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10 Types of Wardrobe Hangers and Their Uses – Its sale everywhere and all of us want to pick the best pieces at the most affordable prices, mostly clothes. And here lies the importance of Wardrobe Hangers. In this post, I am going to talk about 10 Types of Wardrobe Hangers and Their Uses. I was analyzing of late that Indians are the most blessed ones, we own traditional clothes and western. For both these outfits we need a huge range of accessories that would complement the outfit and hence our wardrobes and dressers are huge. The one most important accessory or need for every wardrobe is hanger. I knew a lot of people who underestimate its importance. Wardrobe hangers come in various size, shapes, colors and materials. Each one has a definite purpose.
10 Types of Wardrobe Hangers and Their Uses, Wardrobe Hangers

10 Types of Wardrobe Hangers and Their Uses

Using the right kind of wardrobe hanger for the each kind of apparel can not only help in organizing and storing the shape of the apparel better but also increase the longevity of the apparel. Also it’s so much of a convenience in choosing the desired outfit from a pile of neatly hung clothes which are crease-free and ready to wear instead of the ones pulled out of a pile of folded clothes with loads of creases. Also wardrobe hangers save so much of our time spent on ironing apparels especially during the last minute. I am sure  most of you would agree to this. So, lets now check out 10 Types of Wardrobe Hangers and Their Uses.

Wardrobe Hangers #1 – Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers, Wardrobe Hangers

These hangers have a broad shoulder flares that are apt to hang blazers or coats.  Since the blazers or coats are heavy these type of wardrobe hangers work best in keeping them in place and provide a good support to them by retaining their shape. These are alternatively available in plastics material too with a metal hook on the top. The wooden hangers give a feel of richness and look very classy. These wardrobe hangers generally available in brown colors while the imitation one in plastic can be in black or brown colors.

Alternatively, all our heavy designer Indian suits and Kurtis have to be hung on these kind of Wardrobe Hangers as the heavy embroidery would fit perfectly on these. The cholis with heavy embroidery on the arms and back are heavy in weight and should be hung on these wooden hangers. Also these are generally dry cleaned and folding them in a pile of clothes can spoil the embroidery and cause creases.

Wardrobe Hangers #2 – Clipped Skirt Hangers

Clipped Skirt Hangers, Wardrobe Hangers

Clipped hangers have a wooden or metal straight panel over which there are two clips attached on each side.  The clips hold the base of the cloth hung intact and are apt for skirts. Skirts are often tricky to be hung on a normal hanger. Normally we fold it into half and put it on a normal hanger or on the shelf. This often leads to creases and folds at the center and would need ironing before wearing. More effort would be required for skirts made of Lenin or cotton material.

These type of wardrobe hangers work best in keeping the skirt free of creases and in proper shape. Alternatively they work best for shorts too. Once can easily arrange the shorts and skirts based on their lengths for better organization.
These wardrobe hangers are available in metal or brown color if made of wood.

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Wardrobe Hangers #3 – Open Ended hangers

open ended hangers, Wardrobe Hangers

These type of wardrobe hangers are open from one end and are used for hanging pants. These generally are made of metal and they have glossy or ribbed plastic coating that keeps the pants in place without falling. The hangers are generally heavy and are very supportive to keep the pants in place and also retain the shape of the hanger itself.  Pants if hung on a plastic hanger can make the hanger sag and all the clothes hung on it will take the shape of the sagged hanger.

Open ended hangers can be single or stocked. The stocked ones can hold up to 5 pants however when using these one needs precision and patience to pull out the pant without creasing the others. These kind of wardrobe hangers provide the ease of usage that one does not even have to take out the hanger to take off the cloth.

