Top Chemical Free Hair Oils in India

Top Chemical Free Hair Oils in India – Glossy, satin-smooth, soft and frizz-free mane always rank high on the desirability meter of men and women alike. However, there are encumbrances in galore before you in getting such tresses. Ranging from excessive hair fall to split ends, from dandruff to foul odor (of the hair) from an itchy scalp to hosting parasites like-lice, there are enough hair woes at present to beset one and all. A good hair oil can be your savior in such cases. By good hair oil we mean chemical free hair oil.
Top Chemical Free Hair Oils in India, Chemical Free Hair Oils

Top Chemical Free Hair Oils in India

Elaborating on the benefits of regular hair oiling would be same as repeating what’s known (for decades). In a nutshell, if you have any hair woe, never think twice before oiling your mane. Blood circulation heightens as your fingertips massage your scalp. Here are the Top Chemical Free Hair Oils in India that you should give a shot to if your present (chemical-laden) hair oil is tormenting your locks. Go, disport yourselves in them.

Quinta Essentia Organics

Quinta Essentia Organics, Chemical Free Hair Oils

Lets start my list of Top Chemical Free Hair Oils in India with this brand. “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s got the best hair of them all?”, Sorry for unleashing my vanity for a split-second but it is a Herculean task to stop drooling over one’s locks after treating them to Quinta Essentia Organics’ Rosemary Hair Growth Stimulator. Owned by Arti and Atika, turning a blind eye to or being oblivious of QEO is akin to committing Hara-kiri on your skin and hair. You may deem it exaggeration but once you try any of their products, you would curse yourself inwardly for not having done the service you just did to your skin/hair.

Cent per cent free from anything hazardous such as- parabens, sulphates, phthalates, fragrance, EDTA, PEG, and everything that should be stricken off one’s hair care products, QEO’s rosemary hair growth stimulator  is a potion for one’s locks. Mark my words- If you dedicate a month to it, watch over your diet and give a wide berth to stress, chemical-laden shampoos, serums and conditioners, this oil will leave you with locks that models/actresses in TVCs of famed shampoo brands flaunt- glossy, frizz-free, smooth as silk, strong and oh-so-desirable.

Packed with nourishing carrier oils and therapeutic-grade essential oils- the blends of which transport you to a different world altogether, QEO’s hair oil is FOOD FOR YOUR HAIR. Period.

Price of Quinta Essentia Organics’ Rosemary Hair Growth Stimulator : Rs.1,500/-

Availability : Facebook and Amazon

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Svayam Natural

Svayam Naturals, Chemical Free Hair Oils

Svayam Natural comes next on my list of Top Chemical Free Hair Oils in India. It’s a sin to give the cinnamon infused Olive Hair Oil from Svayam Natural a miss. Excuse the poor alliteration for a minute and jump over the bounties of Svayam’s hair treat that that will have you going gaga over it once it begins weaving its magic on your tresses. If mired in hair woes that leave you sulking in a corner silently initially and glowering with ire later, Svayam’s 100% natural, handcrafted and nasty-free olive oil with cinnamon sticks is what your hair may be in the quest for.

To put it simply, in my opinion it is an ideal fix for those with an itchy scalp. With the instructions at hand, if you apply it with honey (Manuka is my suggestion) and give your locks a hot-towel treatment, the softness imparted will compel you to stroke them so much so that it would be tough to keep your fingers off them for long.

Strictly against any form of animal testing, all products of Svayam Natural are cruelty-free. The next time your locks feel lifeless and drained off moisture with your scalp compelling your fingers to go berserk (read: scratch them), you know whom to turn to.

Price of Svayam Natural Olive Oil with Cinnamon Sticks : Rs.415/-

Availability : Facebook

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Organicmill, Chemical Free Hair Oils

While talking about Top Chemical Free Hair Oils in India, one cannot miss this brand. Riled of looking at your lustreless mane in the mirror that just don’t spring to life no matter how exorbitant products (read: chemical-laden ones) you feed it to? (under the garb of resuscitating them) Dishi Kumar Jain from Greater Noida (the lady boss behind the aforementioned all-natural, preservative and chemical-free skin & hair care venture) is the person who you should touch base with.

A new kid on the block but no whippersnapper when it comes to her work, this lady ensures that you everything about what’s being put on your skin and hair via her handmade products. Clinging to essential oils for eliciting the ethereal aroma all her products exude, when she sets on the mission to rescue you from her beauty woes, be assured for the ace craftswoman will go miles to help you out! Offering a hair oil that is potent blend of only carrier oils, herbs and essential oils, it is tacit that her hair oil works and how!

