Top Indian Brands That Customize Skin Care Products the Best

Top Indian Brands That Customize Skin Care Products the Best – Here I am with a post that will throw light on the best Indian skin care brands you should look forward to if you are intrigued in getting your skin treats tailor-made to your requirement or choice. Not a great many of us take a liking to buying chemical-laden store-bought stuff that does more harm than good especially in the long run. So, go and disport yourselves in this article and let me know which brands impressed you the most out of the lot. PLEASE NOTE- While all the brands mentioned below customize skin, hair and body products, the following brands customize SKIN care products the best. Check out Top Indian Brands That Customize Skin Care Products the Best below.
Top Indian Brands That Customize Skin Care Products the Best, Indian skin care brands

Top Indian Brands That Customize Skin Care Products the Best


Quinta Essentia Organics (QEO), Indian skin care brands

It is not tough but next to impossible to zero in on one product from Quinta Essentia Organics as the best for everything Arti and Atika- the ladies behind QEO (Quinta Essentia Organics) craft awaken not the conscious consumer in you but also the hedonist. Deeply moisturizing lip balms available in countless hues and flavors (again, achieved naturally), cold-pressed soaps that pamper as efficaciously as they look (the cup-cake soaps are a league of their own), face masks, scrubs and a lot more are what QEO treats you to. To get products customized, feel free to get in touch with the ladies. Let them know what is it that you are eyeing or any skin problem besetting you and their ingenious minds will come up with all-natural, chemical-free, fragrance and preservative-free handmade goodies to rid your skin off those woes in no time.

Products that won my vote of approval are-

1.Rose-Patchouli Lip Balm : By far, the most natural rose lip balm I have ever used happens to be the rose & patchouli lip balm from the kitchen of QEO. Its hydration is by far the maximum you can expect, tint subtle and aroma intoxicating. Kiss dry lips goodbye forever if you have QEO’s rose & patchouli lip balm by you side, dry lips are a thing of the past.

Price of Quinta Essentia Organics Rose-Patchouli Lip Balm : Rs.375/-

2.Cup-Cake Soap : Like I said before, the forte of QEO ladies is crafting delectable and deceptive cup-cake soaps. Why deceptive? Because you end up mistaking it for a real cup-cake at times! It is not something to be delineated in words. Experience it for it is worth every penny you pay.

Price of Quinta Essentia Organics Cup-Cake Soap : Rs.100/- (small Cup-Cake Soaps), Rs.500/- (big Cup-Cake Soaps)

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Svayam Natural, Indian skin care brands

The next time you run out of synonyms for minimalism, use Svayam Natural conveniently. Okay, they are two words but you got the gist, didn’t you? Based out of SaaddiDilli, Svayam Natural is spearheaded by the warm and welcoming Kavita. It crafts skin, body and hair care gems (yes, one needs to accord the right titles) that make one go,”There is certainly something about this brand.” Offering face and body scrubs, hair oils, serums and face masks made out of rejuvenating ingredients, their products are 100% preservative, chemical, artificial fragrance and fillers-free. Impressive, isn’t it?

The gems (as I call them) that caught my eye were-

1.Glow Face Pack : Finely powdered, packed to perfection and intensely soothing, the glow face pack crafted by Svayam Natural is your go-to fix if you wish to add a delightful tinge of radiance and pizzazz to your skin when in haste. Imbued with potent natural herbs and nothing more, it lasts long and ranks as one of the bestsellers from the brand. Mark my words- once you try it, you will get addicted to it.

Price of Svayam Natural Glow Face Pack : Rs.415/- for 100 g

2.Almond Oats Face Scrub : To those whose skin becomes leathery and dull thanks to the vagaries of weather, this 100% natural and chemical/preservative-free formulation is a savior. Never had my skin felt so smooth and hydrated before using Svayam Natural’s Almond oats face scrub. Again, with a minimal composition, Kavita manages to take the cake! A best friend for dry skin, give a shot to it for your skin deserves the nourishment, doesn’t it?

Price of Svayam Natural Almond Oats Face Scrub : Rs.385/- for 100 g

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Kan's Natural Beauty Care, Indian skin care brands

You would have a hard time resisting the urge to pick up more products once you try Kan’s Natural Beauty Care products- mark my words. A Chennai-based skin and hair care enterprise that seeks to nullify all the chemical-laden cocktails lying on your shelves, their range is for both men and women to bask in. Offering hair masks, face masks and hair oils, feel free to touch base with them if you wish to get orders customized or have qualms regarding which product to pick for yourself.

