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Types of Handbags for Today’s Women – Every girl is crazy about few things in her life and handbags are one amongst them. This post will talk about different Types of Handbags for Today’s Women. Tough men see all bags as one, we women need handbags in different color, size and material to suit different requirements and occasions. Also the market presents so many types of handbags in different color and designs for today’s modern woman to flaunt her smartness and vibrant nature. The right choice of bag is important to suit every occasion. So, lets check out what are the different Types of Handbags are available in the market.
Types of Handbags for Today’s Women, Types of Handbags

Types of Handbags for Today’s Women

A wide open styled handbag may work in best for shopping or when with children for the ease of usage. However the one for office or professional environment may have to be more sophisticated, where in there is sufficient space to hold the laptop and the needed stationery. A casual outing on a day where in just minimalistic stuff is required may require an effortless sling bag to add the zing to the outfit worn. To add bling to an evening party a smart clutch can add the charm. Below is a list of different Types of Handbags for Today’s Women and the occasion where they are used.

Types of Handbags #1 – Backpack

Types of Handbags #1 - Backpack, Types of Handbags

This is one of the most common types of handbags that everyone would have owned in their college days. It draws inspiration from the school bag with two long loops that one can carry on the shoulders. These bags are most commonly used by young girls however options are available for all. Several stylish handbag types back packs are available which are quite sturdy and can be used during travels. They give the freedom to the hand to carry other stuff and the weight in the bag gets balanced on the shoulders and lie on the back. They come in several sizes and materials like leather, PU, transparent see through, cloth etc. These bags present a more casual and cool look. The capacity of the bag may vary depending on the size of the bag.

Types of Handbags #2 – Hobo

Types of Handbags #2 - Hobo, Types of Handbags

A Hobo type of handbag is one which hangs from the shoulder (mostly has a single strap) with a main compartment closure. This has a huge capacity and comes in a variety of color options. These types of handbags are usually very soft textured and do not have a sturdy defined outlook. As they usually have a zipper on the top they work excellent in storing the stuff intact. Hence they are good for travels.

Types of Handbags #3 – Clutch

Types of Handbags #3 - Clutch, Types of Handbags

These are small purses that are mostly used in the evenings or parties. They are styled to hold very less quantity of basic stuff to be carried like keys, cash and mobile. Few of the clutches may hold one or two items more. A sling bag is usually rectangular in shape and may or may not have a small handle. Since these types of handbags are used for the evenings or parties, the clutches are bling in nature with beads, stones or shiny material.  It also has an Indian version wherein a fabric layer with has lots of embroidery and Rhine stones. This is one of the various types of Handbags that today’s women must own.

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Types of Handbags #4 – Potli

Types of Handbags #4 - Potli, Types of Handbags

Potli’s are a more Indian version of the clutch purses. They are again similar to Clutches in terms of capacity and accentuate Indian ethnic outfits. They are mostly made of embroided or beaded silk or organdy fabric. These bags are available in a variety of colors to choose from. Yesteryear actress Rekha ji is always found flaunting one with her beautiful Kanjeevaram sarees.

Types of Handbags #5 – Envelope Bag

Types of Handbags #5 - Envelope Bag, Types of Handbags

As the name suggests, an envelope bag is in the form of an envelope which is mostly rectangular or square in shape and is quite compact in size. It has a triangular flap that folds over like an envelope. These types of handbags again store only minimal to small items in it depending on the size of the bag. The bag can have a long or short strap. 

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Types of Handbags #6 – Wristlet

Types of Handbags #6 - Wristlet, Types of Handbags

A wristlet can be defined as a wallet or a small clutch with an attached string in metal or of the same material as that of the wallet that can be holder around the wrist by the lady.  This is styled mainly for parties where in the wallet or clutch can be worn on the wrist so that the person is free to dance. Again they are smaller in capacity and can hold only very essential stuff.

Types of Handbags #7 – Bucket Bag

Types of Handbags #7 - Bucket Bag, Types of Handbags

A bucket bag is usually in the form of a bucket and is open at the top. It has one or two shoulder straps. These types of handbags are usually large and spacious and can hold a lot of items that are visible openly. A bucket bag may or may not have a draw string on the top.  It is ideal for shopping where in a person does not have to open the bag again and again to pull out the stuff. One needs to be little careful with handling this bag in order to avoid any spillage of the items caused by tilting the bag or accidental fall.

Types of Handbags #8 – Saddle Bag

Types of Handbags #8 - Saddle Bag, Types of Handbags

This is a bag which most of us would have started our bag journey with early in our teens. It is also seen with the conductors in Indian buses. It is a semi-circle shaped with a long sling. These types of handbags would be found on the side of a motor bike or bicycle. It is usually has small to decent storage space. This type of bag is usually made of leather and is quite sturdy and defined in shape. It has a flap cover and is usually open inside.

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Types of Handbags #9 – Satchel

Types of Handbags #9 - Satchel, Types of Handbags

A Satchel bag has a flat bottom and a flap over cover that covers the main compartment. These bags are generally sturdy and large in size. They have both small handles and long shoulder straps. These are mostly big enough to even hold a lap top. They has sufficient pockets that are neatly concealed. Most of the laptop bags are satchel kinds and can be used both by men and women. They are quite vintage in style. These bags have a large capacity and are quite sturdy and made of tough materials like leather or thick PU material. This type of bag is must for today’s women, specially the working women.

Types of Handbags #10 – Tote

Types of Handbags #10 - Tote, Types of Handbags

A tote bag is generally square or rectangular in shape and has two shoulder straps. These types of handbags are again high in capacity and have a wide bottom and open main compartment. They are mainly used while shopping as they can hold a large quantity. It can come in PU, leather, transparent materials.

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Types of Handbags #11 – Framed bags

Types of Handbags #11 - Framed bags, Types of Handbags

These types of bags were so much in style during the 80’s, where in a large frame is attached at the top of the purse. These are similar to that of small money purses. The frame contains a metallic lock that closes the bag. These frames styles are available from small clutches to large rectangular bags. They have a shape of their own and are quite sturdy.

Types of Handbags #12 – Messenger bag

Types of Handbags #12 - Messenger bag, Types of Handbags

A messenger bag is more often known as sling bag is a bag with a long strap. The bag is usually worn cross body. The messenger bag is usually top with a zipper so that the person can be sure not to drop anything from the bag. These kind of bags were mostly used by cyclists in the early days to carry stuff.

Types of Handbags #13 – Quilted Bag

Types of Handbags #13 - Quilted Bag, Types of Handbags

Quilted bags have cross stitched patterns on the top the bag which are similar to quilts. These types of bags usually have a flap on the top with a small cross type of lock to seal the bag. Most sophisticated brands use this pattern.  These have decent capacity and look smart and sophisticated and are sure to raise the oomph factor.

Types of Handbags #14 – Barrel Bag

Types of Handbags #14 - Barrel Bag, Types of Handbags

Barrel bags are cylindrical in shape and have two straps. These types of bags can not be generally carried on the shoulder and have to be carried on the wrist or hands. They may or may not have a long strap. Though these barrel bags have large storage, they generally are not very practical as the more the capacity and the heavier it turns out to be. They look nice for office or formal occasions.

Hope you liked this post of Types of Handbags for Today’s Women. Also I hope this article would help you to choose the right types of handbags for your needs and occasions. Do let me know your views.

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