Moha Nail Care Cream Review

Moha Nail Care Cream Review – I never used any nail cream before, simply because I never felt the need to use any. I used to think that a good hand cream can double up as a nail cream. And I was so wrong! I didn’t realize the importance of a separate nail cream until I noticed dry nails with white patches on them few months ago. I use hand cream throughout the year without fail. Due to my hectic schedule, I cannot go for manicure regularly, but I do take care of my nails and hands and those white patches got me worried. I knew that was not any fungal infection. But how to get rid of them? And then a friend suggested me to use a nail cream. After a little search, I came across this Moha Nail Care Cream on Amazon.
Moha Nail Care Cream Review, Moha Nail Care Cream, Moha, Nail Cream

Moha Nail Care Cream Review

Moha Nail Care Cream is enriched with the natural goodness of almond oil and flaxseed oil. It promises to soften cuticles, reduce brittleness and promote healthy nails. Almond oil softens extremely chapped nails and flaxseed oil strengthens brittle nail, prevent them from cracking and provide nourishment. I love Moha products. I have used their face wash, anti dandruff oil, soap and each of them fared really well for me. So when I saw Moha Nail Care Cream online at a very affordable price, I didn’t think twice before placing my order. After using it daily for little more than a month, now I am ready to review it. So check out my Moha Nail Care Cream Review below.

Moha Nail Care Cream, Moha, Nail Cream

Moha Nail Care Cream packaging, Moha Nail Care Cream, Moha, Nail Cream

Price of Moha Nail Care Cream :

Rs.148/- for 100 gm

Direction for use and Moha Nail Care Cream Ingredients :

Moha Nail Care Cream direction for use and ingredients, Moha Nail Care Cream, Moha, Nail Cream

Shelf life : 36 Months

Color : Off White

Smell : Herbal Smell

Moha Nail Care Cream opening, Moha Nail Care Cream, Moha, Nail Cream

What Moha Nail Care Cream claims

Moha Nail Care Cream claims, Moha Nail Care Cream, Moha, Nail Cream

Moha Nail Care Cream swatch, Moha Nail Care Cream, Moha, Nail Cream

My experience with Moha Nail Care Cream

Moha Nail Care Cream comes in a light yellow colored plastic tube. The tube has got lovely leafy patterns printed on it. Not only the tube looks beautiful, but it is also made of really good material. It has a plastic flip open cap that opens and shuts with an audible click. The tube has an outer cover. All the necessary information about the product is printed both on tube as well as the outer box. All in all, the packaging is sturdy, travel friendly and informative as well.

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The cream is off white in color and bears a lovely herbal smell. It is not at all overpowering, rather the pleasant smell fills in the room. Moha Nail Care Cream has thick, creamy consistency. A pea size amount of the cream is enough for one hand or a foot. All you have to do is to apply the cream on the nails and gently massage. Due to its thick consistency, the cream takes 2-3 minutes get absorbed completely. But it doesn’t bother me since I apply it before bedtime.

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I started using Moha Nail Care Cream little more than a month ago. Within a couple of days, the white patches on my nails started to fade and in a week, they were totally gone! Those patches were the result of excessive dry nails. This nail care cream hydrates the nails beautifully and reduce the brittleness. Over time, nails become strong and look shiny and healthy. It softens the cuticles as well. One of the good things about this nail care cream from Moha is that you can use it even if you have applied nail color because from my experience I can say that it still gives some kind of soothing feeling to the nails (a little less though).

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Moha Nail Care Cream comes at a very affordable price and requires little amount per use. A 100 gm tube will easily last you more than couple of months. I often use it as a hand cream (specially when I feel too lazy to apply separate hand cream) and it keeps my hands soft for more than a day. One can use it round the year, thanks to its rich moisturizing quality.

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Overall, I simply love this Moha Nail Care Cream. It softens the cuticles as well as provide much needed nourishment to dry, brittle nails. With consistent use, nails become strong. It adds a healthy glow to the nails as well. Thank you Moha for coming up with this amazing nail care cream!

Good about Moha Nail Care Cream

  • Beautiful Packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • Thick consistency
  • Moisturizing
  • Lovely smell
  • Very less amount needed for a hand or foot
  • Hydrates the nails
  • Repair brittle nails
  • Softens cuticles
  • Can double up as a nice hand cream
  • Shows result quickly
  • Good for winter as well
  • Very affordable

Bad about Moha Nail Care Cream

  • Nothing

Availability : online

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