Top Cruelty Free Soaps in India

Top Cruelty Free Soaps in India – Can’t do without soaps, right? It is totally understandable and thanks to the influx of safe, no-nasty, natural handmade and Cruelty Free Soaps now in the Indian market, there is no paucity of choices at one’s disposal too. That said, it pinches one’s conscience as the realization dawns upon one that a particular soap that we had been daubing on ourselves was tested on a poor defenceless animal, doesn’t it? On that note, here you go with the list of the Top Cruelty Free Soaps in India that do not test on animals. Jot down their names so that the next time you go beauty shopping, you aren’t at your wit’s end while zeroing in on soaps.
Top Cruelty Free Soaps in India, Cruelty Free Soaps

Top Cruelty Free Soaps in India

Nature’s Emporium

Nature's Emporium, Cruelty Free Soaps

Gourmet soaps from the Bengaluru-based Nature’s Emporium are sure to weave their magic around you. These bars draw out impurities, heal pimples and prevent further breakouts. Enriched with rich oils and creamy lather, these soaps leave you feeling as clean and fresh as possible. Spearheaded by the lovely Mrs. Roopa Honnaswamy, you cannot turn a blind eye to either her brand or its efficacious products. From an assorted range of cold-processed soaps, it is the Charcoal and Parijata Soap that won me over.

Parijata is known as the ‘Tree of sorrow’.  The entire tree including its leaves, flowers, bark, seeds and stem is known to have amazing medicinal properties. Activated charcoal draws bacteria, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin. Composed of Shea butter, Saponified Oils of Olive, Castor, Coconut, Rice Bran, Palm, Kaolin Clay, Activated Charcoal, DM Water, Titanium Dioxide, and Harshiangar Essential oil, with soap in your beauty arsenal, bid farewell to itchiness, acne and an overall leathery feel. Of course, it goes without saying that none of the soaps from Nature’s Emporium are tested on animals. They are all cruelty free soaps.

Price of Nature’s Emporium Charcoal and Parijata Soap : Rs.250/- for 110 g

Availability :,,,, to name a few. If in Bangalore, Nature’s Emporium is available on the shelves at The Greenpath organic state in Malleswaram

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Organic Mill

Organic Mill, Cruelty Free Soaps

Next on my list of Top Cruelty Free Soaps in India comes this one. The charming Shreni Kashyeb’s prolific brand- Organic Mill, incepted not more than a year ago is slowly and steadily climbing the likeability chart with each passing day thanks to its all-natural, artificial fragrance, alcohol, paraben, phthalates, petrochemicals and lanolin-free products. Cold-pressed soaps are the latest addition to their range and have become a rage all of a sudden. No points for guessing the reason is their performance.

The one that won my vote of approval is the Charcoal & Lavender Soap. Composed of olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, rice bran oil, lavender essential oil, charcoal powder and sodium hydroxide (which does not remain in the final product after curing for weeks), it works very well to detoxify skin from within. Apt for those bearing the brunt of acne on their body, it can be given a shot to and won’t even burn a hole in your pocket thanks to its budget-friendly tag.

Price of Organic Mill Charcoal & Lavender Soap : Rs.250/- for 100 g

Availability : Facebook, Instagram and

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Cosmetic Junction

Cosmetic Junction, Cruelty Free Soaps

Ms. Anshutha Maheshwari’s delightful and drool-worthy range of products encapsulating body butters, body scrubs, face packs, face scrubs, face serums, lip balms/butters, lip scrubs and soaps- that come under her brand- Cosmetic Junction cannot be overlooked even for a fraction of a second. Based out of Salem, they are known for making cruelty free soaps. With two variants that are available in SLS & SLES free versions- Lavender Love Shea Soap Bar and Grapefruit Magic Shea Soap Bar, the latter zings you up in the morning. Instinct with the virtues of the skin-loving Shea butter (that is my favorite ingredient) it proudly bears a cruelty-free tag proudly.

The only limitation is that the fragrance is too strong for me so, it gets discomfiting for my nose after a while. For those who prefer lightly fragrant soaps, this one falls in the category of very highly-fragrant ones. That said the very same feature makes it a hit with people who prefer highly fragrant soaps just like every coin has two sides.

