Top Toxin Free Indian Brands That Do Not Test On Animals

Top Toxin Free Indian Brands That Do Not Test On Animals – Toxin free products that are not tested on animals are no less than a treat for our skin and hair. But there is a ethical side of this as well. While a lot many of us claim to be animal lovers, many skin/hair/body care products that we use not only contain noxious chemicals but have also been tested on voiceless animals. Sprucing one’s appearance with products that have used animals as lab rats in egregious conditions not only speaks volumes about the ethics of that brand but also elicits pangs of grief, repugnance and guilt every time it is applied on oneself. But do not repine for here is a list of Top Toxin Free Indian Brands That Do Not Test On Animals for you.
Top Toxin Free Indian Brands That Do Not Test On Animals, Toxin Free and cruelty free Indian Brands

Top Toxin Free Indian Brands That Do Not Test On Animals

Bio Organic and Natural

Bio Organic and Natural, Toxin Free and cruelty free Indian Brands

We are starting our list of Top Toxin Free Indian Brands That Do Not Test On Animals with this brand. Initiated in 1997 in Auroville, Tamil Nadu by Mr. Ganesh Chandrasekaran, the mantle to establish Bio Organic and Natural as the go-to brand of every conscious consumer today rests upon the able shoulders of Ms. Nishantainidevi Chandrasekaran- his daughter. A friendly CEO, as she’s rightly called, her objective is no nonsense- To make organic available for everyone as that’s the way it’s meant to be. One cannot proceed without mentioning BON’s Pink Lip Stain; the tint of which is attained via the addition of dried beetroot powder.

A 100% Handmade all natural & organic Lip Staining Balm, it comprises of Shea Butter (Vitellariaparadoxa), Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), BON Pure Aloe Vera Gel (Aloe barbadensis), Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera), Sweet Almond Oil (Prunusdulcis), Cruelty Free Bees- wax (Certified), Essential Oil of Vanilla blended with dried beetroot powder for color. One swipe on one’s lips and boy, your closet that’s inundated with chemical-laden extortionate lip balms/lip sticks will be put to shame.

With a spectacular staying power of 8+ hours (my case), it hydrates one’s lips intensely, leaving a subtle pink tint behind for a few minutes post 8 hours. If you cannot do away with your fixation with lip sticks, use this lip stain from BON Organics under them so that once the lip stick’s effect subsides, your lips do not feel unbearably dry. Revolutionary and reasonably priced, its light pink tint will have one bewitched. I had me smitten for sure!

Price of BON Organics Pink Lip Stain : Rs.400/- for 8 g/0.3 fl. Oz

Availability :, Facebook & Instagram

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Island Kiss

Island Kiss, Toxin Free and cruelty free Indian Brands

Merely a year old and calling the shots already, Goa-based Island Kiss delineates sass, luxury and conscious personal care choices. With three variants launched last year that became a rage, two new variants- both tinted are here to have one smitten namely –the Flamingo Pink & Peonies as well as the Black Rose & Grenade Rouge Lip Moisturizers. Amongst the two, my favorite is the latter one. Its deep tint is by far, the best of all the five variants- a deep red hue which turns a shade of pink upon being swiped on one’s slips.

A pleasant sweet fragrance with an impressive composition (only butters, cold-pressed carrier oils, natural organic color & pure therapeutic grade essential oils) and a smooth gloss-like texture are added cherries on the cake.

Island Kiss’ Lip Moisturisers are toxin free and not tested on animals. Doubling up as a cheek stain, it is edible although you would rather want to restrict it for your lips once you glide it on your lips. A perfect substitute to harsh chemical-laden lip sticks, indulge in raw virgin goodness of Nature, ladies. Made majorly of Kokum & Mango butters, your lips won’t feel parched by the time its effect subsides. It’s time to flaunt an enviable pucker courtesy Island Kiss! Psss… you will love the tint! I can’t get over it.

