Top Cruelty Free Lip Balms in India

Top Cruelty Free Lip Balms in India – Without an iota of doubt, there is no dearth of lip balms/butters today. Some of us are admittedly, lip-balm addicts too! Well, there is certainly no harm there as long as you watch over what constitutes the ingredients’ list of your too-good-to-part-with lip balm. While one may insouciantly and vainly swipe a lip balm across their lips, not a lot many brands offer Cruelty Free Lip Balms. And what does cruelty-free mean? It means that the lip balm hasn’t been tested on animals. Noble concept, isn’t it? Surely, it is! But most of the brands your beauty stash is instinct with are NOT cruelty-free. Shell-shocked? Do not fret for here is a list of the Top Cruelty Free Lip Balms in India that you can splurge on without being guilt-stricken.
Top Cruelty Free Lip Balms in India, Cruelty Free Lip Balms

Top Cruelty Free Lip Balms in India


Sugar My Love, Cruelty Free Lip Balms

You have got to give it up for the pert, vivacious and chirpy Himra Minhaj from Chennai whose skin & hair care venture- Sugar My Love created a buzz amongst her peers right from when it started and that is, when the lady was in college. Spreading like wildfire by the time she was about to bid adieu to her alma mater, Sugar My Love’s range encompasses cold-pressed soaps, body scrubs, face packs/masks, lip balms and a lip scrub, she stands against animal-testing and her products stand testimony to her stance.

Offering Cruelty Free Lip Balms and composed of nourishing and skin-loving butters, give a shot to her range and in particular, her Rose Lime Lip Butter if you don’t want to experience a twinge of guilt engulf you for swiping a lip balm that’s apparently been tested on an animal! Her range is cruelty-free in a nutshell.

Price of Sugar My Love Rose Lime Lip Butter : Rs.200/-

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Raw Rituals, Cruelty Free Lip Balms

Raw Rituals comes at number 2 on my list of Top Cruelty Free Lip Balms in India. From the Boston of India aka Ahmedabad, here comes the cent per cent natural, chemical and preservative-free skin care venture by the courteous Lovina Agarwal, whose line of drool-worthy bath and body treats evokes sighs of admiration from one and all. As one of the feathers in her cap, Raw Rituals is strictly against animal testing which corroborates to saying that every lip balm/butter from the kitchen of the same, will be cruelty-free. Unrefined butters, essential oils and food-grade colors are what go into the preparation of their addictive lip butters. Offered in twisty tubes, the four variants you can look up are lemon, vanilla, orange and peppermint.

Amongst the four, it is the Peppermint Lip Butter which has to be picked up if you wish to ginger your lips up. Hydration is well taken care of, tint is almost negligible (plus point for men/boys), ingredients’ list complete and price, budget-friendly. Grab it before it goes out of stock.

Price of Raw Rituals Lip Butter : Rs.150/- for each variant

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Amara Organix, Cruelty Free Lip Balms

The charming Mehar Farhana’s chemical-free skin care venture- Amara Organix may be a new kid on the block but is surely the next big thing in skin care. A range that runs into body butters, skin dusting powders, cold-pressed soaps (the diversity in soaps will spellbind you), lip balms (offered in twisty tubes), shampoo, conditioner and a lot more, none of her products are tested on animals. Obviously, the conclusion to be drawn here that they offer Cruelty Free Lip Balms. All products of Amara Organix are shipped all over India. To get guidance on which products to pick, feel free to drop a line to Mehar on Facebook who’d get back to you soon.

With lip balm offered presently, in 4 variants- strawberry, cinnamon, raspberry and chocolate, the last one compels you to lick it constantly thanks to its drool-worthy aroma. But resist the urge for it’s not food!

Price of Amara Organix Lip Balm : Rs.150/- for each variant

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Quinta Essentia Organics, Cruelty Free Lip Balms

Blame it on Arti and Atika- the ladies behind Quinta Essentia Organics if you get addicted to the soothing and cruelty free lip balms from their brand! With nourishing unrefined butters forming the base of their luscious lip balms, pure essential oils sprinkled to awaken your sense and food-grade colors added to satiate the need of those who wish to flaunt a colored pucker, lip balms from QEO are value-for-money.

