Top 6 Superfoods For Summer

Top 6 Superfoods For Summer – Superfoods are nothing but nutrient-rich foods that are important for our health and well being. Summer is almost here. It brings lovely sunny, warm days as well as some health issues along with it like dehydration, digestive problems, heat stroke etc. So its important to check what you are putting on your plate. In this post, we will talk about few superfoods for summer that will keep you healthy. One of the best things about summer is that it comes with abundance of fresh, juicy fruits and vegetables. These summer superfoods helps to keep our body cool and nourish it as well. Summer is the time to eat cooling foods which are high in water content. They help us stay cool, hydrated and beautiful even in high temperature and humidity. Check out Top 6 Superfoods For Summer below.
Top 6 Superfoods For Summer, summer superfoods

Top 6 Superfoods For Summer


This is a superfood for summer, but we often prefer aerated drinks over it. Homemade buttermilk is a great way to combat dehydration and fatigue which is very common in summer. Buttermilk is a rich source of electrolytes and of course plenty of water that help us to feel ‘recharged’ once again. What’s more, drinking a glass of buttermilk after lunch or dinner helps in digestion, especially if you have rich and spicy foods. Regular consumption of buttermilk cut down sweating, cramps, fatigue, nausea and gives healthy skin.


About 92% of watermelon is water and that’s why, it is one of the best superfood for summer. Watermelon helps to stay hydrated and refreshed. Moreover, watermelon is a great source of anti-oxidants including vitamin A, C and lycopene which help to prevent the risk of many diseases. So add this tasty and fresh fruit to your daily diet in summer.

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Top Superfoods For Summer, summer superfoods


A medium sized tomato is approx. 95% water and that’s why they are must in summer to keep our body hydrated. Tomatoes are rich source of potassium, folate, dietary fiber, manganese, magnesium, niacin, and vitamins B6, C, A, K and E. Along with that, tomatoes contain lycopene, which has powerful anti oxidant properties that help to protect our skin from harmful UV rays of sun.

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The list of superfoods for summer is incomplete without corn. Lutein and zeaxanthin – these two powerful antioxidants are found in corn which protect our skin from harmful UV rays of sun. Moreover, these two components also help in protecting our vision. Corn contains thiamin and folate which provide energy to the body and vitamin B present in corn helps to lower cholesterol level.

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Coconut Water

Due to sweating, our body tends to lose significant amount of water in summer. And coconut water is the best way to replenish the hydration level inside our body. Coconut water is pure, natural and refreshing. It contains sugar, electrolytes and minerals which are great for our body. Coconut water helps to restore electrolytes composition in our body fluids. What’s more, coconut water is low in calorie, it helps to lose weight and help us feeling full.

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List of Top 6 Superfoods For Summer, summer superfoods


Its tough to say no to delicious mangoes in summer! Be it raw or ripe, its tough to resist mangoes in hot summer days! Mangoes give us energy and help us stay cool and hydrated. Also the vitamins present in mangoes are important to stay healthy in summer.

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Adding these Top 6 Superfoods For Summer to your daily diet will ensure that you enjoy a great summer without any health related issue 🙂 Hope you liked the post, thanks for reading 🙂

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