Top Herbal Bath Powders or Body Ubtans In India

Top Herbal Bath Powders or Body Ubtans In India – Tossing high-end chemical-laden soaps and body washes seems a far-fetched idea given the dearth of suitable alternatives for the same, doesn’t it? Not anymore. With some niche Indian brands coming up with pioneering blends of nourishing herbs and years of knowledge on what to blend as well as how to blend, herbal bath powders or body ubtans are the ideal substitutes for the same.
Top Herbal Bath Powders or Body Ubtans In India, Herbal Bath Powders or Body Ubtans

Top Herbal Bath Powders or Body Ubtans In India

Crafting and serving not just quality products with zero chemicals, these brands leapfrog those that add all nasties, by furnishing the details of each and every herb added in their products. Creditable, isn’t it? On that note, disport yourselves in this list of Top Herbal Bath Powders or Body Ubtans In India.


Tarika Ayurlabs, Herbal Bath Powders or Body Ubtans

The more one says about this all-natural venture’s spellbinding range of appealing products, the less it is. Bringing the bountifulness of nature to your home, TarikaAyurlabs’ products are not just free from every deleterious chemical you may think of but also diverse enough to address a multitude of skin woes that may be tormenting you. From excess hair fall to spots left by acne, from having lacklustre skin to dryness, theirs is a range that has something for everyone. And of course, that something is free from nasties.

Coming to the herbal bath powders or body ubtans they have to offer for pampering your skin, Tarika Ayurlabs offers a soothing Ayurvedic bathing powder that is an impeccable substitute for your harsh chemical-laden soap. Mysteribath Herbomineral dons multiple hats. How? Useful not just as a body wash but also as an eyewash, face scrub, mouth wash, after-shave and even in case of minor bruises/cuts, is there seriously anything in the market today that can hold a candle to it?

A 100% chemical-free formulation, investing on it is akin to investing on not just your skin but also a way of demonstrating one’s support for those who keep our ancient science of Ayurveda alive! Perfect for use by all skin types, it is a value for money product.

Price of Tarika Ayurlabs Mysteribath Herbomineral : Rs.130/- for 100 g

Availability : Amazon India, Facebook and

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Aarogya Tattva, Herbal Bath Powders or Body Ubtans

This one will perk everyone out there who may be in a fix as to which herbal bath powders or body ubtans to invest in- Aarogya Tattva’s Herbal Ubtan is for every skin type. Be it oily skin which pictures itself melt uncontrollably during scorching summers or the cursed dry skin which looks inanimate once the gelid winters are around the corner, Aarogya Tattva’s herbal ubtan furnishes which base ingredient to opt for when relying on it to address one’s skin’s woes. Based out of the City of Palaces (read: Kolkata), this brand’s herbal ubtan can be used conveniently by both men and women.

Blending leaves like neem, tulsi, brahmi; flowers like rose; dry fruits like walnuts and almonds, the ubtan is nourishing and 100% natural. Having used it both for my face and body with different base ingredients (curd on some days, rose water on other days), one thing is cock-sure- it deep cleanses skin without sucking out moisture. Regular use works efficaciously to diminish dark spots and freckles.For someone with dry skin (me, for instance), this spells cheer. Each and every piece of information you should need about the product be it its composition, directions of use, frequency of usage, ideal base ingredient to be opted for, benefits of the ingredients added etc. is furnished on the package of the ubtan. So, you won’t be bewildered for sure.  A minimalist blend of exotic herbs, it is 100% free from chemicals, artificial fragrance, fillers and preservatives.

Price of Aarogya Tattva’s Herbal Ubtan : Rs.225/- for 75 g and Rs.420/- for 200 g

Availability : Amazon India, FlipKart, Facebook- and on email [email protected]

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Vedantika Herbals, Herbal Bath Powders or Body Ubtans

Cherry-picking exotic herbs, spices and dry fruits, powdering them finely and packing to perfection, Vedantika Herbals’ products are not a way to resuscitate your skin from within but also appealing to look at. With a shelf life that runs into months sans hampering the goodness of the main product inside, you can be cock-sure about putting only nourishing stuff on your skin if it comes from Vedantika Herbals.

Coming to their range of herbal bath powders or body ubtans, it is the Ayurvedic Ubton Skin Polisher that has caught my eyes and for all the right reasons. Aiming to nullify scars, spots, blemishes and uneven patches, I find it apt for use by those who have light spots and would like to rely on safe alternatives to allay them instead of chemical-laden products. Composed primarily of lentils, feel free to add any base ingredient as per your volition for it blends well with everything.

