Top Toxin Free Facial Serums in India

Top Toxin Free Facial Serums in India – You just cannot miss out on the bounties of facial serums. Period. And Toxin Free Facial Serums can be blessings for your skin. From hydrating your skin to imparting lustre to it, from freshening it to softening it, the bountifulness of skin serums is limitless. While chemical-laden ones are easy to grab and throng markets without an iota of doubt, do not over-egg the pudding (read: your face) with them. A few but fantastic natural alternatives to them are available in the Indian market these days. Scroll down to check out the ones that should be in your beauty arsenal. Check out my post Top Toxin Free Facial Serums in India below.
Top Toxin Free Facial Serums in India, Toxin Free Facial Serums

Top Toxin Free Facial Serums in India


Nature's Emporium, Toxin Free Facial Serums

Loaded with the indubitable virtues of Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil and Geranium Essential Oil, Nature’s Emporium all the way from the Silicon Valley of India aka Bengaluru may be just a few months old, but has the potential to become your go-to skin and hair care brand. A clean and green venture by Mrs. Roopa Honnaswamy, this tempting brand offers one a bouquet of Pure, Natural and Handmade products. Creating soap and skin care goodies to pamper one’s body in the simplest way one can that is, by using 100% natural ingredients, it has something from everyone.

A toxin free facial serum that I can proudly deem “My kind of serum” the Rejuvenating Facial Elixir from this brand hits the bullseye for me. Packed with two wonderful rejuvenating oils- Rosehip and frankincense as well as two wonderful balancing oils-jojoba and geranium, mark my words- Your skin will feel pampered to the backbone. Be it its instant brightening ability, anti-aging properties, softening ability or marks’ reduction properties, you would be left wondering,”What had I been doing all this while to my skin?” once you develop a hang of this magical elixir. It is aptly titled an “elixir”. Ideal for use by all skin types as well as by men, you are depriving your skin of oodles of nutrition if you miss out on this one!

Price of Nature’s Emporium Rejuvenating Facial Elixir : Rs.500/- per 15 ml

Availability : Facebook page,,,,, to name a few. If in Bangalore, Nature’s Emporium is available on the shelves at The Greenpath organic state in Malleswaram.

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La Flora Organics, Toxin Free Facial Serums

Next on my list of Top Toxin Free Facial Serums in India comes this brand. The genial, courteous and socially responsible Mrs. Sithara Gerdes who helms La Flora Organics, based out of Pondicherry employees rural women who are trained to craft all-natural; chemical, preservative and artificial fragrance-free products with solicitude and whole-hearted devotion. And certainly when so much goes into the making of the products, the end results are bound to impress you.

First things first. The range of La Flora Organics’ cold-pressed oils is commendable. From body massage oils to hair oils (meant for acceleration of hair growth rate and control/removal of dandruff) the one that caught my eye was the Grapeseed Oil. Free from hexane and mineral oil, their 100% natural, pure and cold-pressed grape seed oil is efficacious and advantageous for both skin care as well as hair care. Rich in Vitamins D, C and E, regular application of their grape seed oil not just tightens skin but also improves skin’s elasticity.

Coming to its use for hair care, I was spellbound on seeing on how efficacious it proved to be in nullifying scalp’s itchiness. For the price you’d pay, I am cock-sure that the benefits derived, provided it is used devotedly and regularly, would have you smitten. Psss… it is even cruelty-free. Go ahead with this one!

Price of La Flora Organics Grapeseed Oil : Rs.295/- for 100 ml

Availability : Amazon India, Facebook, , firstcry, ecotokri, mybabycart, visionfresh, clickoncare and

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Raw Rituals, Toxin Free Facial Serums

Adding more appealing, tempting and efficacious products to their catalogue this year, here we have Raw Rituals all the way from the Manchester of India aka Ahmedabad that is steadfast to expunge all the nasty chemical-laden skin/hair/body care products from your shelves. Helmed by the amicable Mrs. Lovina Agarwal, their range of toxin free facial serums encompasses the ethereal, cherubic, ambrosial and sublime face serum- all of which are spectacular in their own right.

My vote of approval goes to the Cherubic Face Serum from Raw Rituals. This beautifully scented serum aims to leave you with skin that you will fall head over heels in love with! It works towards improving skin’s complexion, curing uneven skin and fading away marks and scars, thus leaving one’s skin healthy, supple and luminous.

With soothing, uplifting and aromatic hints of pure therapeutic grade essential oils peppered on the carrier oil base, your nose is in for a joyride. Imbued with myriad carrier oils (all virgin-grade oils), moisturisationis well taken care of in addition to having your skin nourished sans pumping deleterious chemicals in your skin.

Price of Raw Rituals Cherubic Face Serum : Rs.400/- for 8 ml

Availability : Amazon India, Facebook and Instagram

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Aroma Essentials, Toxin Free Facial Serums

Can Madhurima ever stop surprising you with her ingenuity and dedication? I hope and am sure she never does. Why? Churning all-natural, toxin free products, her awe-inspiring brand- Aroma Essentials will enter your good books in no time.

Their range that spans almost every skin, hair and body care products including facial serums, kajal, under-eye creams etc. You will have a hard time in controlling the shopaholic in you once you scroll down their catalogue.

Coming to her range of toxin free facial serums, the two products that had me smitten were the Argan Face serum and Saffron-infused Oil. Both resounding tools to resuscitate your skin, the former is appositely FOOD FOR YOUR SKIN. Enriched with the magical Argan oil that suits each skin type, regular use will work wonders for you. From hydrating your skin to softening it tangibly, from adding a tinge of glow to ameliorating your skin’s elasticity, it leaves you yearning for a bottle of the same even before the first finishes!

The other serum is a ideal bet for those who are in dire need of a chemical-free to brighten their skin in a relatively shorter span of time. You need to, however, watch over your dietary habits and products used on your skin. That said, it is quicker in brightening your skin tone vis-à-vis the Argan face Serum. In a nutshell, both are bewitching and creditable. Zero in on the one that befits your need.

Price of Aroma Essentials Argan Face Serum : Rs.350/- for 25 ml

Price of Aroma Essentials Saffron-infused Oil : Rs.450/- for 10 ml

Availability : Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Madhurima (7760 988272)

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Above we have listed some of the Top Toxin Free Facial Serums in India. Hope you all found this post helpful 🙂

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