Top Indian Brands that Customize Body Care Products the Best

Top Indian Brands that Customize Body Care Products the Best – Adding nothing but ingredients that nurture and heal instead of throwing transitory and deceptive short-term results, these Indian body care brands take customer servicing to a whole new level as they leave you with the option of choosing the ingredients, aroma and features desired in a product that is, they offer tailor-made/ customized body care products. And who doesn’t want personalized products that contain only what we eye? Jot them down and touch base with them to cosset yourselves, ladies. So, check out my post Top Indian Brands that Customize Body Care Products the Best below.
Top Indian Brands that Customize Body Care Products the Best, Indian body care brands

Top Indian Brands that Customize Body Care Products the Best


Raw Rituals, Indian body care brands

Operating from the Manchester of India aka Ahmedabad, this no-nasty venture by the assiduous Lovina Aggarwal occupies the top slot when it comes to customizing beauty products. With all the processes carried out manually be it whipping, packaging, or mixing, Raw Rituals’ customizes skin care kits the best. Offering rich creamy body butters, aromatic skin serums, nourishing hair oils, lip butters, face masks, massage oils, face scrubs and massage candles, their range is diverse and decadent concurrently. What caught my eye was-

1.The invigorating Ritual Body Massage Oil- To those who wish to go the traditional way when it comes to hydrating one’s skin as it launches its clarion call for moisturization, Raw Rituals’ Invigorating Ritual Body massage oil is to be relied upon. This easy-to-apply and non-greasy handmade and chemical-free oil works wonders to hydrate your skin intensely. A sure-shot way to bid farewell to dryness when the temperature goes down!

Price of Raw Rituals’ Invigorating Ritual Body Massage Oil : Rs.600/-

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Ida Naturals, Indian body care brands

One thing is cock-sure- Once you interact with Priya Iyer (the lady behind Ida Naturals), you’ll learn so much about chemical-free skincare that you’d start looking at your chemical-laden cocktails with both ire and disgust. This lovely lady who helms Ida Naturals from Bengaluru customizes everything. Her knowledge about them is unparalleled and soaps from Ida Naturals can be customized at every level right from oils to specific ingredients desired in the end product.

From bath salts to body scrubs, from lip balms (that can be customized as per the choice of butters) to face masks (can be customized with different clays, herbs or even charcoal), Ida Naturals may be a new kid on the block but is brimming with gusto and vim. Known best for customizing anti-acne kits, touch base with her if you wish to bid adieu to those pesky acne marks sans pumping chemicals on yourself.

A few products that deserve a special mention are-

1.Bath Salts- The lavender variant is ideal for those who intend to relax after a hectic day at work sans turning their bath room into a schmaltzy sweet or fruity zone (there are people who detest that, people!). The subtle lingering aroma doesn’t overpower your olfactory senses while drawing out all the gyp and tiredness off your feet. The best part is that the bath salts are customizable in a variety of fragrances at NO extra cost.

Price of Ida Naturals Bath Salts : Rs.150/-

2.Glow Face Pack- Packed with nourishing ingredients such as- wild turmeric, green gram flour, vetiver, avaram senna, kapur kachri, rose petals, champaka petals and the ilk, this mask does what it claims to – that is make your skin glow. Apt for use by all skin types, this one’s a value for money product.

Price of Ida Naturals Glow Face Pack : Rs.100/- for 30 g

3.Coffee Sugar Scrub- Scrubby and not scratchy, this is how I put up Ida Naturals’ coffee sugar scrub in a nutshell. This 100% natural, biodegradable, chemical-free scrub works wonders to exfoliate and smoothen skin sans peeling it off. Invigorated with Arabic and Robusta coffee beans organic demerara sugar and castor sugar, this scrub has all the potential to become your go-to scrub.

Price of Ida Naturals Coffee Sugar Scrub : Rs.300/-

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Organicmill, Indian body care brands

Spearheading her no-nasty skin, body and hair care venture which lives by the tagline of ‘’Less is more’’, we have Mrs. Dishi Kumar Jain from Greater Noida whose range of preservative chemical, perfume and fillers-free products reinforces the mantra that Organicmill- her labour of love stands for- Nature is paramount! Her range spans a nourishing hair oil, aloe vera gel, face lep, face and body cream, salve, body scrubs (new launch, yippie!), lip balms (available in multiple flavors), lip scrubs, a bug me not cream, cold-pressed soaps and a lot more that is capable of sweeping you off your feet.

