Toxin Free Beauty Essentials in India

Toxin Free Beauty Essentials in India – By now, most of us have realized the importance of Toxin Free Beauty Essentials. From lip balms to under-eye creams, from high-end body lotions to extortionate mascaras/kohls, from lavish face masks to exorbitant body massage oils, one’s beauty closet more often than not is inundated with products. A look at their ingredients’ list however is bound to shove one in a pool of delusion, cynicism and lachrymosity. But do not repine because there are a handful of niche Indian brands that are going to great lengths to serve you with 100% natural, chemical and artificial fragrance free products. On that note, scroll down this list to have a look at those beauty essentials that you can easily buy in India. The best part is that none of them contains any nasties/toxins. So, check out my list of Toxin Free Beauty Essentials in India.
Toxin Free Beauty Essentials in India, Toxin Free Beauty Essentials

Toxin Free Beauty Essentials in India

Blue Nectar

Blue Nectar, Toxin Free Beauty Essentials

The first brand that makes it to our list of Toxin Free Beauty Essentials in India is Blue Nectar. A 100% Ayurvedic classical Kumkumadi Serum for adding luminosity to your skin while putting the kibosh on premature skin ageing, Blue Nectar’s Kumkumadi Ayurvedic Night Serum bears a hand in brightening dull skin, repairing skin pigmentation, minimizing fine lines and signs of ageing and relieving one off dark circles. Kumkumadi means Saffron and has been traditionally used as a key ingredient for exquisite skin. It combines 26 vital herbs like saffron, sandalwood, manjishtha (rubiacardifolia), mulaithi (liquorice) amongst other potent ones. Dedicated use for at least three weeks in required in my humble opinion to see noticeable results.

All thanks to its chemical and preservative-free composition, developing a hang of it too, won’t result in any harm rather it would be fruitful for your skin. Shipped pan India via Amazon and available on Blue Nectar’s official website too, it is readily available the year round. Pamper your skin rightly. It will love you back.

Price of Blue Nectar Kumkumadi Ayurvedic Night Serum : Rs.795/- for 10 ml

Availability : Amazon India or contact on their Facebook page

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Mooi Naturals

Mooi Naturals, Toxin Free Beauty Essentials

To all those hassled with loading their faces with noxious chemical-laden skin serums, if you are looking for a solution to put the kibosh on premature skin ageing; the all-natural Bengaluru-based Mooi Naturals is at your service. With their products being safe for use by anyone and everyone, body butters, lip balms, facial serums, under-eye serums, massage oils and baby powders make up their delectable range.

Started as a part of Sabala’s 360 degree health concept, Mooi Naturals is a Natural, Eco-friendly, Herbal personal care, beauty care and spa care products. 100% Natural, USDA certified organic ingredients go into the making of their products. Add to that, their brand is cruelty-free, vegan in its approach and boasts of exclusive veggie formulations. A must-have Toxin Free Beauty Essential from this brand is the Rosehip Ageless Facial Serum. A powerful rejuvenating, all natural anhydrous (oil-based) face serum, it works wonders to keep premature ageing at bay while imparting a prepossessing luminosity to one’s skin. Fading light blemishes overtime, it imparts a firm and smooth texture to one’s skin. Apposite for use by all skin types, it earns a thumbs up from me. Who wouldn’t want that? That too, naturally? Kudos to Mooi Naturals for crafting this gem!

Price of Mooi Naturals Rosehip Ageless Facial Serum : Rs.350/- for 10 ml

Availability : Amazon India, (official website), contact them on their Facebook page, email at [email protected] or call them at +91 8065952345

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Nature’s Emporium

Nature's Emporium, Toxin Free Beauty Essentials

Owing to how inclement winters can sometimes be, our skin ends up looking patchy, leathery and weather-beaten. Scrubbing it off seems a viable option but in case you have opted for a chemical-laden scrub, what’s the point? For those looking to not just slough layers of dead skin cells but also impart a prepossessing sheen to it, look no further than the Bengaluru-based Nature’s Emporium’s Detoxifying Mud Scrub.

Owned by Mrs. Roopa Honnaswamy, the brand is making all the right moves all thanks to Roopa’s eye for perfection in everything- packaging, products’ composition, customer servicing, customisations, etc. Made up of Sea Salt, Apricot Kernel Oil, Rhassoul Clay, and Lemongrass Essential Oil, the scrub spells lavishness. It isn’t like a typical scrub that if rubbed vigorously will render you inflamed skin rather gentility is the keyword here (I maintain that you shouldn’t scrub hard. Still) Apt for use by all skin types, its one of the must have Toxin Free Beauty Essentials. It bears a subtle fragrance that won’t irk the most sensitive of noses. This winter when your skin loses its natural lustre, do not frown or repine for you know whom to turn to!

