Top All Natural Body Butters in India

Top All Natural Body Butters in India – With parky winter setting in, the chill is palpable and certainly encapsulating us in its grip. With moisture levels in the air plummeting, it is time to bring our winter care skin essentials like body butter, body lotion, face creams, etc. to the forefront. For dry skin, winters forebode unpleasant day for obvious reasons. The drier the skin, the tougher it is to bear the brunt of dropping mercury levels. In the midst of all these, if you have a natural body butter at your disposal, braving winters becomes a cakewalk.
Top All Natural Body Butters in India, Natural Body Butter

Top All Natural Body Butters in India

But not all body butters in the market are laden with nourishing ingredient. In fact, a great many of them come laden with pernicious chemicals which do more harm than good in the long run. Since it is always a sane idea to invest in a product, rather in any product that is free from chemicals, following suit for body butters seems legit, doesn’t it? On that note, here is a list of the Top All Natural Body Butters in India. Check them out!


Raw Rituals, Natural Body Butter

Is there anything about this 100% natural and toxin-free brand all the way from Ahmedabad, that one cannot fall head over heels in love with? Helmed by Mrs. Lovina Aggarwal who patiently suggests the right kind of products you need to incorporate in your skin/hair care regimen, their range of body butters is enticing. Made up of unrefined butters, enriched with pure essential oils as well as cold-pressed virgin oils, it is a treat to daub the body butters from Raw Rituals on oneself. Offering face packs, face serums, cold-pressed soaps (for each skin type), body massage oils, lip butters (available in stick form), face scrubs as well as body butters – all free from chemicals, handmade with solicitude and love, it is tough to discount their appealing range.

In my opinion, the variant that deserves a special mention in its entire tempting range of natural body butters is the Sacred Body Butter that brings together the bountifulness of unrefined Shea and Mango butters with cold-pressed almond oil imbued in the same to pack a punch at dry skin. Frankincense essential oil ensures that your nostrils have a whale of their time all the way the body butter is being slathered on your skin. This 100% natural, chemical and preservative free handmade formulation gets a thumbs up from me.

Price of Raw Rituals Sacred Body Butter : Rs.325/- for 35 g and Rs. 600/- for 75 g

Availability : Amazon India, Facebook and Instagram

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Quinta Essentia Organics, Natural Body Butter

Chances are, if you try a product from the line of Quinta Essentia Organics, QEO for short, you will inwardly question yourself on what all you had been slathering on your skin/hair all this while in the name of rejuvenation. Or maybe, you’d even be compelled to toss all those high-end chemical-laden cocktails in the trash while scoffing at them for being utterly futile.

Waiting in the wings to reach out to you in order to be you go-to skin/hair savior, the ladies behind the brand- Arti and Atika, can be touched base with if you have any particular skin/hair woe and would require suggestions on what to use, how to use and more importantly, how ‘long’ to use for the ladies have an experience that’s bound to evoke sighs in adulation.

Coming to the natural body butters that has me singing paeans in its honour, it is Quinta Essentia Orgaincs’ Whipped Body Butter which looks, smells as well as feels enchanting. With skin-loving butters blended with cold-pressed virgin oils and pure therapeutic grade essential oils mixed and whipped till the consistency resembles that of whipped cream (drool alert), QEO’s Body butter gets a thumbs up from me. With little amount required per use, a single tub lasts pretty long.

Price of Quinta Essentia Orgaincs Whipped Body Butter : Rs.1100/- for 150 g

Availability : Amazon India, Facebook, official website call/WhastApp 09999994574 or email Arti at [email protected]

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Amara Organix, Natural Body Butter

With its guiding mantra being the espousal and promulgation of safe skin and hair care products, Mrs. Mehar Farhana’s brand- Amara Organix works diligently to churn natural, artificial-fragrance free as well as handcrafted products that compel you to keep coming back to the lovely lady who nowhere looks as if she has a secret anti-ageing potion tucked away clandestinely in a corner at her place (read: she just does not age!). We are guessing if there’s an Amara product behind that, Mehar!

Coming to her natural body butter range, what caught my fancy was Amara’s Shea and Cocoa Body Butter. With two unparalleled moisturizing agents going into the package- Shea and cocoa (both imported from Ghana, Africa for Amara Organix doesn’t believe in settling for anything less than the what’s the best), skin-loving oils and pure therapeutic grade essential oils blended well, the soft luxurious body butter ensures your skin does not have to launch its Clarion call for intense moisturization once it is smeared on it generously. A 100% natural, cruelty-free as well as handmade product, it leaves you smitten.

Price of Amara Organix Shea and Cocoa Body Butter : Rs.250/-

Availability : Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Mehar (+91 8056592923)

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Aroma Essentials, Natural Body Butter

One cannot help but doff the hat at Mrs. Madhurima Ramakrishna, the founder-cum-brain behind the awe-inspiring Aroma Essentials (operating from the Electronic city of India aka Bengaluru) whose diverse and appealing range of chemical and preservative-free skin, hair and body care products not just tempts one but soothes in equal measure. With a wide range of body butters in her line of natural body butters, what’s novel is the inclusion of body balms that seeks to address the woes of those with excessively dry and parched skin.

Available in two variants as of now – Orange Ylang Ylang Body Balm and the Rose Geranium Body Balm. The former is a boon for dry skin. Mark my words! Having used it for both facial skin and body, it not just hydrates dry patches efficaciously but also adds a tinge of glow. The aroma is delightful and given the amount that is needed per use, one has to assert that a little will go a long way.

Coming to the rose-geranium variant, it is capable of giving all your high-end chemical-laden moisturizers as well as lotions a run for their money. Or let us say that they don’t stand a chance in front of Aroma Essentials’ rose-geranium body balm. Ideal for use by those with parched skin, its hydration is sterling and composition, creditable with no chemicals/fillers added.

Give it a shot! Your skin is worth it.

Price of Aroma Essentials Orange Ylang Ylang Body Balm : Rs.550/- for 100 g

Price of Aroma Essentials Rose Geranium Body Balm : Rs.550/- for 100 g

Availability : Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Madhurima (+91 7760988272)

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Nuskaa, Natural Body Butter

I am concluding my Top All Natural Body Butters in India list with Nuskaa. Its an all-natural brand from Agra. Its just over two years old, but has amazed everyone with their product range. Divyani Garg’s personal care venture has a range of face masks, body scrubs, hair gels, moisturising bars and what not.

Explore their drool-inducing range as your innate conscious consumer rouses.

Free from any kind of animal testing and also free from addition of any kind of chemicals, their range is value-for-money.

The product that deserves a special mention from Nuskaa is their Moisturising Bar. For those who find carting a tub filled with the same inconvenient, can opt for the moisturising base. With a riveting aroma, it leaves you chuffed with it in all aspects.

Price of Nuskaa Moisturising Bar : Rs.90/- for 15 g (exclusive of shipping)

Availability : Facebook

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These were some of the Top All Natural Body Butters in India. Hope you found it helpful 🙂

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