It’s a savior for those whose hair seem stripped off moisture. Twice use per week for a month and you would be dumbstruck at how smooth your mane feels. Revel in it, ladies.

Price of Organicmill Hair Oil : Rs.300/-

Availability : Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Dishi (+91 9971648091)

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Kan’s Natural Beauty Care

Kan's Natural beauty care, Chemical Free Hair Oils

Here’s to this brand from Namma Chennai which has every user of it smitten to its nourishing products- Kan’s Natural Beauty Care. Incepted in 2015, their range encompasses face masks, hair oils and hair packs for BOTH MEN AND WOMEN. Boys, you aren’t being ignored when it comes to personal care by Mrs. Kanchana S. Babu- the lovely lady behind the brand who (thankfully for all the natural skin-care enthusiasts), launched this illustrious brand after being goaded by everyone around her. What’s spellbinding is that experience runs into decades!

Try as hard as you can but you won’t be able to find even 1% of nasty stuff in any of the products from its range.That’s not because the brand hides it well. It is because none of the products contain the aforementioned nasties. 100% natural, vegetarian and chemical-free, the brand reiterates the simple fact that we tend to overlook thanks to the barrage of high-end products thrown at us and the deceptive spiels of calculative salespersons who compel us to dream of flawless skin/hair- That nature has all the answers.

Coming to their Chemical Free Hair Oils, it is Kan’s Herbal Hair Oil (made up of 40 herbs) that is tailor-made for those whose hair is not only dry but also prematurely greying. Killing two birds with the same stone, eh? Well, regular application and diet changes will surely help you obviate both these hair woes that may have been giving you sleepless nights.

Price of Kan’s Herbal Hair Oil : Rs.230/-

Availability : Facebook

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La Flora Organics

La flora organics, Chemical Free Hair Oils

Overwrought with pesky dandruff and its unwanted flakes on your scalp and shoulders? La Flora Organics has got the solution to your woes. Enriched with the goodness of natural and only natural ingredients (no-nasties), it would be hyperbolic to say that one use would purge you off dandruff, however, a more apt and rational expectation would be a marked reduction with regular use over time, roughly a month to put it numerically. If price is your key concern, then it is time to ginger you up for even if you are on a shoestring budget, grabbing a bottle of La Flora Organics Anti Dandruff Hair Oil won’t leave you wincing! It is 90% certified organic and 10% natural. Impressive, we say.

Handmade; vegan; free from parabens, phthalates, sulphates, artificial fragrance, colour and fillers, this Ayurvedic formulation is an elixir for a scalp that bears the brunt of dandruff. Devote a month to it and you will note a considerable reduction in those white flakes that elicit an ‘Eww’ from one and all. By the way, they offer a hair oil that arrests hair fall too- The Sundari Ayurvedic Hair Oil which happens to the best-seller from the brand. Big thumbs up to these Chemical Free Hair Oils of this brand.

Price of La Flora Organics Anti Dandruff Hair Oil : Rs.245/-

Availability : Facebook, Shopclues, firstcry,, shophealthy

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Aroma Essentials

Aroma Essentials, Chemical Free Hair Oils

Aroma Essentials is another must have on the list of Top Chemical Free Hair Oils in India. Those who haven’t tried Aroma Essentials till date have lost out on oodles of nourishment for their skin and hair up till now. But you turn the clock back by doing that now. Based out of the Electronic City of India aka Bengaluru, Aroma Essentials offers a diverse range of hair care products in addition to skin and body care ones. For almost each hair woe, Madhurima- the owner of Aroma Essentials has a solution- one that is free from nasty chemicals. Chuffed to know that, aren’t you?

Coming to hair care, amongst her wide range of hair products that target excess hair fall, lack of shine/lustre, dandruff and so on and so forth, it is Aroma Essentials Hair Oil Blend which manages to carve a niche for itself. Packed with multiple virgin grade carrier oils and pure therapeutic grade essential oils, regular use throws spectacular results. From a realistic control on hair fall to enhancement in lustre, you will be left ogling at your mane soon (of course, if you are irregular in application, you shouldn’t be harping on the blame on anyone except yourself!).

Price of Aroma Essentials Hair Oil Blend : Rs.350/-

Availability : Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Madhurima (+91 7760988272)

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These were some of the Top Chemical Free Hair Oils in India. I hope you found it helpful.

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