Price of Black Rose & Grenade Rouge Lip Moisturizer : Rs.499/-

Availability : Amazon, Nykaa, Facebook page, Instagram

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Organique, Toxin Free and cruelty free Indian Brands

For Hyderabad based Organique, the mantra is conspicuous- Go back to Nature. Not even a year old but arousing the curiosity of Natural beauty buffs, its range is not only totally free from nasties- parabens, alcohol, silicones, sulphates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances or dyes, but also getting augmented thanks to the ingenious streak of Ms. SandhyaPolepalli- its owner/master crafts person.

Organique’s products are completely toxin free and not tested on animals besides being a treat to one’s skin/hair. From lip balms to face masks, from hair masks to handmade soaps, if your skin is under the skids thanks to an overarching number of chemicals decanted on it via cosmetics, it’s time to check out Organique’s range!

The product that left me chuffed was the Face Mask for Dry Skin that is made up of ashvagandha, milk powder, chironji powder amidst a host of essential oils. From sloughing away dead skin courtesy its mild scrub-like texture to imparting luminosity sans dehydrating my skin, for the price paid, it certainly delivers. The exquisite aroma that it emanates is worth a mention. It has a calming effect on one besides nourishing one’s skin (essential oils have benefits, after all). Apposite for dry skin, a little would last long.

Price of Organique Face Mask for Dry Skin : Rs.300/- for 30 g

Availability : Facebook page/ Call/WhatsApp at 9705331908

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Hydra by Ambika

Hydra by Ambika, Toxin Free and cruelty free Indian Brands

Next on our list of Top Toxin Free Indian Brands That Do Not Test On Animals is this brand. Adding only what can be ingested; Hydra’s products need no introduction. Those who have given a shot to this eco-friendly, all-natural, vegetarian and chemical-free brand’s tempting products bang the drums for it enthusiastically. At the helm of affairs of this luxurious brand is Ms. Ambika Goel whose range of products encompasses body butters, lip balms, body washes, face creams and the ilk. It’d be unfair to proceed without mentioning Hydra’s Body Butter– the staying power of which is commendable (5+ hours in my case)

Those with dry/extremely dry skin, stop scrutinising the aisles of supermarkets in search of an intensely hydrating lotion/body butter. Hydra is here, raring to be your skin’s knight in shining armor. Locking your skin in a protective shield (it’s made up of butters, cold-pressed carrier oils & a skin-loving blend of essential oils) for over 5 hours (my skin is dry), it leaves one with soft, smooth and supple skin over a couple of applications. A multi-purpose product, it’s capable of being used on cracked heels, elbows as well as hardened skin areas. During winters, two-three applications will last an entire day. And you don’t have to douse yourself in it a coin-sized amount suffices. It’s not for anything that the Body Butter is Hydra’s best-seller!

Price of Hydra by Ambika Body Butter : Rs.1,200/- for 250 ml & Rs.2,000/- for 500 ml

Availability : Facebook page/Instagram (handle-hydrabyambika)

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Omved, Toxin Free and cruelty free Indian Brands

Made with natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, Omved intends to offer one, safe, unique, therapeutic and efficient products or life-tools, for one’s body, mind, and soul. Inspired by the ancient tradition of Vedic Sciences from ancient India; Ayurveda, Yoga, Rasa Tantra, Vastu Shastra, Bhakti Sadhana and Jyotish, Omved is a culmination of two words- Om (absolute) & Ved (knowledge) implying existence in complete consciousness.

This Mumbai-based brand is certified vegan by PETA. All the products from this brand is toxin free and certainly not tested on animals.

A non-toxin and biodegradable range of products that runs into lip balms, body massage oils, ubtans and more, what deserves a special shout-out is the Nagarmotha Skin Mask. Made up of protein-rich flours, aromatic healing powders, therapeutic spices and a host of other herbal ingredients, it doubles up as a cleanser as well as a face mask. Although it may itch sensitive skin somewhat on application, yet one’s face glows and feels clearer post rinsing. A light massage with any cold-pressed oil after rinsing is sane for dry skin (as per my observation/sanity). Capable of brightening one’s semblance in addition to exfoliating skin, it can be combined with anything- water, milk or orange juice. A felicitous substitute to chemical-laden face masks, it is apt for use on days when one’s skin looks inanimate.

