Best Body Scrubs in India

Best Body Scrubs in India – If sporting leathery, haggard, dull and tired skin is not on your to-do list, you have landed at right place. Using a body scrub is a vital part of our skin care. Often we tend to smear our body with expensive body lotions and moisturizers only to end up with unnaturally heavy and discomfiting skin. Not scrubbing one’s body enough is where we falter. Scrubbing during winters is all the more momentous since layers of accumulated dead skin cells won’t fall off as much as they would have had it been summers. Therefore it is a wise decision to invest in a good body scrub for a better looking, healthy skin. Here is a list of the Best Body Scrubs in India. Disport yourselves in them!
Best Body Scrubs in India, Body Scrubs

Best Body Scrubs in India

Vedantika Herbals

Vedantika Herbals, Body Scrubs

We are starting our list of Best Body Scrubs in India with this one. Composed of Rubia Cordifolia, Withania Somnifera, Ocimum Gratissimum, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, Prunus Amygdalus, Juglans Regia, Citrus Aurantium, Cinnamomum Camphor, Gram Flour & Oat Bran, Vedantika Herbals’ Skin Polishing Scrub/Ubtan makes an entry to our list. Wondrous as a mild cleanser as well as scrub, it can be combined with any base ingredient you like be it – raw milk, curd or even plain water. Sloughing away dirt, grunge and layers of dead skin cells, it leaves your skin relatively smooth and lustrous. Felicitous for use by all skin types, its 100% natural, biodegradable and cruelty-free tags come as additional feathers in its cap. Herbal extracts, Nuts and pulses are combined in is unique recipe to re-oxygenate and nourish your skin. Going by its price, it would not even cost you an arm and a leg.

Price of Vedantika Herbals’ Skin Polishing Scrub/Ubtan : Rs.185/- for 100 g

Availability : Amazon India, Facebook and

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Kan’s Natural Beauty Care

Kan's Natural Beauty Care, Body Scrubs

Kan’s Natural comes second on our list of Best Body Scrubs in India. When in doubt, head to Nature and Mrs. Kanchana S Babu- that is the mantra to scintillating skin and lovely locks! A firm believer in the goodies Nature has showered us with, the lady from Chennai has a brand is young and raring to go. Relied upon by her customers, the list of products being added to her eclectic range is increasing and we couldn’t be happier. Her brand’s products are completely natural, free from chemicals, preservatives, addition of artificial fragrance and fillers. Not tested on animals, her range caters to both men as well as women.

What caught my eye was Kan’s Natural Body Wash Powder. Comprising of a specifically blended mixture of Healthy Flowers and Herbs, it works wonders to control itchiness as well as slough away dead skin cells’ layers without sucking the moisture content of your skin. Pocket-friendly and apt for use by all skin types, do you still need a reason to zero in on it?

Price of Kan’s Natural Body Wash Powder : Rs.230/- for 100 g

Availability : Facebook

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Ida Naturals

Ida Naturals, Body Scrubs

When talking about Best Body Scrubs in India, you cannot overlook Ida Naturals. If you are a coffee addict, this one’s going to tantalise, tease and entice your taste buds interminably. The Bengaluru-based Ida Naturals, which has the maverick artisan and master soap-star (as she should be deemed) Mrs. PriyaIyer at the helm of affairs brings an indulgent and awe-inspiring Coffee Sugar Natural Body Scrub to not just scrub your skin but also moisturize it post rinsing. Inimitable, isn’t it? A two-in-one skin treat that is composed of Arabica & Robusta coffee beans, organic Demerara sugar, Castor sugar, mango butter, sunflower oil and Vitamin E oil, your shower will transmogrify into a coffee factory!

A blissful experience for every skin type, it will bear a hand to dry skin the most for its laden with hydrating ingredients- all of which are wondrous individually too. Indulge lavishly and uninhibitedly when it comes from Ida Naturals.

Price of Ida Naturals Coffee Sugar Natural Body Scrub : Rs.300/-

Availability : Facebook, [email protected] and WhatsApp Priya (+91 9845998153)

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Amara Organix

Amara Organix, Body Scrubs

Just a few years old and making all the right waves, here we have Amara Organix all the way from Chennai on our list. Scrupulously erected by the jaw-droppingly stunning Mrs. Mehar Farhana, her ken lies in soap-making but that does not hinder her from pushing the boundaries. Churning all-natural, chemical-free, cruelty-free as well as artificial-fragrance free handcrafted bath and body products, her range of body scrubs is as magnetic and efficacious as her range of cold-pressed soaps is.

Composed of finely granulated sugar and Epsom salts with pure French Lavender essential oil disgorged on the mix lavishly, her Lavender Sugar Scrub is ethereal. Perfect for use by those with hardened or calloused skin, it scrubs efficaciously to remove stubborn layers of dead skin cells. Available in different flavors and customisable as per an individual’s preference, touch base with Mehar if you have any specific demand/skin condition in mind.

Price of Amara Organix Lavender Sugar Scrub : Rs.75/-

Availability : Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Mehar (+91 8056592923)

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Aroma Essentials

Aroma Essentials, Body Scrubs

Last but not least on my Best Body Scrubs in India list is Aroma Essentials. For those who bask in chocolates, blame it on Mrs. Madhurima Ramakrishna (the lady behind the Aroma Essentials) for she has a drool-inducing Chocolate Body Scrub. Composed of cocoa powder, oats, cocoa butter and almond powder, its high antioxidant content works to thwart free radicals which are responsible for skin’s ageing. With smithereens of real chocolate peppered here and there in the scrub, you will be left wondering if you should do some service to your taste buds too in addition to your body. An invigorating and soothing formulation, it suits all skin types but would work the best for dry skin because of the presence of skin-loving butters and oils in it. Artificial-fragrance free, cruelty-free, dermatologically tested, chemical free as well as crafted by an expert, could it get any better?

Price of Aroma Essentials Chocolate Body Scrub : Rs.450/- for 100 g

Availability : Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Madhurima (+91 7760988272)

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These were some of the Best Body Scrubs in India. Hope you all liked it 🙂 Please note that the prices mentioned may have delivery charges levied on them. Kindly touch base with the brands if you’re interested in knowing the final price that you need to pay.

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