Fab Styling Ideas from Your Favorite Stars

Fab Styling Ideas from Your Favorite Stars – We all are most of the time awestruck by bollywood or may be Hollywood too. It not only leaves us speechless but also we draw inspirations from them a number of times. And in today’s time may be stars wear a bit of over or too many glittery or revealing outfits in movies. But when they are off screen other than the award shows they wear pretty normal dresses. And thanks to the ever increasing social media we get to see each and every appearance of theirs. So, when you see your favorite star wearing such simple but yet sexy or classy outfits, you will definitely draw inspiration which we call as star style. So, let’s make your life a bit easier. Here I am listing down some of the Fab Styling Ideas from Your Favorite Stars which you can implement in your real life and can easily pull off.
Fab Styling Ideas from Your Favorite Stars, bollywood star style

Fab Styling Ideas from Your Favorite Stars

Wear geeky glasses

wear geeky glasses, bollywood star style

Geeky oversized glasses are really in. And I am in love with them. They look so trendy and chic but yet too wearable. You can easily sport this look anywhere be it your college or office or even while travelling. Even I wear contacts but after seeing this looks I also bought a geeky oversized frame and started wearing them.

Off shoulder trend

off shoulder trend, bollywood star style

Summers are increasing day by day and so we tend to be much more comfortable in light breezy clothes. And thus the off shoulder trend which is back since 90’s has been the talk of the town at present. Pick up this styling tip from your star style and draw inspiration from your next weekend brunch.

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Color blocking

Color blocking, bollywood star style

The latest trend in Bollywood and of course Hollywood too. Styling different colors and together making a color block appearance is something really praise worthy. And you can very easily rock this trend. It does not require much of efforts. Just bring out your favorite solid clothing pieces and accessories and make a single look out of it.

Monochrome trend

monochrome trend, bollywood star style

One of the most classy and yet wearable look. i have seen a number of celebrities rocking this trend like before. You need to wear all the clothing pieces and even accessories of single color to rock this star style.

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Put your fashion foot forward with these Sneakers

Earlier we used to think that sneakers are meant only for sporty outfits. But no these days i see you pair sneakers with almost anything even with a dress. So comfortable they are that you can easily get inspired out of this star style trick.

Denim trend

Denim look, bollywood star style

Denim trend is back and at an all time high at present. You see denim skirts, dresses and even dungarees. Not to forget denim on denim trend is also doing rounds these days.

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Midi skirts

Midi dress, bollywood star style

Skirts are my absolute favorite. But sometimes people are confused about the length of these skirts. Some of them are not comfortable with skirts being too long and some think that they are too short. So, recently midi skirts have been making headlines and they are so comfortable and easy to sport.

The mess free bun look

Messy Bun, bollywood star style

And when it is summers time, you will love to pull your hair up. So, let’s make a easy peasy buns. These buns are very easy to make. They neither require much of time and efforts. Even they don’t require much of combing too.

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A summer dress

A summer dress need not be always little. They can be till knee length too which i feel is comfortable for most of us. And another point is that summer dress can be loose and yet flattering for the skinner ones too. Don’t believe me. Have a look at the pictures and learn from your star style.

Pastels and neons

Pairing is always a bit difficult. And when you have to wear pastels and neon colors then that can be a bit tricky. So, worry not. Draw inspirations from these favorite actresses out here.

That was all about my ideas which I stole from the star style. Hope you liked the article. Let me know if you have any more ideas worth stealing in the comments down below.

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