Winter Hair Care Essentials You Should Grab

Winter Hair Care Essentials You Should Grab – Come winters and dry, brittle and straw-like hair make an appearance. So winter hair care is extremely important. With continuously dropping moisture levels in the environment, winters do not bode well for one’s skin, body and hair. The battle to grab the right products turns into Penelope’s web with one running from pillar to post in search of those Holy Grail products that would resuscitate us in the gelid weather. On that note, let me facilitate your job in finding the right products. The best part would be that the featured products are not only free from toxins, deleterious chemicals and cruelty-free but also shipped all over India. Check out Winter Hair Care Essentials You Should Grab below.
Winter Hair Care Essentials You Should Grab, Winter Hair Care Essentials

Winter Hair Care Essentials You Should Grab

Blue Nectar

Blue Nectar, Winter Hair Care Essentials

Beginning our list of Winter Hair Care Essentials You Should Grab with this one. An oil that is laden with nourishing herbs like Amla, Bhringaraj, Neel Patra, Mulethi, Malkangai, cocos nucifera, sesamum indicum, rosamarinus officinalis, lavandula stoechas and sunflower oil sans preservatives, artificial colors, flavors and excipients has to rank high and more so during perishing winters when the need to hydrate and nurture one’s locks rises by leaps and bounds. And that’s exactly what Blue Nectar’s Bhriganatadi Hair Repair & Treatment Oil does!

Packed aesthetically, it softens one’s tresses, imparts a prepossessing gloss and keeps frizz at bay. Ideal for use by those with normal, dry and extremely dry hair types in my opinion, its price tag may be high but if used sparingly over a period of time results are worth the patience and investment. The best part is that it doesn’t bear any foul smell that is usually concomitant with Ayurvedic hair oil. In fact, it has a pleasant fragrance thanks to the addition of rosemary as well as lavender.

Price of Blue Nectar Bhriganatadi Hair Repair & Treatment Oil : Rs.425/- for 100 ml

Availability : Amazon India, Facebook and

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Brown Boi

Brown Boi, Winter Hair Care Essentials

Merely a few months since inception and Mr. Sunil Gupta’s venture- Brown Boiis making all the right noises. Offering pure undiluted essential oils and cold-pressed carrier oils- all packed aesthetically in glass bottles, the jojoba oil from the brand is a truly worthy investment given its multitude of skin, hair and body benefits. Packed with Vitamin E, Omega 6 & 9 fatty acids, and a saturated fatty acid called Docosanol that battles viral infections, it is a repository of skin-loving nutrients.

Jojoba oil’s antimicrobial properties keep one’s scalp shielded from infections and soothe inflammation. Its high antioxidant content battles free radicals that induce damage to the scalp and hair. The anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial oil that it is, Brown Boi’s Jojoba oil is simply value for money especially at the price it is offered. Apt for use by both men and women, envisage glossy, manageable and frizz-free locks with it in hand. And all these make it one of the Winter Hair Care Essentials You Should Grab.

Price of Brown Boi Jojoba Oil : Rs.199/- for 10 ml, Rs.249/- for 15 ml, Rs.399/- for 30 ml

Availability : Amazon India, Facebook page and

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Kan’s Natural Beauty Care

Kan's Natural Beauty Care, Winter Hair Care Essentials

Standards are raised when Mrs. Kanchana S Babu is whipping chemical-free skin, hair and body treats. The master craftswoman holds an experience in Natural skin and hair care that runs into decades! Having been nudged by near and dear ones to let her creative energy out, she erected her toxin-free all-natural brand- Kan’s Natural Beauty care. With products priced reasonably and packed scrupulously to prevent any sort of damage, her range caters to not only women but also men of all age.

With respect to Winter Hair Care Essentials, what deserves a special mention is Kan’s Neem Hair Pack for the simple reason that it bears a hand in putting the kibosh on excessive, almost inexplicable dandruff conveniently. Loaded with other dried herbs, ground finely to facilitate mixing, when teamed with raw curd, it not only allays foul odor but also ensures that there is significant reduction in the pesky flakes, abhorrently called dandruff. Suitable for both men and women, like I said before, if you have landed at her brand, chances are you would end up doling out on her products initially and overtime, splurge on the same in an unfettered fashion.

Price of Kan’s Neem Hair Pack : Rs.210/- for 50 g

Availability : Facebook page

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Mahagro, Winter Hair Care Essentials

A pioneer in its field, MahaGro all the way from Hyderabad caters to the need of those conscious consumers who zero in on chemical-free beauty products (for hair, skin and body care), essential oils and farming paraphernalia. With respect to the first, while this young and promising brand has a lot to offer say- Methi powder, Aloe vera powder, Tulsi powder, Lemon peel powder, orange peel powder, Herbal Bath powder, herbal hair wash powder, herbal face packs and what not, what caught my eye was its Neem Powder for the simple reason that it allows one to add a tbsp. of the same to their homemade hair packs.

You have all the legroom to add/deduct ingredients in a DIY and with just a tbsp. of Neem powder added to one’s hair pack, dandruff and scalp itchiness are given a wide berth.

Priced well enough to fit everyone’s budget, it makes for a fruitful purchase by those who are riled by similar hair problems. So, definitely one of the Winter Hair Care Essentials You Should Grab.

Price of MahaGro Neem Powder : Rs.179/- for 200 g

Availability : Amazon India & Facebook page

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Aroma Essentials

Aroma Essentials, Winter Hair Care Essentials

Our list of Winter Hair Care Essentials You Should Grab is incomplete without Aroma Essentials. This brand hardly disappoints- that is the underlying thought as one comes across Aroma Essentials. The Natural, artificial fragrance and toxin-free brand from Namma Bengaluru helmed by the beauty aficionado- Mrs. Madhurima Ramakrishna. With an exciting and equally magnetic range of products, hair care products in particular encapsulating hair cleansers, gels, hair masks/masques and oils, what seems particularly beneficial for gelid winters is the Pro-V Gel from this eclectic brand.

For the simple reason that it is capable of strengthening brittle and frangible roots, its chemical-free formulation and sweet aroma come as added perks. An indulgent and indispensable hair care product for everyone the year round, more so during winters when the scalp gets drier than usual. If inexplicable hair breakage comes your way with might and main, you know now whom to turn to!

Price of Aroma Essentials Pro-V Gel : Rs.350/-

Availability : Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Madhurima (7760 988272)

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So friends, these were some of the Winter Hair Care Essentials You Should Grab. Hope you liked it 🙂

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