Top Natural Beauty Brands in India

Top Natural Beauty Brands in India – It is truism that almost every skin, hair and body care product we slap on ourselves facilely comes brimming with a torrent of chemicals. While there is a barrage of information online too on what all chemicals one should watch out for in their products, yet most of us steer clear of them, don’t we? But that doesn’t take away from the fact that we our dousing ourselves in a pool of chemicals on a quotidian basis. So, let me be of service to you. How? Given my predilection for products that are free from all nasty chemicals, let me present a list of Top Natural Beauty Brands in India for you.
Top Natural Beauty Brands in India, Natural Beauty Brands

Top Natural Beauty Brands in India

To put it simply, in the midst of money-grubbing cosmetic firms that furnish less and promote more, here are some Natural Beauty Brands in the Indian skin care market that have it in them to become your go-to brands. Offering a chemical-free range of wholesome products, the next time you grimace or wince after checking out the composition of some of your ‘frequently bought’ products, these are the brands that will be your much-needed saviors. Take a look below and find out some of the Top Natural Beauty Brands in India.


Svayam Natural, Natural Beauty Brands

Starting my list of Top Natural Beauty Brands in India with this brand. If you ever try any of their products, chances are you’d be compelled to check out their range immediately to look out for what all you were missing for long. Svayam Natural, spearheaded by Ms. Kavita makes no bones about what all they add in their products. And this rule is applicable to ALL the products across categories be it- hair oils, face serums, face packs or face scrubs. Who wouldn’t be chuffed to know what all they are putting on themselves? Certainly no one.

Theirs is a brand that is strictly against animal-testing, addition of chemicals or preservatives to prolong the shelf life of their products and artificial fragrance. From their range, I would recommend the “Apricot Face Serum”. If with the onset of winters, your skin launches its Clarion call for intense moisturization, the Apricot Face Serum from Svayam Naturals is what you need to zero in on. Without imparting a hideous greasy/oily look to your face, it soothes dry patches and overtime, imparts a subtle glow. Without mincing words, I’d say that you need to use the serum sparingly unlike a typical oil (which we slap in abundance). To top it all, it has the repository of Vitamin E- Almond oil and is dashed with notes of patchouli which take care of your olfactory senses very well.

Price of Svayam Natural Apricot Face Serum : Rs.525/- for 100 ml

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Quinta Essentia Organics, Natural Beauty Brands

To those thinking that skin, hair and body care can still be managed sans chemicals while makeup has to entail chemicals after a point, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Mineral-makeup, which is fast catching up as a trend is what these ladies behind the cent per cent Natural Beauty Brand – Quinta Essentia Organics, specialist in.

Open and adept at customizing every beauty-care product based on skin and hair types, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that QEO actually turns one into a conscious consumer overtime.

Body butters, organic foundations, organic lipsticks, cold-processed soaps (special mention to the cup-cake ones which give one foodgasms), lip balms/butters, hair growth stimulator oils (my personal favorite from QEO)… you name it and they’d offer it. With no nasties entering any of their products even remotely, my vote of approval goes to the Miracle Rasayan Chwanaprash. Okay, it’s not a skin/hair/body care product per se but it’s meant for all the three! How? Crafted with love and a knack for pushing the boundaries every time the ladies behind QEO set at work, the Chawanprash is made with only wild crafted and certified organic ingredients. Thankfully, with the taste being compatible to my tongue, it can be surely deemed one health-food item that’s healthy and palatable in the same go! Quinta Ladies, you should be crowned for being so pioneering!

Price of Quinta Essentia Organics Miracle Rasayan Chwanaprash : Rs.1100/- for 200 g

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Kan's Natural Beauty Care, Natural Beauty Brands

Kan’s Natural Beauty Care sits at number 3 on my list of Top Natural Beauty Brands in India. When someone’s been exposed to natural remedies for decades and has incorporated the same in their regimen for an equal time frame, one thing is cock-sure- they (in this case Mrs. Kanchana S. Babu), will look decades younger and gorgeous as compared to what their age points out to! ‘The lady whose experience runs in decades’ as I deem her, is based out of Chennai and serves  her customers to the point wherein none of them even thinks of turning to someone else to address their skin & hair care woes.

With a policy of ‘not pushing her products down one’s throats’, she listens patiently to everyone’s skin/hair queries and recommends products that would best suit them and if nothing in the present catalogue fits the bill, she diligently sets on concocting what would! Isn’t that commendable?

Coming to her all-natural, nasty-free and safe range of skin & hair care products, the one that swept me off my feet was the Black Magic Face Mask. A savior for skin that is susceptible to tanning, dedicated use works wonders to reduce the tan considerably. If skin tan is not the bugbear, bid farewell to pimples and marks overtime. I recommend using it with neem water so as to target pimples from all the sides.

