How to Select a Protein Powder

How to Select a Protein Powder – Protein powder is the powdered form of protein. Protein is one of the most important components which the body requires for the development and growth of muscles. It also helps in muscle repair. Regular intake of protein is very necessary for all people. Protein diet keeps you full throughout the day. Protein can be taken via food or in the form of powder. In food we can find protein in soya bean, fish, meat etc.
How to Select a Protein Powder, Protein Powder

How to Select a Protein Powder

Protein powder is available in various grocery stores. It is basically a nutrition supplement. We have always heard that guys who go to gym and especially actors use protein powder to develop the muscles. But protein powders are not necessarily for body builders it can also be used by people to lead a healthy life. The most three common type of protein powders are whey, soy and casein protein. Check out this post to know How to Select a Protein Powder.

In order to select a protein powder you need to know why you require the protein powder.

Reason for intake of protein powder :

Muscle gain

Protein powder helps to develop the muscles and helps in recovering the muscle wounds. People who are athletes they need to have a well developed muscle which can make them stronger. After an intense workout protein powder helps in muscle recovery. It also helps in muscle toning and also helps in developing your lean muscles.

Weight loss

As mentioned before protein in your daily diet helps to keep you full thus prevent you from over eating. It also protects the current body muscles. When any person tries to loose calories or body weight they definitely need to protect the body mass. Thus protein powder helps to protect the muscles.

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Overall healthy

Protein helps to keep body overall healthy. Protein powder helps to have a balanced cholesterol level, blood pressure. It takes care of health by regularizing proper blood circulation.

Dietary supplement

If you are having some health issues where body cannot process protein diet such as if you have gastric bypass or Crohns disease in that case protein can be taken in the powdered form.

Importance of Protein Powder, Protein Powder

How much protein powder you need

  • Check that you take enough protein your body requires daily. Check the diet which you are having – does the diet have enough protein if not then you need a substitute.
  • Check your weight to decide the protein you need every day. Institute of medicine prescribes 0.8 grams of protein for every 1 kg. Now check your weight and calculate it.
  • Check how much your body requires calorie every day. Protein provides four calories per gram. So try to get at least 15 % of calories from protein. But it will be always better if you can get 40% of calories which your body requires from protein rather than carbohydrates and fats.
  • Limit your protein from 0.8 grams to 1.25 grams per kg in order to gain muscle and decrease body fat.
    Choose the protein powder accordingly.

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Protein powder are widely divided in two types- Animal Based and Plant based

Animal Based Protein Powder

Egg protein- Body builders who need body muscles to develop faster they choose egg powder.

Milk Protein- People who are trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy muscle then choose milk protein powder. It mainly used after work out. It also helps to regularize blood pressure.

Whey protein powder– For post workout recovery whey protein powder is best to have. It helps to bulk up the resistance training. There are three different types of whey protein-whey protein, whey protein isolate, and advance whey protein isolate.

Plant based protein Powder

Soy Protein- Soy Protein is best for women as it has phytoestrogen which decreases the ability of the hormone lipase to break down body fat. Soy protein also takes care of woman health reduces the risk of breast cancer and tumors.

Hemp Protein- Hemp protein is rich in fiber and has 20 amino acids. People who are aiming for loosing weight can go for this.

Flax seed Protein powder- It is high in fiber and contains omega fatty acids,

Brown rice protein powder- It has essential amino acids and is good in solving gastrointestinal issues.

Pea protein powder- It has good amount of amino acids.

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Ways to Select a Protein Powder, Protein Powder

Check the quality of protein powder :

PDCAAS rating

PDCAAS stands for protein digestibility that is corrected amino acid score. This score depends on the protein based on bio availability and essential amino acid supply. Egg protein powder has the highest rating of 1.

Difference between isolate and concentrate

Concentrate contains between 30% and 85% protein and Isolate contains more than 90% protein.

The label

Check the label where amount of each protein is stated.

Difference between amino acid powders and protein powders

Protein powder contains amino acids and here must be nine essential amino acids in protein powder.

Check all the details mentioned above and then get the best protein powder for yourself.

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