Top Budget Friendly Toxin Free Soaps in India

Top Budget Friendly Toxin Free Soaps in India – Toxin free soaps that are also budget friendly are not easy to find, but now you have landed at the right place! Given the frequency with which we use a soap, paying heed to its ingredients’ list becomes momentous. Not to forget if the price fits well into one’s budget, what better can one ask for? A budget-friendly as well as toxin-free soap is a double whammy, isn’t it? If you wonder if there are such brands exist in India or not which offer pocket-friendly toxin-free soaps in India, here is a list of Top Budget Friendly Toxin Free Soaps in India to dispels those doubts of yours and also leaves you with a list of brands to choose soaps from.
Top Budget Friendly Toxin Free Soaps in India, Budget Friendly Toxin Free Soaps

Top Budget Friendly Toxin Free Soaps in India


Nature's Emporium, Budget Friendly Toxin Free Soaps

Catering to the need of all those who prefer Budget Friendly Toxin Free Soaps, Nature’s Emporium all the way from Bengaluru  is here. Opting for the traditional cold-process method which ensures that the end product that is, the soap is replete with maximum goodness, this conscious brand owned by the lovely Mrs. Roopa Honnaswamy is making all the right moves. Free from SLS, SLES, Synthetic fragrances, propylene glycol, EDTA, DMDM Hydantion, animal fat, deleterious chemicals and other nasties, this brand believes in going outright natural.

From its eclectic range of eye-pleasing soaps, the one that caught my fancy was the Patchouli & Grapefruit Natural Handmade Soap. A bright refreshing soap with an invigorating blend of Citrus oils, it is a must-have during blistering summers.Envisage squeezing fresh citric fruits on yourself… That is precisely how this enticing soap feels. A popular detoxifying agent, grapefruit oil added to the soap makes it efficacious for those with oily skin, however, I find it effective for dry skin too (can’t say for extremely dry skin) since I have dry. This soap has not for once sucked the moisture content of my skin. Kudos Roopa! You have churned an intoxicating bath treat.

Price of Nature’s Emporium Patchouli & Grapefruit Natural Handmade Soap : Rs.250/- for 110-120 g

Availability :,,,, to name a few. If in Bangalore, Nature’s Emporium is available on the shelves at The Greenpath organic state in Malleswaram

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Ida Naturals, Budget Friendly Toxin Free Soaps

She enjoys coming up with quirky ideas as much as you may enjoy throwing your puzzling skin queries at her. Based out of Bengaluru, Mrs. Priya Iyer’s soaps speak volumes about her expertise in the same. Customizing orders based on the specific needs of her clients, she raises the bar when it comes to soap-making.

From her assorted range of soaps, a lot of which are already in my good books, the one that deserves a special mention is the Basil, Turmeric, Milk, Honey Soap. The mere look of which is a treat to one’s eyes. With a splash of colors, it combines the skin benefits of basil (tulsi), Turmeric (Haldi), Milk and honey- all of which are compatible for every skin type.Impressively, it has everything dry skin is in dire search for. From raw nourishment imparted to a gentle after-feel (no scratchy feeling post rinsing), from subtle radiance imparted to a lingering sweet aroma, their toxin free soap is easy on your pockets too.

To seek more information about what all it consists of, touch base with the encyclopaedia of soap making- Mrs. Priya Iyer. Refreshing, resuscitating and riveting, rush to Ida Naturals to place an order for the same.

Price of Ida Naturals Basil, Turmeric, Milk, Honey Soap : Rs.220/-

Availability : Facebook & Instagram

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Cosmetic Junction, Budget Friendly Toxin Free Soaps

Next comes ‘Cosmetic Junction’ on our list of Top Budget Friendly Toxin Free Soaps in India. Based out of Salem, the brand offers vegan, handcrafted, cruelty-free soaps that are free from synthetic fragrances with no toxic chemicals used. With the goodness of USDA Certified organic essential oils and unrefined cold-pressed carrier oils, their soaps attain the aesthetic colors that you can see via the addition of food-grade coloring. Felicitous for use by everyone above the age of 15, the shelf life of their soaps spans 10-12 months and depends fairly on maintenance. Incepted in September 2015, this brand has dissociated itself from toxin chemicals right away. Open to customizing soaps as per the demands of its customers; touch base with Ms. Anshutha Maheshwari- its owner if you wish to detoxify your beauty regimen.

A special mention goes the Lavender Love Shea Soap bar which is totally free from SLS and SLES. Not tested on animals, it is made of a melt-and-pour soap base with no animals products added to the same. Suitable for use by everyone above the age of 15, it does not burn a hole in your pocket. In fact, all the soaps from the range of Cosmetic Junction are priced in a similar fashion. Incredulous, isn’t it? Not to forget, this soap, by the virtue of addition of Shea butter does not wreak havoc on dry skin instead it augurs the application of only a little moisturizer/oil/body butter to lock in the moisture. It is felicitous for use by those running their beauty haul on a shoestring budget.

Price of Cosmetic Junction Lavender Love Shea Soap : Rs.150/-

Availability : Facebook and Instagram

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Raw Rituals, Budget Friendly Toxin Free Soaps

You have to give it to the lady behind the indulgent Raw Rituals- Mrs. Lovina Agarwal. Based out of the Boston of India aka Ahmedabad, hers is a brand that believes in transparency. Furnishing all the information to the consumers about each and every product of hers right from body butters to facial serums, hair oils to body oil, lip balms to body scrubs, their range of cold-pressed soaps is multifarious. Targeting specific skin issues like- acne to excessive sweating, one look at their range (and the price) and you are cock-sure to get smitten.

The Budget Friendly Toxin Free Soap that has won my vote of approval is the Goat Milk Face And Body Bar. Although it is recommended for use by those sensitive skin and babies, those with normal, dry and extremely dry skin can try it too. Chuffed with the softness imparted (thanks to Raw Goat’s milk), you will find yourself coming back to Raw Rituals. 100% Natural, handmade and free from chemicals as well as preservatives, the soap is a repository of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Although it is considerably high in price yet the benefits justify what is being charged. If flaunting smooth and moisturized skin is on your to-do list, you know what to zero in on. Revel in its goodness!

Price of Raw Rituals Goat Milk Face And Body Bar : Rs.400/-

Availability : Amazon India, Facebook and Instagram

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Aroma Essentials, Budget Friendly Toxin Free Soaps

Talking about Top Budget Friendly Toxin Free Soaps in India and missing out Aroma Essentials is just not possible! How can one lady come up with unconventional ideas when it comes to skin care 24*7? If that is what is brewing in your mind, touch base with Mrs. Madhurima Ramakrishna. Those who aren’t aware of the awe-inspiring Aroma Essentials as of now, you have lost out on oodles of natural nourishment. But as they say, there is light at the end of tunnel. You can redeem for the lost nourishment of your skin and hair by getting in touch with her now. With the most diverse range of skin, hair and body care products to offer, it is little wonder that the Bengaluru-based brand is on our list.

From her range of cold-processed soaps, what won my vote of approval is the Evil Eye Charcoal Geranium Lavender Soap. With a name so quirky, I was smitten by how cooling and resuscitating it could be. Charcoal for deep cleansing, geranium for treating spots and lavender to elicit a calming effect, the soap is ideal for use during the blistering summer months when one’s the need to cool oneself down is all the more higher.

Price of Aroma Essentials Evil Eye Charcoal Geranium Lavender Soap : Rs.200/-

Availability : Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Madhurima (7760 988272)

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Hope you enjoyed my post on Top Budget Friendly Toxin Free Soaps in India. Thanks for checking out 🙂

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