In my experience, the Rose-Patchouli Lip Balm ranks the highest from QEO’s line of lip products. Never has someone captured the true and unadulterated aroma of roses as effectively as Arti and Atika managed to do with this gem of a product. Regarding moisturisation and staying power, it proves its mettle by exceeding one’s expectations.

Price of Quinta Essentia Organics Rose-Patchouli Lip Balm : Rs.375/-

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Aroma Essentials, Cruelty Free Lip Balms

Madhurima Ramakrishna’s all-natural and artificial-fragrance free skin and hair care venture- Aroma Essentials couldn’t have been turned a blind eye to when enlisting the Top Cruelty Free Lip Balms in India. Offering deeply aromatic lip treats in both tub/pot form as well as stick form, none of Aroma Essentials’ products are tested on animals and that certainly incorporates their tempting lip balms as well as ChapSticks. Mark my words- your olfactory senses are in for a joyride once you open a tub/stick of their lip balms. Value-for-money as one would delineate Aroma Essentials, they ship all over India as well as to some select few countries abroad.

The lip balm that stands apart from the range of Aroma Essentials to me, is their Grapefruit-Orange Lip Balm. There is hardly any chink in the armour of this gem- pocket-friendly price, praiseworthy staying power, smooth texture, subtle tint, invigorating aroma, ability to heal chapped lips (overtime, of course) and a cruelty-free badge. Kudos, to Madhurima for bringing it to our notice.

Price of Aroma Essentials Lip Balm : Rs.175/- (that come in pots/tubs)

Price of Aroma Essentials ChapSticks : Rs.250/-

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SkinCafe, Cruelty Free Lip Balms

SkinCafe is another well brand that make Cruelty Free Lip Balms in India. To say that SkinCafe’s range of lip tints/balms/butters are just cruelty-free would be grave injustice, these ingenious innovators all the way from Pune as well as Mumbai, when roll up their sleeves to whip lip treats for you, really have something spectacular brewing in their minds for they offer lip products (tints and scrubs) that are made with USDA certified organic ingredients, therapeutic-grade essential oils and food-grade colors.

You have the volition to opt for Candelilla wax in your lip balms at no extra cost in lieu of beeswax if you wish to have a vegan lip balm. That said, all products of there are cruelty-free and cent per cent metonymic with quality.

The Mint Chocolate Lip Tint awakens the hedonist in one truly. Why? A smooth buttery texture, tempting aroma, nourishing composition and long-lasting staying ability, all when combined leave SkinCafe’s Lip Balms in a class of their own.

Price of SkinCafe Lip Balm : Rs.900/- per tub/pot

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Organicmill, Cruelty Free Lip Balms

If efficacy and minimalism is what you look for in your lip balms, head no further than the cent per cent all-natural, vegetarian, handmade, preservative and artificial fragrance-free venture by Dishi Kumar Jain from Greater Noida- Organicmill. 3-4 ingredients go into the making of her handcrafted chemical-free products which obviously includes her decadent lip balms. Available in multiple flavors- all priced the same, and are Cruelty Free Lip Balms. With hydration in oodles, a single tub/pot of Organicmill’s Lip Balms will last fairly long, leaving you mouthing,”It is a value-for-money product”.

Price of Organicmill Lip Balms : Rs.250/- per tub/pot

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Ida Naturals, Cruelty Free Lip Balms

Closing my list of Top Cruelty Free Lip Balms in India with Ida Naturals. Churning quality-products that awaken the conscious consumer in one, here comes the polyglot Priya Iyer from Bengaluru whose additive brand- Ida Naturals is making all the right noises. Merely a couple of years into the organic skin and hair care industry and this lady is unstoppable! So is her brand with a range of cold-pressed soaps, hair pack powder, shampoo bar, scrubs, lip balms etc. Offering lip balms/butters in 3 variants currently namely– Choco Mint Lip Butter, Lip Soother and Anise-Clove Lip Revive. All the 3 variants are free from noxious chemicals and cruelty-free (that is, no animal testing).

Grab them for they not only are pocket-friendly but additive pots of natural bountifulness for your lips.

Price of Ida Naturals Lip Balm : Rs.100/- each (subject to change)

These were few of the Top Cruelty Free Lip Balms in India. Hope you all liked it 🙂

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