Top Indian Brands That Customize Hair Care Products the Best

Top Indian Brands That Customize Hair Care Products the Best – While markets may be filled or more aptly, inundated with skin, hair and body care products that cater to countless woes, a great many of us are at our wit’s end for the beauty woes we intend to allay ourselves from, do not get addressed, targeted or treated by those pre-packaged products. What’s the solution in these scenarios? Get those products customized! And more importantly, if those products aren’t pumped with pernicious chemicals, what better can one ask for? In this we will be talking about Top Indian Brands That Customize Hair Care Products the Best.
Top Indian Brands That Customize Hair Care Products the Best, Indian hair care brands

Top Indian Brands That Customize Hair Care Products the Best

Fret not for there are a handful of Indian brands that customize skin, body and hair care products. The pricing of course varies, however, get in touch with the respective brand owners and you may be treated to coupons, discounts and other such exciting offers. On that note, here are some upcoming Indian brands that you should turn to for pampering yourselves to the backbone. PLEASE NOTE- While the brands featured below customize skin, hair and body care products, they customize HAIR care products the best. So, check out my post Top Indian Brands That Customize Hair Care Products the Best below.


Rayaan Herbals, Indian hair care brands

Rayaan Herbals that falls under Ishaan Enterprises and has Mrs. Reshma Thakur at its helm of affairs, is your go-to brand if you are seriously beset with pernicious chemicals making an appearance in your skin, body and of course, hair care essentials. Manufacturing herbal products- all of which can be bespoke to suit your skin and hair needs/requirements, it was incepted in the year 2013. Raring to go, this brand’s potential is unleashing slowly but steadily. Offering chemical and artificial fragrance-free powdered products whose shelf life is long enough to last for months, touch base with them on Facebook if you have any specific hair problem that hasn’t been addressed by their existing range. Kindly note that Ishaan enterprises is the company while Rayaan Herbals is its brand.

Shipping all over India, you can be assured that a lot of brains and years of experience go behind the making of each and every herbal product of theirs which brings together the bountifulness of myriad dried herbs in their virgin form. For those looking for a chemical-free pack that adds gloss to their tresses, the Hair Shining Pack from Rayaan Herbals is what you should grab. Combine with the base ingredient of your choice and get going. Devote a good enough time frame to let it work its magic and brace yourselves, for you’ll be awestruck with the turn of events. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to be regular in usage.

Price of Rayaan Herbals Hair Shining Pack : Rs.550/-

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Amara Organix, Indian hair care brands

The quirky kudi from Delhi who is now operating her brand from namma Chennai has to be lauded for bringing to us- Amara Organix. Mrs. Mehar Farhana, the lady behind the brand is a master artisan. Period. Single-handedly running a successful all-natural, 100% handmade and chemical-free skin/hair care brand, she leaves no stone unturned in ensuring cent per cent customer satisfaction, seeking timely updates on how her products are faring for her customers to recommending changes in their skin/hair care regimens to ensure best results. To top it all, if you wish to pamper yourselves with personalized products by her, touch base with her, let out what you wish for in the final product and wait with bated breath for a goodie box from Amara Organix will land at your doorstep soon. She customizes both skin and hair care products but her hair care ones win brownie points from me.

Three products that caught my eye were-

1.Handmade Shampoo : If you bear the brunt of dry hair which end up resembling a broom more often than not, give a shot to this all-natural, handmade, no-nasty formulation that is free from parabens, sulphates, alcohol and artificial fragrance will leave your mane silky soft and manageable. The best part? It is easy on your pockets and doesn’t wreak havoc on your tresses in the long run.

Price of Amara Organix Handmade Shampoo : Rs.300/-

2.Nourishing Conditioner : And with this conditioner, Amara Organix’ range of hair care products becomes unbeatable. A rich blend of extra virgin nourishing oils and natural extracts your mane will bounce back to life without being pumped with noxious chemicals. Fortified with Vitamin E oil, argan oil, almond oil and coconut milk, moisture is well-locked in your mane, leaving you with hair that is glossy and frizz-free. Ladies with frizzy hair, you know whom to turn to!

Price of Amara Organix Nourishing Conditioner : Rs.450/-

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Arishma, Indian hair care brands

Blending potent herbs in their dried form, here is Arishma all the way from namma Chennai which offers face packs for both men and women. Isn’t that exciting for we admit men/boys often get ignored when it comes to crafting skin care goodies? A long and nourishing list of herbs is what makes up for the composition of their products.

So, if you are expecting to be pampered by artificial fragrance-free, noxious chemical-free, preservative-free, fillers-free, vague ‘base-material’ free and nasty-free masks (hair and skin), you know whom to turn to. Arishma rises all the more high on our list for the simple reason that its products are priced in a way that keeps an eye on your pockets. Priced in a pocket-friendly way, none of their products costs you an arm and a leg. Get in touch with them on Facebook to get orders customized.

