Reasons to Teeth Turning Yellow

Reasons to Teeth Turning Yellow – Yellow colored teeth is no way adorable and people feel ashamed of this. But this is a very common problem that teeth turning yellow. Celebrities scale out their teeth and keep their teeth well maintained by doctor, so that their smile must be the most adorable one, but why common people neglect this, just because they are not aware of the reason, why this happens.  Let’s check the Reasons to Teeth Turning Yellow.
Reasons to Teeth Turning Yellow, dental care

Reasons to Teeth Turning Yellow

Low Dental Hygiene

This is one of the common issue, poor dental hygiene. After having food, people do not do adequate brushing, which helps to get stain on teeth. Regular brushing after every meal is required. Especially coffee, tea are stain producing substance. Remember to at least wash out your mouth after tea and coffee.

Chewing tobacco

Tobacco is bad for your teeth and gum health. It put stains on your teeth and along with it also causes harmful disease to your teeth.

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Genetic issue

Genetically, some people has less bright teeth than others. This is just due to family history.

Food and beverages

Teeth getting yellow also depends on various foods stains and due to this your teeth gets an enamel coating which leads you to severe issues. Acidic foods also causes the enamel to get hard. Tannin in tea and coffee helps to get stains in teeth. Wine also helps to get stain on tooth. Fruits and vegetables with dark color also leads to this issue.

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Growing Age

With growing age, your teeth can get yellowish as the enamel worn away. Thus the natural yellow color of the teeth is displayed.

Various medicine side effects

Various medicine containing tetracycline, doxycycline especially the antibiotics, leads to discolor of teeth. Mouth washes containing cetylpyridinium and chlorhexidine leads to discolor of teeth. Various other drugs, medicine for blood pressure may lead to discolor of teeth.

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Due to trauma if you get certain injury in teeth or gums, there can be blood clot or bleeding in the innermost chamber of tooth, which may lead to staining and discoloration of tooth. It may also hamper the enamel formation in the tooth and may lead to permanent discoloration of tooth.

Tooth filling

Dentist use amalgam to fill the tooth cavities, which with time get deposited with enamel and thus cast a dark color or spot on the tooth.

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Excess fluoride

Excess fluoride via toothpaste or other fluoride supplements may also lead to yellow colored tooth. Excess fluoride leads to yellow stain on tooth.

Incorporate the habit of regular brushing after heavy meals. Try to have a glass of water to remove stains also try to get more saliva in your mouth as this prevents erosion.

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