Holiday Health Mistakes

Holiday Health Mistakes – Holiday always brings lot of fun and activities in our life. Form the busy hectic schedule ones we get space for holiday we move out to spend it and celebrate it. Holidays are associated with family and friends gathering, outing, eating and partying. In this happiness and fun often we commit some common health mistakes which led us to health hazards. In this article I am going to discuss some Holiday Health Mistakes which we commit.
Holiday Health Mistakes, health

Holiday Health Mistakes

Forgetting about exercise

In holidays we keep our self completely free and in fun mood. And according to us exercise is a task so within holidays we avoid exercise but its totally wrong. In holidays we eat lot especially lot of fast foods which help us to gain calories so we basically need to exercise regularly as we do in daily life so that we can eat harmlessly.

Over eating

We go to visit new place or visit our family and relatives every time for gathering and party. So we go on eating all tasty delicious dishes, that time we forget about all calories and weight gain. This makes us feel uneasy when we get back. All kinds of spicy food trigger our heart burn and acidity.

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Brushing is necessary

Don’t forget to brush your teeth after party so that your teeth and gums remain healthy and free from stains of red wine and other foods.

Avoid high fatty foods

Creamy spinach, spicy dishes cooked with lot of creams and oil are not at all good for health. Don’t overload yourself with lot of fatty foods. Keep a check on ice creams too. Avoid cheesy pizzas with carry lot of saturated fats.

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Uncooked foods

As in holidays there are lot of parties and social gatherings food are cooked in huge amount so at time food remain under cooked. So take special care to check if it cooked properly or not. Specially in the case of meat use digital thermometers while cooking so that you can check after cooking is it fully cooked or not.

Holiday Health Mistakes 1, health

Compromising on sleep

People forget to sleep tight while they are in holidays, tours and gatherings. But this is totally wrong. Remember if your body does not get enough sleep then you will be in loss so remember to sleep for eight hours at least to remain in good health.

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Skipping meals

Skipping meals before going to holidays or parties is not a good choice. Eat regularly to avoid over eating during party days. This will also cause indigestion and over bloating.

Over drinking

This is again a common mistake to perform. When you go for holidays, parties and social gatherings you always do a mistake to over drink alcohol due to friends pressure and even in a party mood. So stop over drinking as this cause issue in long term.

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Too much sleep

Again whenever we get vacation we plan to relax but that doesn’t not mean too much sleep is required. Some people love to sleep a lot but that may hamper your life style. You sleep as much you require, do not sleep for a long time as your body needs movement too.

Post holiday plans

You always plan to cover up the bad things you have performed for health after your holidays such as planning for joining gym, going on crash diet after holidays. This is really bad. Your body should go through regularity. do not try to change the cycle. Be you are in holidays or parties or daily life try to maintain the daily health routine.

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Holidays are good as it helps to remain stress free and gives you energy to get back to work but remember to maintain a healthy life style and the dos and don’t when you go for holidays.

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