Stylish Choker from ’90s Back with A Bang

Stylish Choker from ’90s Back with A Bang – We all love to keep ourselves updated with the latest fashion trend and more so when festive season is just around the corner. And jewelry is a very important part of today’s fashion. Fashion world has its own boomerang style. Here trends come and go and then again return in a new avatar, probably with a subtle update. Choker was very much on trend in the 1990s, but that stylish accessory is once again ruling the fashion world these days! And that too without changing even one bit!! From our Bollywood beauties to the girl who lives next door – everyone is flaunting choker these days. Choker is very delicate yet it adds a edgy touch to our look. Stylish Choker from ’90s Back with A Bang and in this post, we will talk about different styles of choker.
Stylish Choker from '90s Back with A Bang, choker

Stylish Choker from ’90s Back with A Bang

Plain Choker

Plain Choker, Choker

A plain black choker can look sexy if you know how to wear it. Pair black choker with black or white off shoulder dress to let it shine. A choker is like a statement piece. So you can also wear a thin, tattoo choker with a simple, laid back outfit to make it more interesting.

Layered Choker

Layered Choker, Choker

This is one of my personal favorites. Combine one or more long, beaded necklace with your thin choker. It looks especially great when worn with simple top. Alternatively you can pair your layered choker with an outfit with deep v neckline for a sexier look.

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Traditional Chokers

Traditional Chokers, Chokers

Traditional chokers are also in trend. They look good with both traditional and ethnic wear.

Wrap Choker

Wrap Choker, Choker

Wrap chokers look stylish when paired with something simple. Wear a wrap choker with longer end with something as simple as a plain white top.

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Thicker Chokers

Thicker Choker, Choker

Thin chokers are really popular, but thicker chokers look cool as well. Wear a thick, bold choker like this with an off-shoulder top and just wow everyone!

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Choker with a Charm

Choker with a Charm, Choker

Get a choker with a cute little charm like this tiny moon for something extra. It adds a cuteness to the overall look. You can also add a large charm to your choker to make it a statement piece.

Metallic Choker

Metallic Choker, choker

Instead of wearing black like everyone else, why not go for a metallic choker which sits a little lower? Pair it with an off shoulder dress for a simply ‘wow’ look!

Gone are the days of statement neck piece, say hello to this skinny bit of leather or fabric, commonly known as choker. Hope you enjoyed this article. How do you wear chokers? Do share with us in the comment section below.

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