Price of Cosmetic Junction Lavender Love Shea Soap Bar : Rs.150/-

Price of Cosmetic Junction Grapefruit Magic Shea Soap Bar : Rs.150/-

Availability : Facebook and Instagram

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Amara Organix

Amara Organix, Cruelty Free Soaps

Amara Organix comes at number 4 on my list of Top Cruelty Free Soaps in India. If you are unable to surmise her age, mistaking her for a 20-year old collegian, it simple proves that Mehar’s recipes- all employed in her brand’s handmade products are efficacious to the hilt! Hailing from New Delhi originally but now based out of Chennai, the lady behind Amara Organix- Mrs. Mehar Farhana’s 100% natural and cruelty-free products, especially soaps remain Amara Organix’ best-sellers for all the right reasons.

Handmade; not tested on animals; free from SLS, SLES, parabens, EDTA, phthalates, alcohol, lanolin, linalool, propylene glycol and deleterious chemicals, the price paid justifies the performance without an iota of doubt. What caught my fancy was the African Black Soap with Shea Butter and Raktachandan. While Raktachandan keeps skin polished as well as prevents acne and excess oil production, it is Shea Butter that helps in hydrating and moisturizing skin- a feature particularly beneficial during gelid winter months.

Another variant is also available for those who are looking out for a natural handmade soap that befits extremely dry skin- African Black Soap with Shea Butter and Goat’s Milk. All in all, this brand thanks to the pioneering lady behind it does not think twice in running from pillar to post to amass and churn the best for you. Meritorious, isn’t it?

Price of Amara Organix African Black Soap with Shea Butter and Raktachandan : Rs.180/- for 125 g

Availability : Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Mehar (+91 8056592923)

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Quinta Essentia Organics

Quinta Essentia Organics, Cruelty Free Soaps

One look at their decadent soaps and you cannot turn your eyes away for sure… that’s is exactly what Quinta Essentia Organics’ ladies- Ms. Arti and Atika Gaur do- bewitch you with their drool-worthy creations. Not only are their soaps lavish indulgences but also free from countless deleterious chemicals that abound commercially-made soaps. While cup-cake soaps hold a special place for me (thanks to their eye-pleasing appearance) it is the Himalayan Rose Soap that is equally creditable. Loaded with the virtues of Himalayan pink salt and cocoa butter, it is extremely gentle on one’s skin, heavenly in terms of aroma and remarkably efficacious when it comes to freshening one’s skin sans tinkering with its moisture content.

As an obvious icing on the cake which better not be mistaken for a real cake, QEO makes cruelty free soaps, so guilt pangs would not hit you if you zero in on their soaps. Boys and girls, indulge in natural wholesome goodness.

Price of Quinta Essentia Organics Himalayan Rose Soap : Rs.500/- per soap

Availability : Amazon India, Facebook, official website, call/WhatsApp 09999994574 or email Arti at [email protected]

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Raw Rituals

Raw Rituals, Cruelty Free Soaps

I am concluding my list of Top Cruelty Free Soaps in India with Raw Rituals. Doused from head-to-toe in a pool of the aphrodisiac coffee? Refreshed after having a bath? Oh wait, not just refreshed but infused with oodles of energy, gusto and zest? You may have had a soothing bath with the Ahmedabad-based Raw Rituals’ Espresso Coffee & Milk Cream Body Bar. Owned by Mrs. Lovina Agarwal, this soap is made through Cold process method using Sandalwood & Geranium essential oils, cold pressed oils, etc.

Free from any type of surfactants, SLS and SLES, this handmade soap is 100% natural. Being an antioxidant rich natural substance (read: coffee) it is great for exfoliation and the removal of dead skin cells. Milk cream deeply moisturizes the skin. Apt for not only those with dry skin (I can corroborate this for I have dry skin) it is equally efficacious for those with sensitive skin.

It goes without saying that none of Raw Rituals’ products are tested on animals and the same applies to their soaps. Absolutely worthy for the price paid, if you are still just gulping coffee and not bathing in it, someone’s skin is not being pampered the way it deserves to!

Price of Raw Rituals Espresso Coffee & Milk Cream Body Bar : Rs.250/-

Availability : Amazon India, Facebook page and Instagram

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So, these were some of the Top Cruelty Free Soaps in India. Hope you found this post helpful 🙂

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