Top Chemical Free Hair Packs in India

Top Chemical Free Hair Packs in India – Fraught with dandruff, excess hair fall, frizzy locks, lacklustre appearance, lack of softness, foul odor, lice, itchy scalp or poor hair growth? There is a fix for all and they may not come laden with pernicious chemicals. What’s better is that those solutions may not cost you an arm and a leg? As your locks launch their cri de coeur for care, neither do you have to splurge money in an unbridled fashion nor sluice them in a pool of chemicals. How? Well, scroll down for you have at your disposal the Top Chemical Free Hair Packs in India, none of which cost a bomb which translates to saying that you can splurge on all with nothing, especially your cards holding you back! So, lets get started with my lists of Top Chemical Free Hair Packs in India.
Top Chemical Free Hair Packs in India, Chemical Free Hair Packs

Top Chemical Free Hair Packs in India


Arishma, Chemical Free Hair Packs

Made with 31 ingredients including aromatic herbs and organic ingredients such as- shikakai, green gram, fenugreek, amla seeds, nutmeg, orange peels, lemon peels, vetiver and so on and so forth, Arishma’s Shikakaai Hair Wash Powder packs a punch at dandruff, brittle locks, scalp itchiness and lack of softness. The brand is owned by the warm and welcoming Mrs. Nandini Karthik who, based on your hair’s condition suggests what all needs to be done with the chemical free hair pack at hand in order to extract all its virtues.

Incredulous, isn’t it? Flexible enough to be combined with a wide variety of base ingredients such as- curd, plain water and even whey water, it gives you a wide gamut of base ingredients to experiment with depending upon your hair’s fettle.In my experience, blending it with curd gives one the best results. The USP of this hair wash powder is that even if you develop a hang of it thanks to regular usage, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Price of Arishma’s Shikakaai Hair Wash Powder : Rs.150/- per packet

Availability : Facebook

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Ishaan Enterprises Rayaan Herbals, Chemical Free Hair Packs

Here’s a call for action for all those skin and hair care brands that showcase their products as panacea, charge a bomb for them and in the end, leave you glowering, sulking or questioning your state of mind while zeroing in on them (for the products didn’t throw half the results they promised with a lot of pomp and show) – Rayaan Herbals is here and raring to go. A culmination of years of accumulated knowledge and unstinted efforts in sourcing and providing quality products, Ishaan Enterprises’ Rayaan Herbals offers a wide variety of hair products including masks and oils to attend to all your hair woes.

Amongst their enticing range of chemical free hair packs/masks, what catches my eye is their Hair Shining Pack. When blended with curd, amla juice and a dash of lemon juice, it forms a smooth paste. After applying it for an hour and a half and sluicing it with water, my scalp felt relaxed. Anticipating immediate results would be far-fetched when relying upon homemade recipes. However, using it over a period of a fortnight led me to conclude that it does throw results slowly but surely. Feel free to add any base ingredient (like- raw milk, eggs, etc.) as per your leeway.

Price of Rayaan Herbals Hair Shining Pack : Rs.550/- for 100 g

Availability : Amazon India, Facebook and [email protected]

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MahaGro, Chemical Free Hair Packs

Number 3 on my list of Top Chemical Free Hair Packs is this one. Mavericks at work erected MahaGro, as I put it. Operating from the city of Hyderabad, offering simple, minimal and nasty-free products is a feather in their cap. Soon venturing in soaps and shampoos, their powdered products be it their face masks or hair washes are the bestsellers from their range and certainly that’s not without a reason. Why? Give a shot to any of their powdered masks, use them devotedly for a fortnight and brace yourselves for spectacular results await you.

As far as hair care is concerned, like I said before MahaGro’s Herbal Hair Wash Powder gets my vote of approval. Bringing together the bountifulness of myriad herbs- all fruitful for hair, blending it with coconut milk and applying for an hour leaves dry mane infused with oodles of moisture and bounce. However, being dedicated is the key in addition to realistic. It elicits results but with time. So, please don’t build castles in the air. The bottom line is that it is a wondrous and efficacious product that should be given a shot to.