The product that caught my eye was Kan’s cinnamon anti-aging and anti-acne face mask- To those who rush to the nearby high-end cosmetics’ store whenever the dreadful acne phase commences, here’s what you should tuck away in your beauty stash (and of course, use religiously too, duh!) – Kan’s cinnamon anti-aging and anti-acne face mask– This 100% chemical-free formulation decreases acne type lesions, leaving the skin fresh, clean and clearer. The best part is that is easy on your pockets? Don’t believe? Check out its price.

Price of Kan’s Cinnamon Anti-Aging and Anti-Acne Face Mask : Rs.205/- for 50 g (with FREE all-India shipping)

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SkinCafe, Indian skin care brands

If you ever pay a visit to their official website, exhibit self-control for the ingenious brains behind the eclectic SkinCafe seem steadfast to awaken the foodie in you- mark my words. The USP of their brand is that they craft products AFTER you place an order. Lip balms/tints and scrubs available in myriad flavors with ingredients that can be added/stricken off as per your wish will compel you to keep returning back to them. Recently, venturing into face care by launching their (again) lip-smacking range of face ”smoothies” that can be tailor-made according to skin types and specific needs, touch base with them and your own knowledge of chemical-free skin care will increase by leaps and bounds.

A special mention goes to the following products-

1.Berry Cheesecake Lip Tint Balm : Applying it on your lips is akin to daubing freshly plucked berries, squeezing them to release their winsome tint and pouting (after applying of course) like a diva. Made with unrefined butters, food-grade colors and USDA certified organic essential oils, nothing you put on yourself that comes from SkinCafe is nasty.

Price of SkinCafe Berry Cheesecake Lip Tint Balm : Rs.900/-

2.Banana Yoghurt Smoothie Face Pack : Crafted particularly for dry skin to allay it off its inherent dryness, this face ”smoothie” as SkinCafe calls it fondly is imbued with bananas, yoghurt, honey, coconut milk, orange peel, rose petals and kaolin clay– all of which will leave you yearning for more.

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Sugar My Love, Indian skin care brands

A young entrepreneur in the making- that’s how Himra Minhaj from Chennai is deemed by her near and dear ones (and of course, by those who have been treated to her enticing range of skin and body care products). Sugar My Love- her labor of love offers handmade, chemical-free and artificial-fragrance free body scrubs, face masks, lip scrubs, lip balms, face scrubs and much more. In order to get any of the aforementioned customized to your needs, all you need to do is drop a line to the lovely lady and she’ll get back to you soon.

The following products from her range caught my eye-

1.Skin Brightening Pack : As it claims, it performs suit that is, brightens one’s skin efficaciously within a few uses. Whatever goes on your skin eventually nurtures it sans wreaking havoc. Made with 100% natural, chemical-free and artificial-fragrance-free herbs, this mask deserves a try.

Price of Sugar My Love Skin Brightening Pack : Rs.600/- for 200 g

2.Skin Tightening Pack : To those experiencing sagging skin, Sugar My Love’s skin tightening pack is to your rescue. Anticipate realistic results with regular usage. Not even 1% of the ingredients would harm you! This handmade product is a must-have.

Price of Sugar My Love Skin Tightening Pack : Rs.600/- for 200 g

3.Toxic Face Pack : First things first- Do not get bogged down by the word ‘’toxic’’ for it works to purge you off the same in your skin! Toxic face pack aids the process of detoxification of your skin. Packed with the goodness of activated charcoal, this mask deep-cleanses your skin, rendering it squeaky clean.

Price of Sugar My Love Toxic Face Pack : Rs.300/- for 200 g

4.Skin Lightening Mask : Even though I dislike the word ‘’lightening’’, yet I have to admit that this mask works effectively to lighten spots, marks and blemishes with regular usage overtime. Give it a shot and dedicate a good one month to it to let it work its magic.

Price of Sugar My Love Skin Lightening Mask : Rs.300/- for 200 g

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These were some of the Top Indian Brands That Customize Skin Care Products the Best. Feel free to drop a comment if you are in second thoughts or have any qualms/queries pertaining to any of the brands. They are all active on Facebook and would readily address your queries.

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