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Wardrobe Hangers #4 – Felt/ Velvet hangers

Felt/Velvet hangers, Wardrobe Hangers

The Felt or velvet hangers are thinner in thickness but have a sturdy interiors. These wardrobe hangers are made of metal and are covered with a soft Felt or velvet material. The Felt or the Velvet material provides friction to the hung apparel and prevent it from falling. They are quite sturdy and are useful to hang tops/dresses which are a little heavy and need to be hold in place especially the ones which have wide and defined shoulders. They can also be used to hold light cardigans. However it is advisable to always keep the cardigans and sweaters folded instead of hanging but for the times when one needs to hang these ones should be used.

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As these wardrobe hangers are sturdy sometimes they can also be used to hang pants and other bottom wear which keep falling when hung on a normal hanger. These are generally available in black colors.

Wardrobe Hangers #5 – Plastic Hangers

plastic hangers, Wardrobe Hangers

These wardrobe hangers are made of tubular plastic material and sometimes have small hooks on the top or bottom. Sometimes they also come with cut outs at the ends. These hangers come in a variety of color and size options. These work best for hanging light weight tops and shirts as the weight of the apparel does not cause any sagging and keeps the shape of the apparel intact too.

The small hooks or cut outs in these wardrobe hangers hold the hanger loops in the tops and prevent them from falling. However one needs to be smart in choosing the width of hanger based on the apparel or top hung on it to retain a good shape. Wardrobe hangers made of plastic are most easily available in various stores and are even available for kid’s size apparels.

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Wardrobe Hangers #6 – Padded hangers

Padded Hangers, Wardrobe Hangers

Padded hangers have a straight rod usually covered with a silk foam with a hook on the top. We would have generally seen these kind of wardrobe hangers come along with kids outfits. However padded hangers work best for the delicate materials like silk, chiffon and light Georgette tops/dresses with narrow shoulders that needs to be handled with care. Practically these wardrobe hangers need more space in the wardrobe and may not be user friendly that way.

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Wardrobe Hangers #7 – Wire/Metal Hangers

Wire/Metal hangers, Wardrobe Hangers

These type of wardrobe hangers are often found in many closets due to their sturdiness and more often than not they work to keep many of the above defined clothes. These hangers come in aluminum or steel materials. Sometimes the soft aluminum bends if a heavy apparel is hung on it. Hence one needs to be careful in checking the sturdiness of the hanger before purchase and buy based on the need.  These type of soft aluminum hangers can also be used to hang bangles, kadas or hairbands as the hook opens up quite easily and helps in organizing. Alternatively if there are more than 5 to 6 head caps they too can be hung on these in a neat manner.

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The sturdy metallic hangers work best for heavy pants, tops and shirts especially if they have wide shoulders. For all other types of clothes especially cardigans and sweaters these kind of wardrobe hangers should be avoided too, as they tend to do more harm than good.

Wardrobe Hangers #8 – Ribbed hangers

Ribbed hangers, Wardrobe Hangers

These kind of wardrobe hangers can be plastic, velvet or wooden and generally have only the shoulder part with a rubber sleeve or ribbed plastic sleeve towards the ends. These hangers work excellent for spaghetti tops or tops with small shoulders in place. These type of hangers can also be used for light tops to keep them from falling. The rubber sleeves are generally cause friction and keeps the tops in place. These wardrobe hangers are generally flat and have very less slant to ensure better hold. These hangers are however not commonly found in generally stores and are available in only specialty stores which stock house hold stuff.

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Wardrobe Hangers #9 – Tie hangers

tie hangers, Wardrobe Hangers

These wardrobe hangers come in different styles and are generally designed to hold lot of ties in a single hanger. However these work excellent for hanging accessories like long chains and scarfs for women. These kind of hangers are again available in specialty stores.

Wardrobe Hangers #10 – Belt hangers

Belt Hangers, Wardrobe Hangers

Belt hangers have more than 6 hooks or loops attached to it to hang the multiple belts in a single place. It helps keep all the belts in a single location. These wardrobe hangers can also be used to hang long chains or necklaces.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post on 10 Types of Wardrobe Hangers and Their Uses and would put them to use to organize your closet and increase the life of your apparels that you love.

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