’s Rejuvenating Facial Elixir is for you. It is loaded with Jojoba oil, Rosehip oil, Frankincense essential oil, Lavender essential oil and Geranium essential oil. It bears a bright yellow color which makes it apposite for use at night as an overnight serum. Suitable for every skin type thanks to its lightweight and non-greasy texture, it penetrates conveniently into one’s skin with light massage. Thanks to the high content of nourishing oils in this serum, it proves to be advantageous for those with dry and extremely dry skin.

The latter however may have to apply a liberal amount of a natural body butter to hydrate their skin deeply because this serum aims to brighten skin. Hydration needs to be left to what best does it- a body butter/deep moisturizer. Efficacious to fade marks overtime, it’s one of the Winter Skin Care Essentials You Should Grab when the skin loses it natural glow.

Price of Nature’s Emporium Rejuvenating Facial Elixir : Rs.500/- for 15 ml

Availability :,,,, to name a few. If in Bangalore, Nature’s Emporium is available on the shelves at The Greenpath organic state in Malleswaram

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Brown Boi

Brown Boi, Winter Skin Care Essentials

Used to allay skin woes like acne, psoriasis, sunburn and chapped skin, Jojoba oil is a liquid that comes from the seed of the jojoba plant. Useful not only as a carrier oil but also as a moisturizer alone. If you have grabbed the right one, happier times are ahead for your skin. Since during winters one has to pay heed to what they put on themselves in order to hydrate their skin intensely, for those who would like to simplify things, Brown Boi’s Jojoba Oil deserves a special mention. And it is one of the must have Winter Skin Care Essentials.

Owned and operated by Mr. Sunil Gupta, it was started in 2016. They offer pure essential oils as well as carrier oils and all of them are reasonably priced. With respect to the Jojoba oil, it works well to hydrate dry skin without making it greasy.

Price of Brown Boi’s Jojoba Oil : Rs.199/- for 10 ml, Rs.249/- for 15 ml, Rs.399/- for 30 ml

Availability : Amazon India, and Facebook page

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Tarika Ayurlabs

Tarika Ayurlabs, Winter Skin Care Essentials

A 100% natural herbal body massage oil that holds the distinction of being used for spa therapies in USA, Tarika Ayurlabs’ Body oil is made on slow fire in brass vessels in a sesame oil base as per the processes delineated in Ayurveda. Infused with extracts of herbs and allowed to mature over a period of time to render an efficacious massage oil, Tarika Ayurlabs’ Body Oil not only relieves stress but also nullifies fatigue. A natural body deodorant, it promotes sound sleep, softens skin, tones nerves and maintains the elasticity of skin. Safe for use by all skin types, it can be used by anyone and everyone. And that’s why it is on our list Winter Skin Care Essentials You Should Grab. A warm oil massage helps, soothes and nourishes more than merely slapping the oil on one’s body (personal experience corroborates).

Price of Tarika Ayurlabs’ Body Oil : Rs.530/- for 100 ml

Availability : Amazon India, and Facebook page

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Ida Naturals

Ida Naturals, Winter Skin Care Essentials

Ever heard of the phrase “beauty sleep”? Often cited as the reason behind luscious skin by dermatologists, you should never take your beauty sleep for granted. Thanks to the Ida Naturals by Mrs. Priya Iyer, you have a reason to envisage repaired, hydrated and supple skin as soon as you wake up. And the credit goes to their Overnight Facial Massage Cream. The all-natural Massage Cream loaded with conditioning butters, nourishing oils and vitamins is formulated to bring back softness and suppleness to everyday tired skin resulting in a healthy complexion.

Meant for use by all skin types, it is to be massaged well into cleansed skin and then, wiped off with a piece of cloth. Done. That’s it. Go to sleep and wake up with clearer and fresher skin in no time. Of course, the more damaged your skin, the longer will it take to throw results. But for someone who’s regimen is free from nasties, spell-binding results are around the corner. A cruelty-free 100% Natural product, it aptly “revives” tired, frazzled and lifeless skin overtime also a must have Winter Skin Care Essentials.

Price of Ida Naturals Overnight Facial Massage Cream : Rs.250/- for 20 g, Rs.600/- for 50 g

Availability : Facebook page

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Amara Organix

Amara Organix, Winter Skin Care Essentials

Mrs. Mehar Farhana’s Amara Organix does not baulk at the idea of going to great lengths to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Thanks to our hectic schedules, poor dietary habits and an avalanche of chemical-laden products slapped on our face, it is tacit that skin’s fettle will be under the skids. Since the under-eye area shows that off easily here we have Amara Eye Radiance Under Eye Gel.

Formulated to deal with problems associated with the eye area like-dry sagging skin , puffy eyes, lines as well as wrinkles and dark circles, dedicated use will help you deal with them. You have to be devoted and determined while using it. A 100% Natural product with no chemical, it is one of the Winter Skin Care Essentials You Should Grab.

Price of Amara Eye Radiance Under Eye Gel : Rs.215/- for 50 g

Availability : Facebook page, Instagram and WhatsApp Mehar (+91 8056592923)

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These were some of the Winter Skin Care Essentials You Should Grab. Hope you found it helpful 🙂

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