Top All Natural Face Packs in India

Top All Natural Face Packs in India – Be it a pimple or a lacklustre mien, a blemish or sagging skin, there is a face pack for everything, right? And while there are hordes of immaculately and aesthetically packed masks in the market whose fragrance lulls you into a utopian world, there are truckloads of chemicals behind those seemingly innocuous masks. Given that the chemical-laden ones do more harm than good while lulling you into complacency since they throw quick results, going all natural seems a viable option. On that note, check out these Top All Natural Face Packs in India that will be your savior not just in the short run but also in the long run all thanks to their nourishing composition. So. check out my list of Top All Natural Face Packs in India below.
Top All Natural Face Packs in India, All Natural Face Packs

Top All Natural Face Packs in India


Ishaan Enterprises Rayaan Herbals, All Natural Face Packs

Starting my Top All Natural Face Packs in India list with Rayaan Herbals. Unravelling the beauty secrets of nature, Rayaan Herbals which comes under Ishaan Enterprises takes pride in crafting herbal products that are safe, natural and apt for use by anyone and everyone. The classic definition of natural skin care underscores the use of botanically sourced ingredients currently existing in or formed by nature, without the use of synthetic chemicals, and manufactured in such a way that the integrity of ingredients used is preserved. And that is precisely what Rayaan Herbals is a template of!

Steering clear off all the nasties that abound our personal care products, their hair, skin and body packs are entirely powdered which allays the need for addition of preservatives to prolong their shelf life. Based out of Hyderabad and incepted in 2013, their products are shipped pan-India. The brainchild of Reshma Thakur, the Skin Glow Pack from its eclectic range, when blended with neem decoction (as I use it) works wonders to pare down spots and marks (not the deep-rooted/extremely old ones). Using it with rose water is efficacious in gingering your skin up, more so when sweltering summers are at their peak. The aroma is subtle and nowhere bothersome.

Price of Rayaan Herbals Skin Glow Pack : Rs.400/- for 100 g

Availability : Amazon India, Facebook and email [email protected]

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Tarika Ayurlabs, All Natural Face Packs

Number 2 on my Top All Natural Face Packs in India list is this one. Call it sheer dedication with which they concoct skin care treats or a yen for coming up with only quality products but Tarika Ayurlabs cannot be turned a blind eye to when it comes to pampering oneself with chemical, artificial fragrance, petrolatum and filler-free products. With years of research that goes behind the preparation of their products, their range is a treat to go through.

No matter how inherently difficult cherry-picking on one face pack of theirs would be, I have to give it to their Ayurvedic Daily Facial Face Pack in Saffron. The 100% herbal formulation requires you to soak a pea-sized amount of the same in warm milk and apply once the warmth of the milk has pared down. By the time the entire tub finishes, unless you have been irregular in application, you will notice a marked improvement in your skin’s fettle.

Price of Tarika Ayurlabs Ayurvedic Daily Facial Face Pack in Saffron : Rs.550/- for 50 g

Availability : Amazon India, Facebook and

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Quinta Essentia Organics, All Natural Face Packs

First things first. Quinta Essentia Organics, QEO for short awakens the innate sybarite in you! Ingenuity-personified, the ladies behind QEO- Arti and Atika come up with such pioneering products that you’d be left wondering if splurging on that high-end cosmetic from that ridiculously high-priced store under the influence of the wily spiels of the salesgirl was even worth it! Cup-cake soaps that rouse the foodie in you once and satiate your skin’s hunger the next moment, hair oils that infuse nature’s bounties in your locks and lip balms that heal the driest of lips, their range compels you to keep adding more to your shopping cart.

Coming to their all natural face packs, it is the Olive Clay Soap that has me smitten. Wondering how a ‘soap’ comes under the same category as a ‘mask’? Like I said, QEO’s mavericks came up with a mask that’s a substitute for a soap. Meant to be massaged and applied on damp skin for 15 minutes and dry skin for 5, by the time you wash it, it has woven its magic (read: your skin just woke up from its slumber).

Price of Quinta Essentia Organics Olive Clay Soap : Rs.1,200/- for 70 g

Availability : Amazon India and Facebook

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Vedantika Herbals, All Natural Face Packs

Turning your back on those skin woes that have been riling you for long is as grave as turning a blind eye to the tempting products of Vedantika Herbals. Crafting powdered face and body masks/ubtans that do need require the addition of chemicals or preservatives to elongate their shelf lives, dedicated usage will leave you chuffed with the brand.

Strictly against testing their products on animals, your conscience won’t prick you for picking up products from their line. Coming to all natural face packs, the product that caught my fancy was the Instant Glow Pack. It is a rare blend of exotic herbs which when applied regularly works wonders in augmenting one’s skin’s radiance. Apt for use by all skin types, its herbal formulation is another feather in its cap. A powdered mask that lets you add base ingredients as per your choice, its bounties enrapture your skin. Grab a bottle now.

Price of Vedantika Herbals Instant Glow Pack : Rs.170/- for 70 g

Availability : Amazon India and Facebook

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Nuskaa, All Natural Face Packs

Adding more products to its catalogue with time as the existing ones were doffed at a hat at in adulation by her customers, Divyani Garg’s entrepreneurial abilities are best demonstrated by her enchanting line of products, clubbed under the brand- Nuskaa. It was initiated in 2014. Nuskaa’s line of products is free from any chemical, preservative, filler, petrochemicals, and even artificial fragrances.

From its all natural face packs, the product that caught my fancy was Nuskaa’s Glow Pack. As its name suggests, within a couple of uses, it manages to elicit a delightful, noticeable and winsome glow. Apt for use by all skin types, it is gentle and efficacious at the same time. Use it with whichever base ingredient you wish to for its benefits augment manifold with the choice of base ingredient. I, for instance team it up with curd which smoothes out my skin and also adds a glow. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Price of Nuskaa’s Glow Pack : Rs.250/- for 75 g

Availability : Facebook

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Raw Rituals, All Natural Face Packs

Last but not the least on my Top All Natural Face Packs in India list is this one. A few years old but with a loyal customer base that just cannot get enough of its diverse range of skin, bath and hair care goodies. Raw Rituals is spearheaded by the perky Lovina Aggarwal. With a cruelty and nasty-free tag under its belt, their range spans body butters, hair oils, massage oils, lip butters, face packs, face scrubs, face serums and cold-processed soaps. Shipping PAN India, a makeshift spa-of-sorts at home is what you can pamper yourselves with if you zero in on Raw Rituals’ Oriental Therapy Face Scrub and also Traditional Healing Face Pack.

Sloughing away all the dirt and grime trapped in the innermost pores of your skin without sucking its moisture, the scrub leaves you with a squeaky clean mien. Post this, application of their healing face pack will add the much sought-after glow that one yearns for. Powdered masks with zero chemicals, preservatives as well as artificial fragrance added, these gems from Raw Rituals will compel you to keep coming back to them.

Price of Raw Rituals Oriental Therapy Face Scrub : Rs.400/- for 75 g

Price of Raw Rituals Traditional Healing Face Pack : Rs.300/- for 50 g

Availability : Amazon India, Facebook and Instagram

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So, these were some of the Top All Natural Face Packs in India. Hope you found it helpful 🙂

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