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Stop Smoking Plan – Everybody knows the very common saying that “smoking is injurious to health”, but knowing this, people still get addicted to smoking both physically and psychologically. Smoking hampers and damages your lungs. The excess amount of nicotine, which helps to give you a carefree, happy feeling for a certain period of time leads you to smoke. Trying to get rid of smoking habit may lead to cravings and can lead to some physical symptoms. Getting rid of smoking can be done in a better way, if you try to commit smoking, then try to incorporate a “stop smoking plan”, accordingly which will help you to get rid of smoking much easily and faster.
Stop Smoking Plan, Smoking

How to chalk out Stop Smoking Plan

Prepare yourself mentally for the decision, which you took and try to stand by it.

Decide a date

Decide a date from when you have decided to stop smoking. Do not put it for any other day. Start as soon as possible. Prepare yourself mentally for it. Try to choose a day within a week or two, so that you can get time to prepare yourself. If required write the date, somewhere, so that it can strike your mind regularly.

Inform your near and dear ones

Once you decide, let know your loved ones and family about that. More you will get support from your dear ones, more it will be easier for you to do it and stand abide by your decision.

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Stay away from smoking reminders

Do not keep any such articles such as a cigarette case, match stick, lighter, ashtrays which can remind you of smoking. All things should be place nowhere in office, home, car so that you may not get any chance to have it, if you crave.

Find out your smoking triggers

Many situations, incidents, activities may be associated with your smoking. Try to find out those and jot it down, so that every time you come across such situation, your conscious mind must stop you from smoking.

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Know the reason, why you want to quit smoking

Always remember why you want to quit smoking. Get it in your mind, so that you can remember this always and can act as a motivation for you.

Decide the strategies for coping

Coping strategies, must be planned out well while, getting rid of smoking. Cravings are natural, but it will fade with time, when your body realizes that it will no longer get nicotine. You can also take the assistance of a doctor, to get some medicine or nicotine supplements.

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Reward yourself

This is really very necessary, ones you get successful in the stop smoking plan, do not forget to reward yourself. Quitting smoking is hard, so the ones you are successful, you need to acknowledge that as it was all due to the mental strength you have.

Increase your knowledge

Go though various articles, know how smoking damages and harms your health. Educate yourself with all negative issues that arises due to smoking. Motivate yourself, by knowing about various icons, how they have left smoking, which will obviously help you to get rid of smoking.

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