Price of Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Ubton Skin Polisher : Rs.130/- for 100 g

Availability : Amazon India and Facebook

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Nuskaa, Herbal Bath Powders or Body Ubtans

Number 4 on my Top Herbal Bath Powders or Body Ubtans In India list is this one. A venture that commenced with merely four products in its catalogue in 2014 has now bloomed into a diverse range spanning hair, skin and body essentials. Catering to the ever-rising needs of its loyal and expanding customer base, we have Nuskaa skin and hair care solutions all the way from the city of Agra. At the helm of affairs is the lovely Divyani Garg whose range spans body scrubs, face packs, hair gels, moisturizing bars and a lot more which you will get to drool over as you pay a visit to Nuskaa’s Facebook page.

Coming to Nuskaa’s Oats Body Scrub, it is an ideal pick for those with parched skin that consumes moisturisers/body butters in excess. Sloughing off grunge and grime sans overly drying your skin, its all-natural, chemical and fragrance-free formulation have one smitten. Turning a blind eye to it may not be the sanest of choices if pampering your skin sans submerging it in a pool of noxious chemicals is your agenda.

Price of Nuskaa’s Oats Body Scrub : Rs.350/- for 200 g

Availability : Facebook

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Sree Rakhadi Bio Pharmaceuticals, Herbal Bath Powders or Body Ubtans

Khusbu Herbal Bathing Powder comes at number 5 on my list of Top Herbal Bath Powders or Body Ubtans In India. ‘Traditions simplified’ as its tagline reads, Sree Rakhadi Bio Pharmaceuticals’ Khusbu Bathing Powder blends the bounties of 27 rare and precious herbs that have been relied upon since times immemorial for skin care. Safe and efficacious for use by people of all ages and genders, this bath powder wipes out not just dirt and grime off your skin with regular usage but also high-end chemical-laden cocktails that have been lying on the shelves of your bathroom for long, smirking inwardly for beguiling you into believing that they are better than nature’s creations!

Offered both in the form of a sturdy bottle as well as a plastic packet, investing on this herbal bath powder will not burn a hole in your pocket in any possible way. That said, anticipating quick results or overnight nights would be too far-fetched because the influx of chemicals and pollutants/dirt/grunge on our skin given the times and conditions we live in is far more than ever. So, be regular and dedicated in application. Your efforts will pay off for Khusbu Herbal Bathing Powder has everything in it to get into your good books.

Price of Khusbu Herbal Bathing Powder : Rs.300/- for 250 g

Availability : Amazon India, email- [email protected] and

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MahaGro, Herbal Bath Powders or Body Ubtans

For those who think that herbal bath powders nowhere elicit the same enticing aroma as store-bought chemical-laden soaps/body washes do, Mahagro’s Herbal Bath Powder is your answer. Blending myriad herbs and leaves in dried form with an energising aroma of camphor emanating in your ambience as your smear it on your skin, Mahagro’s herbal bath powder is apt for use by all skin types.

Not gender-specific, it is ideal for even men/boys to explore and efficacious enough to be re-purchased. Based out of the hustling and bustling city of Hyderabad, there herbal bath powders or body ubtans are totally free from chemicals, preservatives and artificial fragrance. Soon to offer soaps and shampoos, you can grab two or three products from their range if you are running on a shoestring budget. Intrigued, aren’t you?

Price of Mahagro’s Herbal Bath Powder : Rs.179/- for 200 g

Availability : Amazon India

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Ishaan Enterprises Rayaan Herbals, Herbal Bath Powders or Body Ubtans

Rayaan Herbals is another brand which offers some of the best herbal bath powders or body ubtans in India. When a certified skin care veteran, in this case Ms. Reshma Thakur, rolls up her sleeves to concoct skin, hair and body care essentials, one cannot help but throw bouquets at her brand for crafting those very treats. Ishaan Enterprises’ Rayaan Herbals (the brand) has an out-and-out chemical-free range to address most of your skin and hair woes. From a multitude of powdered packs, none of which have even 1% of the nasties any personal care product we use should have (but unluckily do thanks to the lax rules and regulations and far more lenient compliance with the same by major companies promising quick-fix solutions to almost every beauty woe), Rayaan Herbals emerges as a ray of hope.

Offering a simplistic, no-nonsense and nourishing blend of exotic herbs via its Bath Powder, three-week long usage is good enough to elicit promising results. Unless you are aiming to purge yourselves off extremely deep-seated scars or blemishes, clearer skin is what you can anticipate eagerly. Available PAN India via Amazon, you’ve got no reasons to give it a miss.

Price of Rayaan Herbals Bath Powder : Rs.250/- for 100 g

Availability : Amazon India and [email protected]

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So, these were my list of Top Herbal Bath Powders or Body Ubtans In India. Hope you liked this post.

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