7 Exercises to Lose Weight

7 Exercises to Lose Weight – Losing weight is the most desired matter for all health conscious people. Fitness is very necessary to deal with our daily hectic life. Excessive weight is not good for your health. Extra calories can be the cause of increase of blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart diseases, diabetes and many other heart diseases. And now-a-days our busy schedule does not allow us to have a proper exercise routine and this busy schedule also forces us to have a unhealthy food habit. Today we are going to describe some exercises which will help to lose weight. But always remember to provide time everyday to exercise which is mandatory. And remember to choose the most effective one for you and your body. So, let’s check out 7 Exercises to Lose Weight below.
7 Exercises to Lose Weight, Exercises to Lose Weight

7 Exercises to Lose Weight


This is the most basic yet one of the best Exercises to Lose Weight Walking in open air or on treadmill is good for health. Half an hour walking can reduce 2oo calories of weight. It helps in improving cardiovascular health.

Push ups

Push ups work in all muscle parts especially in the arms, shoulders, triceps and chest. It helps in developing upper and central muscles. Push ups help to strengthen the muscles and give a proper body shape.

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Squats are one of the best Exercises to Lose Weight. It helps to burn lot of calories. It works on all muscle parts especially the larger muscle parts such as hamstrings, thigh muscles, quadriceps, buttock and gluteals. Squats help to strengthen and tone the leg muscles. It works mainly on thigh muscles. Squat is all about the up and down motion similar to the motion occurs while sitting and getting up from chair. One needs to keep back straight, legs stretched to the shoulder length, hands stretched forward and balancing the knees over the ankle one need to imitate the pose of sitting down on chair by pushing his / her butt back as if he/she is trying to sit down. For beginners they can try with chair.

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Abdominal crunches

This is another great exercise to lose weight. Crunches help to strengthen the abdominal muscles. For men it is beneficial to build six pack abs. Belly fat is reduced by burning more calories with the help of this exercise. The process goes in this way: one need to lie down on floor putting his/ her arms behind the head. The feet should touch the ground flat by folding the knees. Now push the lower back downwards. It’s easier to say try to pull yourself towards the knees pressurizing on the abdomen. This will put stress on the abdomen muscles. And never arch your back muscles.

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7 Exercises to Lose Weight 1, Exercises to Lose Weight


Lunges are great if you want to lose weight. It improves the leg muscles and help to improve balance. Adding dumbbells while performing lunges proves to be more effective. The process goes in this way: Stretch the knees forward in 90 degree angle. Spine should be in upright position and the knees of the trailing leg must be closer to the floor and toes should balance the body weight. Form this position and go back to normal position and repeat it with another leg in the similar way.

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Bent over row

This exercise is effective for back and biceps. This exercise is performed in standing pose. The process goes in this way: Stand with feet and shoulder wide apart. Now you need to bent on your knees and bend forward at the hips. Try to handle some weight and pull it towards your body bending the elbows.

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Interval Training

Another very effective exercise for weight loss. Interval training can be followed out with group of exercises which is good and perfect for your body. Here you must start with a warm up then can do each exercise for few minutes. And it is better to follow the speed and number of times that is beginning with a slow speed and then increase the speed as per your capacity.

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Above mentioned these seven exercises will surely help you reduce high calories and will improve your muscle strength and capacity. There are also many other exercises which can be helpful for you. Remember to follow the proper way of exercise. It is always better to watch somebody properly before performing the exercise so go for a training session before you do these exercises.

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