Price of Omved Nagarmotha Skin Mask : Rs.220/- for 25 g

Availability : Amazon, Facebook or email [email protected]

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Nature’s Emporium

Nature's Emporium, Toxin Free and cruelty free Indian Brands

Despite earning unprecedented applause from every nook and corner for her spell-binding chemical-free products, Nature’s Emporium’s owner Mrs Roopa Honnaswamy isn’t taking it easy. Launching new products at period intervals to slake the demand for toxin-free products, the brand’s mantra is simple- Keep all the nasties away. All the products boast of a toxin free as well as cruelty free composition.

What deserves a special shout-out is the Grapefruit Lily and Jojoba Whipped Shea Body Butter. Made up of Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E & Grapefruit Lily Fragrance Oil, nothing more than these ingredients go into a tub of the same. Whipped to a creamy frosting consistency, the rich-in-texture body butter helps to tackle dry skin, sunburn and also stretch marks. Melting almost instantaneously upon coming into contact with one’s skin, it is a saviour during gelid winters. It goes without saying that none of Nature’s Emporium’s products are tested on animals. Noteworthy, we say!

Price of Nature’s Emporium Grapefruit Lily and Jojoba Whipped Shea Body Butter : Rs.750/-

Availability : Shopclues, Snapdeal,,,,, to name a few. If in Bangalore, Nature’s Emporium is available on the shelves at The Greenpath organic state in Malleswaram

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Tarika Ayurlabs

Tarika Ayurlabs, Toxin Free and cruelty free Indian Brands

Years of research, single-minded dedication and an agenda to reconnect skin care with the ancient science of Ayurveda led Baniprasanna- the owner/founder of the Pondicherry-based Ayurlabs Indiato introduce its skin-loving range of products. Encompassing face serums, herbal bath powders (Mysteribath & its Sandal variant), Hair oil, Face masks, gum massage oil, body scrubber as well as body massage oil- all of them are totally toxin free and also not tested on animals.

Their products are prepared with 100% pure vegetable oils, natural herbs and also minerals according to traditional Ayurvedic recipes. Efficaciously balancing and reconciling the Doshas, their products are made in an environment-friendly manner.

The product that deserves a special shout-out is the Mysteribath Premium Sandal Bathing Clay. A must-have for those who casually lather a soap thinking it would allay all of their skin woes. It not only scrubs, hydrates, softens or brightens skin but heals it. Controlling excess sweating, it is safe for use by everyone. Capable of being blended with any base ingredients, it just cannot disappoint you. It is indeed miraculous. The standards have been raised by Team Tarika. Kudos!

Price of Tarika Ayurlabs Mysteribath Premium Sandal Bathing Clay : Rs.795/- for 200 g

Availability : Amazon, Facebook

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Aroma Essentials

Aroma Essentials, Toxin Free and cruelty free Indian Brands

Talking about Top Toxin Free Indian Brands That Do Not Test On Animals and leaving out Aroma Essentials is just not possible. Bubbling with ideas that are deemed weird initially but lauded later, she doesn’t let negativity get to her. Exercising her ingenuity to the backbone, Bengaluru-based Aroma Essentials’ owner/artisan Mrs. Madhurima Ramakrishna’s range of all-natural products are a delight- Chemical-free, cruelty-free, dermatologically-tested and also artificial fragrance free… she’d got something for everyone. Body butters, body balms, lip balms/butters, face packs, hair oils, conditioners, cold-processed soaps etc, it’s little wonder that Aroma Essentials is fancied by every Natural skin care aficionado!

With none of her products being tested on animals (she’s an animal lover by the way. Roxy assures us), what deserves a special mention is the Rose Cream. It is indescribable how soothing, rejuvenating and calming the cream feels when applied. A gentle ethereal aroma of roses guards you in its spell, while the butters and also oils it is composed of penetrate deep into your skin to leave it soft, smooth and hydrated. Absolutely legit for the price it comes at it is apposite for use by both men and women. Kudos, Madhurima!

Price of Aroma Essentials Rose Cream : Rs.550/- for 100 g

Availability : Call/WhatsApp Madhurima(7760 988272), Facebook, Instagram

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Here we have mentioned some of the Top Toxin Free Indian Brands That Do Not Test On Animals. Hope you liked my post 🙂

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