The product that impressed me the most was Arishma’s Hair Wash Powder. Why? When blended with eggs and coconut milk, it forms a smooth, non-chunky paste that spreads on one’s locks very well. It works efficaciously to hydrate locks that are lustre-less and parched. The USP is that it combines the benefits of 30+ natural ingredients. Spell-binding, isn’t it? Give it a shot.

Price OF Arishma Hair Wash Powder : Rs.150/-

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Aroma Essentials, Indian hair care brands

And here comes the brand from the Electronic City of India-Bengaluru that enters into the good books of its customer within the first use itself- Aroma Essentials. Crafting handmade, biodegradable and chemical-free skin, hair and body care products in small batches and shipping pan India and to a select few countries abroad too, Mrs. Madhurima Ramakrishna’s no-nasty brand is worth all the applause it garners from every nook and corner.

Offering body butters, lip balms/ChapSticks, lip scrubs, face washes, face scrubs, masks, body scrubs, foot soaks, bath salts, cold-pressed soaps (best-seller), beeswax candles and a lot more, Aroma Essentials takes pride in not adding any artificial fragrance. Instead they opt for pure essential oils and decoctions to take your olfactory senses on a joyride! Get in touch with Madhurima in order to get hair care product customized to your need.

The ones that caught my fancy were-

1.Hair Cleanser : A minimalist formulation that requires a lot less quantity per use, Aroma Essentials Hair cleanser is a must-have for those with dry hair. Imparting softness, lustre and bounce, it is a winner all the way.

Price of Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser : Rs.450/-

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2.Tomato Soap : If you intend to brighten your skin sans snuffing its life out thanks to commercial chemical-laden soaps, this gem from Aroma Essentials is what you should grab immediately. Made using the traditional process of cold-pressing with minimal use of colors (food grade), this soap resuscitates life into your skin.

Price of Aroma Essentials Tomato Soap : Rs.150/- per soap


Jullaaha, Indian hair care brands

From the house of Cholayil that pioneered Medimix soap, comes a line of all-natural, no-nasty skin and hair care products. Although they customize order only when received in bulk. Try it once and you’d be left wondering what was going on your skin in the name of ‘care’. Offering hair oils, an Aloe vera gel, lip balm, hair color (natural) and a couple of more products, their products are the exemplar of minimalism. Get in touch with them via Facebook, email or Instagram to get more info. To me, their hair care products worked wonders vis-à-vis the skin care ones. So, if you want to get anything tailor-made, I’d say go for the hair products.

Here are a few products that caught my eye-

1.Nalapamaradi Tail/Golden Glow Oil : Toss all your exorbitant chemical-laden serums into the trash for Jullaaha’s Nalapamaradi Tail is here to leave you with skin that is as radiant as it is smooth. It is imbued with the virtues of turmeric (which is added to this oil in ample quantities). Devote a month to this oil and you’d experience luminous, even and smoother skin soon.

Price of Jullaaha Nalapamaradi Tail/Golden Glow Oil : Rs.295/-

2.Goat Milk and Jojoba Butter Soap : To those whose skin launches its clarion call for hydration, Jullaaha’s goat milk & jojoba butter soap is a saviour. Both renowned moisturizers per se, dry skin is well pampered unlike what commercial chemical-laden soaps do (do I need to elaborate? Naah, I don’t think so)

Price of Jullaaha Goat Milk and Jojoba Butter Soap : Rs.299/-

3.Aloe Vera Gel with Kumkumadhi Thailam : Looks like Jullaaha is desirous of becoming the go-to brand of those with dry skin. Their Aloe vera gel comes with the virtues of Kumkumadhi Thailam and saffron in galore. It works wonders to not only moisturize dry skin well during summers but also imparts glow. Psss… You can also spot saffron strands submerged in the gel as you open the tub!

Price of Jullaaha Aloe Vera Gel with Kumkumadhi Thailam : Rs.195/-

4.Hair Color : It’s no secret that chemical dyes can wreak havoc on our mane. Dry brittle hair that look lifeless are what you see once you get a hang of using the same. To allay this woe, Jullaaha’s hair color has come to your rescue. It is made with only leaves and powdered finely to facilitate mixing. The hair color works to leave you with glossy black tresses within a month of use. Of course, it depends on one’s hair’s present condition too!

Price of Jullaaha Hair Color : Rs.150/-

5.Virgin Coconut Oil : The purest, most useful and beneficial form of coconut oil. It can be used not only for skin and hair care but also consumed. Jullaaha’s virgin coconut oil is multi-tasker. From being a wondrous hair oil to a lip moisturizer, opt for it sans second thoughts.

Price of Jullaaha Virgin Coconut Oil : Rs.150/-

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These were some of the Top Indian Brands That Customize Hair Care Products the Best. Hope you found it helpful.

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