Top Essential Oils’ Brands in India

Top Essential Oils’ Brands in India – A staple in DIY preparations, a ne plus ultra ingredient in aromatherapy and a momentous part of natural personal care, essential oils cannot and should not be turned a blind eye to. Markets are inundated with essential oils, but most of them are unadulterated cheap replicas of what the real one is supposed to be. Concentrated, extracted using the most sophisticated extraction processes and packed assiduously, the following brands in the Indian market are light years ahead of some known ones when it comes to crafting pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Go through them and add the ones in your cart for they make for sterling DIY ingredients! Check out my post Top Essential Oils’ Brands in India.
Top Essential Oils’ Brands in India, Essential Oils

Top Essential Oils’ Brands in India


Moksha Lifestyle, Essential Oils

Moksha Lifestyle offers the most diverse range of oils be it- carrier, fragrance or essential oils in India. Surf their site. You will be chuffed and awestruck on seeing how vast their range is. Founded in 2005 in Linz, Austria and headquartered in New Delhi, India to support worldwide production and distribution of the products. Moksha Lifestyle Products is a leading wholesale supplier of 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. All of their essential oils are ethically produced and are free from pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Certified organic as per India’s standards and USDA (US Department of Agriculture), they have a wide variety of pack sizes to meet all of your specific needs, large or small. The three essential oils that had me smitten were-

Lavender Essential Oil – Extracted via the method of steam distillation, Moksha’s Lavender Essential Oil’s aroma is heavenly. Concentrated and packed to perfection, having used it in my DIY hair mask, it counteracts the foul smell of my mask wondrously. Known to palliate nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect the scalp and skin, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems, if you are eyeing lavender essential oil, look no further than Moksha Lifestyle.

Price of Moksha Lavender Essential Oil : Rs.197/- for 30 ml

Patchouli Essential Oil – Known to treat skin and hair problems, such as dermatitis, eczema, acne, dry chapped skin, dandruff, and oily scalp, patchouli essential oil possesses wound healing and scar reducing properties. With a very subtle aroma, just 1-2 drops of Moksha’s Patchouli Essential oil dashed onto my DIY face pack that consists of oats and curd transforms it into a nourishing skin care indulgence. Like the lavender variant, this one too has been extracted via the steam distillation method.

Price of Moksha Patchouli Essential Oil : Rs.784/- for 30 ml

YlangYlang Essential Oil – Anti-depressant, Aphrodisiac and anti-septic, YlangYlang Essential oil is a must-have to de-stress yourself. Eliciting a calming, soothing, tranquil and serene aura, it is apt for not only DIY preparations but also while meditating. The quality is top-notch and price is certainly reasonable. If you miss out on their oils, you have done grave injustice to your skin, hair, body and ‘unwinding’ sessions.

Price of Moksha YlangYlang Essential Oil : Rs.183/- for 30 ml

Availability : Facebook and Amazon India

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Nirvana Aromatherapy, Essential Oils

Going ahead with furnishing the basic definition of as well as the differences between essential oils and aroma oils, Nirvana Aromatherapy gets brownie points for dispelling doubts anyone would have about the same. From their wide array of essential oils for retail, what caught my eye was the Peppermint Essential Oil. Concentrated as well as packed well, it is a wondrous addition to Face packs. It has the ability to instantaneously cool, mollify as well as calm your skin. Particularly useful during searing summers, its aroma is deep and makes for an advantageous addition to Bath Water.

Price of Nirvana Aromatherapy Peppermint Essential Oil : Rs.200/- for 5 ml

Availability : Amazon India

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MahaGro, Essential Oils

Not just a chemical-free skin, hair and body care brands based out of the bustling and bewitching Hyderabad but also a leading producer of pure essential oils, MahaGro is raring to go. What sets its Essential Oils apart is the superior cultivation of ingredients that are the best in the world. Combined with superior distillation and bottling care process, they guarantee that their oils are aromatically superior and more effective than any other oils.

Soon to launch chemical-free shampoos and soaps, the price of their products does not burn a hole in one’s pockets. The brand offers a variety of essential oils including- geranium, basil, tea tree, bergamot, ginger, neroli, frankincense, turmeric. Among these, what caught my eye was MahaGro’s Geranium Essential Oil. A rejuvenating aromatic oil, it works wonders for DIY face packs. Having used a handful of Geranium essential oils from other brands, I am certain that this one by MahaGro is by far the best. Concentrated and packed in a glass bottle, I use it often in my hair packs (only a few drops). And it works wonders in keeping foul odor at bay.

Price of MahaGro Geranium Essential Oil : Rs.325/- for 10 ml

Availability : Amazon India

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Bonsoul, Essential Oils

Ensuring that you do not have to rob a bank to grab as many essential oils as you wish, Bonsoul is here on our list. Retailing pure therapeutic grade essential oils pan India, their essential oils are not just efficacious but also easy on pocket. The one that won me over was the Tea Tree Essential Oil. Touted to be a Holy Grail fix for acne as well as dandruff, it makes for a rejuvenating bathing essential as a few drops are dashed in a tub of warm water. Indulge in its virtues as all the stress and tiredness dissipates.

Price of Bonsoul Tea Tree Essential Oil : Rs.275/- for 10 ml

Availability : Amazon India

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So, these were some of the Top Essential Oils’ Brands in India. Hope you liked my post 🙂

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