Price of Nature’s Emporium Detoxifying Mud Scrub : Rs.450/-

Availability :,,,, to name a few. If in Bangalore, Nature’s Emporium is available on the shelves at The Greenpath organic state in Malleswaram

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Cucumber Organics

Cucumber Organics, Toxin Free Beauty Essentials

Number 4 on our list of Toxin Free Beauty Essentials in India is this one. If being absolutely transparent about the ingredients’ list of all their products compelled you to sit and take notice of the Bengaluru-based Cucumber Organics, there is a high probability that the body scrub range of this environment-friendly brand will awaken not just your inherent voluptuary but also foodie. How? Their scrubs are made up of CHOCOLATE! Presently available in 4 variants namely the ChocoMint, Chocorange, ChocoCinnamon and Chocofee, if you have a predilection for chocolate, it will be a Herculean task to keep your taste buds under control. Unleashing their ethereal aroma the moment when a tub is opened, your bathroom transmogrifies into a different place as you begin smearing it on your damp body. The entire environment turns into a chocolate factory!

Made up of Organic Brown sugar, Cacao Powder, Coffee Powder, Olive oil, Almond Oil and Cinnamon, their ChocoCinnamon Body Scrub is cent per cent natural, preservative and chemical-free formulation which eliminates all the muck and grime in your skin overtime while rendering it a smooth texture. All in all, it is a chocolate-lover’s delight!

Price of Cucumber Organics ChocoCinnamon Body Scrub : Rs.449/-

Availability : QTrove, Facebook page or email [email protected]

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Ida Naturals

Ida Naturals, Toxin Free Beauty Essentials in India

Not hurrying up with launching new products, Bengaluru-based Mrs. Priya Iyer- the lady behind Ida Naturals does not believe in pushing her drool-inducing products down anyone’s throats. With her ken being soap-making (she takes up online & offline classes on the same), while Ida Naturals’ cold-processed soaps are a runway hit with those who have treated themselves to it, it is another product that will sooner or later dethrone her soaps and become the best-seller from the brand. All agog? It is the All Clear –Herbal Clay Mask. Made up of 6 amazing clays & 10 powerful herbs, this potent mask is an ideal pick for those battling uneven complexion.

A mark on my forehead took less than 4 days to fade majorly (it wasn’t a scar, people. A mark! But still, the mask’s efficacy is commendable) Impeccable for purging oneself off spots and marks over a reasonable period of time (at least a week. My case was surprisingly different. It took 4 days but that could be attributed to my otherwise all-natural skin care regimen), it removes dead skin cells efficaciously while tightening skin. And no wonder it has made it to our list of Toxin Free Beauty Essentials in India. One thing is cock sure- If Priya takes time to launch something, it certainly justifies the time you have waited for!

Price of Ida Naturals All Clear –Herbal Clay Mask : Rs.280/- for 30 g, Rs.450/- for 50 g

Availability : Facebook page or email [email protected]

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Amara Organix

Amara Organix, Toxin Free Beauty Essentials

Next is Amara Organix on our list of Toxin Free Beauty Essentials in India. Every time the Chennai-based Amara Organix’ lady boss- Mrs. Mehar Farhana sets her eyes on crafting a new product, one wonders what keeps the lady going. A multi-tasker who originally belonged to the world of fabrics but realised her calling later- the Natural skin care arena that is, one product that takes the cake away for me is the Amara Body Oil. This body oil contains sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, cinnamon essential oil, vanilla essential oil and clove essential oil.

There are 2 variants of the same available- one, the winter version (whose ingredients have been elucidated before) and the other, the summer version which comprises of Mint, Sweet orange and Litseacubeba. A soothing, rejuvenating and refreshing moisturizer for dry skin after having a bath, if you cringe at the mere thought of having to smear a heavy body butter/chemical-laden lotion, Amara Organix is to your rescue with its riveting body oil. Kudos, Mehar!

Price of Amara Body Oil : Rs.350/- for 100 ml

Availability : Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Mehar (+91 8056592923)

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Aroma Essentials

Aroma essentials, Toxin Free Beauty Essentials

For those with incredulously sensitive skin, Mrs. Madhurima Ramakrishna- the lady boss behind the alluring Aroma Essentials all the way from the city deemed the Garden City of India aka Bengaluru, has a solution. A jaw-droppingly diverse range of handmade, natural, cruelty-free, preservative-free and artificial fragrance free products make up the catalogue of Aroma Essentials. Within each product category for instance- lip balms, you will find a plethora of options to choose from, If at the sea, fret not for Madhurima helps anyone and everyone in making the right choice based on your skin type, disorders, specifications, etc.

What caught my eye among their Toxin Free Beauty Essentials range was the Baby Scrub. Made up majorly of lentils, it is safe for use by anyone and everyone. That being said, if you are still cynical feel free to vent your concerns to Madhurima on Facebook/WhatsApp. Customisations are readily done and the same applies to the Baby Scrub. Ideal for use on face and neck, it wipes out every trace of grunge and muck sans sucking the moisture content of your skin/rendering it overly dry. A subtle sheen then comes to the forefront. Madhurima, you go girl!

Price of Aroma Essentials Baby Scrub : Rs.450/- for 120 g

Availability : Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Madhurima (7760 988272)

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So, here we have mentioned some of the Toxin Free Beauty Essentials in India. Hope you found this post helpful 🙂

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