In order to have bespoke products to pamper yourself, touch base with the lovely Dishi. She crafts products that are minimalistic in composition (but nowhere incomplete). And also recommends changes in your existing skin and hair care regimen to help you get rid of those woes. Moreover, she ships products all over India. In my experience, the following products are a class apart-

1.Face Lep- The face lep is a sheer beauty. Period. With nothing added except stuff that is nourishing and long-lasting (it is powdered). It works wonders to drive out all the muck and grunge from your skin, adds a luminous glow. And above all, nourishes your skin in the long-run with regular use. If you miss this one, your skin is missing out on something it would repent!

Price of  Organicmill Face Lep : Rs.350/-

2.Mango Soap- A handmade soap that is crafted using the traditional cold-pressing method. The mango soap from Organicmill is the exemplar of simplicity. Eliciting a subtle glow with regular use. You should touch base with Dishi if you would like to have a soap customized for yourself.

Price of Organicmill Mango Soap : Rs.100/-

3.Face and Body Cream- Whatever be the season, moisturization remains the need of the hour, more so for dry skin. Why complicate our beauty regimen with an overarching number of products, especially those which come laden with chemicals? Simply, grab the face & body cream from Organicmill and let it en wrap you and your skin in its impeccable hydration, uplifting aroma, smooth texture and nourishing content that works not just in the short run but also in the long run. A little goes a long way- that’s what you’d realize when you zero in on Dishi’s pioneering products.

Price of Organicmill Face and Body Cream : Rs.400/- for 70 g

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Cape of good soap, Indian body care brands

For soap-a-holics who cannot envisage their day sans a soap, Cape of Good Soap is listening. Offering cold-processed soaps in myriad shapes, sizes and colors, her line of soaps is for you to bask in to the backbone. If you desire specific ingredients in your soap, feel free to touch base with Manissha- the lady behind the brand. Let her know which ingredients be it – essential oils or base, you desire. Orders can be customised as per your wish although the pricing will vary.

The soap that deserves a special mention is the ‘Worth your salt’ soap. It not just works efficaciously to ginger you up but also gently sloughs away dead skin cells. Ranking under one of the best-sellers, the soap is tempting without any iota of doubt.

Price : Rs.240/- per soap

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Organic Mill, Indian body care brands

For a brand that has ‘organic’ as its name, it is cock-sure that the products crafted would be miles apart from chemical-laden cocktails. And efficacious to an extent that you would find yourselves hooked on to them for long. Incepted only recently, this brand has managed to win the approval of every customer it has pampered. Offering a lip scrub, cold-pressed soaps for body care, lavender & chamomile face mask, apple cedar vinegar skin toner, green tea & basil facial cleanser, a face & body ubtan, makeup-remover wipes and a hair oil while venturing into other products soon, Organic Mill is raring to go. To get body care products i.e. soaps customized for yourself, touch base with Ms. Shreni Kashyeb-the perky lady behind the brand via Facebook or Instagram.The products that took me by surprise-

1.Face Ubtan- For sensitive or dry skin, the face ubtan from Organic Mill address almost all the beauty woes. Predominantly composed of almonds with the lingering notes of pure essential oils sprinkled on the same, it is the exemplar of gentleness. Indulge in it whole-heartedly, ladies.

Price of Organic Mill Face Ubtan : Rs.300/-

2.Green Tea & Basil Facial Cleanser- Packed with the goodness of both green tea and basil (Tulsi in Hindi), this cleanser packs a punch at dullness, tiredness and uneven complexion, leaving you with skin that looks refreshed and charged.

Price of Organic Mill Green Tea & Basil Facial Cleanser : Rs.270/-

Please note that all the prices mentioned are subject to change without prior notice.

So, these are few of the Top Indian Brands that Customize Body Care Products the Best. Hope you found it helpful 🙂

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