Price of MahaGro’s Herbal Hair Wash Powder : Rs.179/- for 200 g

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Quinta Essentia Organics, Chemical Free Hair Packs

Captivating, bewitching, awe-inspiring, soothing, enchanting… blend all these adjectives together and you will be able to coin a word that delineates Quinta Essentia Organics’ range precisely. Making no bones about what’s in and what isn’t in each and every product of theirs, the ladies behind the brand- Arti and Atika are here to address the cri de coeur of your hair, skin and body care woes via their tempting products.

With a range that encompasses body butters, cold-pressed soaps (the looks of which evoke instant adulation for the ladies), face packs, health food (read: Chawanprash) which as a matter of fact is an anti-ageing food item, lip butters, hair masks and a lot more.

Coming to the chemical free hair pack that has caught my eyes is QEO’s Lavender Hair Mousse. Why? I may run out of reasons but to put it briefly, I would say that it should be aptly deemed “Food for hair”. Packed with organic almond, olive, coconut cold pressed oils and the extracts of lavender, rosemary, vanilla, not only is the mousse a reason for you to inhale deeply but also the perfect choice to get glossy and lustrous locks. The only cause of concern one can come up with is that they wouldn’t be able to keep their fingers off their tresses after using QEO’s mousse. Wait, is that a limitation in the first place? You decide.

Price of QEO’s Lavender Hair Mousse : Rs.850/- for 100 g

Availability : Facebook and Amazon India

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Prakriti Herbals, Chemical Free Hair Packs

Born out of the desire to cleanse an average Indian lady’s skin, hair and body care essentials, Mrs. Neeta Addappa’s chemical-free venture earned brownie points from not only her near and dear ones but also her customers who were smitten by the very same range of products that thronged the shelves of supermarkets and come with hefty price tags, albeit this time, with Prakriti Herbals coming into the picture, not only were the products safe in composition but also priced reasonably.

Coming to the chemical free hair pack which had me swooning, it is the Amla, Brahmi, Bhringaraj Hair Rejuvenator that amasses the virtues of precious Indian herbs such as- brahmi, multani mitti, shikakaai, amla, triphala (which is a blend of three herbs per se namely, amla, harar, baheda) among others with no chemicals, preservatives or cheap fillers thrown in. It gives your hair a boost of nourishment. Adding a tinge of gloss, it is a value-for-money product that will have you coming back to Mrs. Neeta for long.

Price of Prakriti Herbals Amla, Brahmi, Bhringaraj Hair Rejuvenator : Rs.150/- for 80 g and Rs.250/- for 150 g

Availability :, Amazon India, Flipkart and Facebook

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Aroma Essentials, Chemical Free Hair Packs

From drool-worthy body butters to pedicure kits, from under eye correctors to soothing lip butters/balms, from a diverse range of face masks to even kohls, Aroma Essentials has something for everyone even men! One cannot help but throws bouquets at its founder-cum-master-artisan Mrs. Madhurima Ramakrishna whose warm demeanour and ingenious ideas bring her in a class of her own. Handmade personal care products sans any chemicals, preservatives and synthetic fragrances, this brand from the Silicon Valley of India (read: Bengaluru) turns on the voluptuary in you who pampers himself/herself with only quality-products.

Coming to the chemical free hair pack that has me smitten, it is Aroma Essentials’ Pro Vitamin Hair Gel. Made up of wheat protein and mustard oil, it is for all those who have an aversion for hair fall but still, crave lustrous, glossy and soft mane. Highly efficacious in arresting unprecedented and excess hair fall, twice a week use for a month works wonders in paring down the same. Of course, this doesn’t apply to problems arising out of genetics/medical conditions, but is for those who owing to a time crunch cannot pamper their locks well. If a product comes from Aroma Essentials, stay assured for Madhurima is going to be at your beck and call 24*7 on how to use it for optimum results.

Please note that Aroma Essentials offers a vast range of chemical free hair packs- in powdered, gel and butter forms. You can check them out on its Facebook page to have a better idea of the same.

Price of Aroma Essentials’ Pro Vitamin Hair Gel : Rs.350/- for 35 g

Availability : Facebook and WhatsApp (+91 7760988272)

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So, these were some of the Top Chemical Free Hair Packs in India. I hope you liked my post 🙂

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