Ways to Boost Our Immunity

Ways to Boost Our Immunity – Immune system is the mechanism of the body which helps to protect your body from foreign unwanted bodies. White blood cell present in blood acts as natural defense to safeguard body against infections. WBC fights against the foreign bacteria which try to invade into the body. So it is necessary to strengthen our immunity which helps to fight against foreign bacteria and other infection. And in order to strengthen our immune system you need to have good food, good healthy life style. Today I am going to discuss some processes or Ways to Boost Our Immunity.
Ways to Boost Our Immunity, Immunity

Ways to Boost Our Immunity

There are many spices, foods, probiotics which are surprisingly necessary for our human body and also help to boost our immunity :


Garlic is nature’s strongest anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti viral compound. It acts as natural antibiotic and boosts our immunity. Garlic protects the body from harmful diseases such as cancer.


Turmeric has wonderful healing power. It has huge amount of anti oxidants, anti inflammatory power and anti fungal properties. Turmeric helps to fight cancer. It is also used to heal wounds. Turmeric in milk helps to boost immunity.

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Get enough protein food daily to boost your immunity. Protein helps to develop muscle and bones. Protein is one of the most important components of white blood cells. You can get protein from milk, cheese, dairy products, meat, eggs, chicken, soy, and fish. But always remember to have lean protein which will carry lesser calories.


Have plenty of anti oxidants as this will help to strengthen our immunity. Antioxidants help to repair the damaged cells. Anti oxidants such as beta carotene, vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc and selenium are very beneficial. Anti oxidants are present in plenty in many vegetables, sea foods, nuts.  Broccoli, green peppers, carrots, tomato, Corn, apricots, beat, spinach, oranges, oranges, berries, strawberries, cauliflower, nuts, papaya, spinach, sunflower seeds, beans, oysters, sea foods such as salmon etc. has plenty of antioxidants present.

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Zinc is one of the main components of white blood cells so you need to boost up your body with this particular mineral. Naturally zinc can be inserted into body via meat, fish and milk. But supplements are always available but one need to be conscious and need proper physician to prescribe proper zinc supplements for you.

Ways to Boost Our Immunity 1, Immunity

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps in development of white blood cells and also safeguards the blood cells from destruction. Proper amount of vitamin C is available in all kinds of citrus fruits. Vitamin C foods also contains anti oxidants. Fruits which contain vitamin C are oranges, berries, tomatoes. Increase your vitamin C intake in order to boost immunity.

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Vitamin A and E

Vitamin A and E are also very necessary for your eyes and skin. Both these vitamins has huge amount of anti oxidants which are extremely necessary for you. Vitamin E and vitamin A are present in various oils, nuts, fruits and vegetables such as chilies, squash, carrots and tomatoes.


Water balances you body fluid requirement. You need to have at least eight glasses of water regularly to strengthen your immunity. Water energizes you and your body muscle. Water also helps in proper bowel movement.

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One needs to also make some good changes in daily habits :

Exercise regularly

Proper exercise will strengthen your body and make body stronger enough to fight various germs and viruses.

Ways to Boost Our Immunity 2, Immunity

Stop drinking and smoking habits

One needs to put a break on high intake of alcohol and smoke. Alcohol has such harmful chemicals which may destroy your blood cells. Smoking can cause damage to your immunity.

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Maintain proper sleeping habit

Regular sleep is necessary for at least six to eight hours daily. Sleeping is necessary for the body cells to regenerate and get energized.

Maintain proper hygiene

Hygiene is very necessary. Hygiene can protect your body from several infection and viruses. Wash your hands and legs after coming from outside, have regular bath everyday.

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