Price of Kan’s Black Magic Face Mask : Rs.195/-

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Arishma, Natural Beauty Brands

For Ms. Nandini Karthik who had a yen for homemade skin and hair care recipes since inception, erecting her own line of handmade, vegan, cruelty-free and all-natural products was just a matter of time that came with a tad of motivation from her near and dear ones as well as from within. Arishma Skin Care & Hair Care is undoubtedly one of the Top Natural Beauty Brands in India. Dried roots, herbs, dry fruits and spices go into the making of her face and hair masks. Steering clear of unnecessarily complicating skin and body care regimens for her customers, she concocted a Face-Mask-Cum-Body-Wash-Powder in one. Creditable, isn’t it?

Coming to the very same product (for it won my vote of approval), if getting rid of exorbitantly-priced chemical-laden products is your agenda, then trying out the Face-Mask-Cum-Body-Wash-Powder from Arishma becomes indispensable.

For all those thinking that it may burn a hole in their pocket, here’s something to perk you up- it fits so well into an average Indian’s budget that s/he may buy multiple packs of the same. Washing away all the muck and grunge sans sucking moisture, it turns out to be a winner.

Price of Arishma Face-Mask-Cum-Body-Wash-Powder : Rs.150/-

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Aroma Essentials, Natural Beauty Brands

Aroma Essentials is one of the well known and Top Natural Beauty Brands in India. When Mrs. Madhurima Ramakrishna is at work, two things are cock-sure. One, you will be treated to wondrous skin, hair and body care products that are safe, toxin-free, preservative-free and of course, chemical-free. Two, the place she’d be working at will have an ethereal aroma permeate the air, leaving everyone placid. In the fray for over a year and with legions of loyal customers behind her, she is leaving no stone unturned to catapult Aroma Essentials to the top.

Offering almost every product you may possibly need as far as skin, hair and body care are concerned, my recommendation goes out for Aroma Essentials’ Kohl. A new launch by the brand, instinct with the virtues of cold-pressed oils and used by Madhurima herself, it is an ideal substitute for all the chemical-laden eyeliners and kohls which have been burning a hole in your pocket till date. Grab it for it is a value-for-money product without any iota of doubt.

Price of Aroma Essentials Kohl : Rs.250/- for 7 g

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Ida Naturals, Natural Beauty Brands

‘’The eternal workaholic’’ as I once titled her- Priya Iyer, all the way from namma Bangaluru is unstoppable when it comes to concocting novel skin, hair and body care products. Brimming with ideas on what to tinker with in even her ‘existing’ products to give her customers an experience like never before (or shall I say, to make them addicts?), you can never get enough of Ida Naturals- her handcrafted, 100% vegetarian,  chemical-free completely Natural Beauty brand. With cold-processed soaps being her forte, my recommendation for a change, features Ida Naturals’ Silky Body Butter and Hair Pack.

Long-lasting hydration without pumping chemicals and a lingering earthy aroma await you as you swipe the silky body butter. True to its name, the butter is indeed silky in texture. The USP is that you don’t need to souse yourself in it in order to hydrate your skin intensely. A little lasts for a good enough time.

The hair pack, on the contrary isn’t like a usual hair mask (which is meant to be slathered all over one’s locks). All you need to focus on is your scalp. Mix with ample curd and treat your locks to its bounties. A few uses will vindicate how efficacious it is when it comes to infusing strength in otherwise, inanimate hair. The key is to be realistic and devoted however.

Price of Ida Naturals Silky Body Butter : Rs.110/- for 10 g (bigger sizes are also available)

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Ishaan Enterprises Rayaan Herbals, Natural Beauty Brands

Last but not the least on my list of Top Natural Beauty Brands in India is Rayaan Herbals. Run by Mrs. Reshma Thakur it comes under Ishaan Enterprises. It was incepted in 2013 with an agenda to wipe out all chemicals in an average Indian’s skin and hair care regimen. The products are shipped pan India via Amazon India. Harsha Consulting is into getting statutory clearances for different kinds of upcoming industries and industries going for expansion. It works at pan India level. Rayaan Herbals also provides customized skin and hair care solutions as per buyer’s requirements. And each of their products claims to be formulated uniquely!

Offering hair packs, skin packs and body wash powders- all of which are free from chemicals, preservatives and fillers of any ilk, what caught my eyes was the Hair Conditioning Henna. Sans any pernicious chemicals, it is composed of solely of dried herbs and leaves, the use of which on a quotidian basis won’t wreak havoc on anyone’s mane/scalp.

Price of Rayaan Herbals Hair Conditioning Henna : Rs.250/- for 100 g

So, these were some of the Top Natural Beauty Brands in India. Hope you all liked the post 🙂

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