K-Organics Herbal Henna Review

K-Organics Herbal Henna Review – Here I will be talking about K-Organics Herbal Henna. Dust, dirt, grime, grunge, pollutants, chemical-laden hair care products and what not our crowning glory battles them all, or more appositely bears the brunt of them all. While hair greying is a natural phenomenon and cannot be reversed, yet what is exasperating, unenviable and pestering is the fact that many a time, especially these days, a lot many people who should not have grey hair are developing them. That’s called premature hair greying and that is certainly what we need to and can countervail.
K-Organics Herbal Henna Review, K-Organics Herbal Henna, K-Organics, Herbal Henna

K-Organics Herbal Henna Review

Since home remedies tend to throw marvellous and indissoluble results with persistent usage overtime, ones first recourse should be opting for a herbal henna in such cases. In line with that thought, I zeroed in on K-Organics Herbal Henna. Let me clarify something beforehand- I do not have grey hair at all, however, a cousin of mine is developing them. It is for her that I grabbed a pack of this and the following review is an excerpt of her (aka my guinea pigs) experience 😛 Sans further ado, let us begin with K-organics Herbal Henna Review now.

K-Organics Herbal Henna, K-Organics, Herbal Henna,

Price of K-Organics Herbal Henna :

Rs.80/- for 100 g

Directions for use : Scoop out 3-4 tablespoons of the powder, mix with adequate water and apply on your hair.

K-Organics Herbal Henna Ingredients :

Pure henna powder

K-Organics Herbal Henna look, K-Organics Herbal Henna, K-Organics, Herbal Henna

Shelf life : 2 Years

Color : Green

Smell : Like that of a typical herbal powder

K-Organics Herbal Henna mix with water, K-Organics Herbal Henna, K-Organics, Herbal Henna

What K-Organics Herbal Henna claims


K-Organics Herbal Henna swatch, K-Organics Herbal Henna, K-Organics, Herbal Henna

My experience with K-Organics Herbal Henna

Packed in a simple plastic pack, there is nothing to go gaga over the packaging of K-Organics Herbal Henna Powder. It is too simplistic, almost fatuous a packaging. Once cut, you have to transfer the contents to a clean and dry container else it involves the chances of spillage or contamination. In terms of travel-friendliness, again carrying a plastic pack without any zipper pouch, is a Herculean task per se. To top it all, even the label does not mention information about the product explicitly. No mention of details like- dates of manufacturing, methods of usage, ingredients (explicitly), etc.. As a result, I find it underperforming on account of packaging.

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The power is fine sans any coarse granules which facilitates mixing with water. Once applied on ones hair, K-Organics Herbal Henna takes roughly 1-1.5 hours to get dried completely. Having washed it, one would be disenchanted for it doesn’t impart any shine or softness. As far as covering grey hair strands is concerned, one-time usage won’t fetch commendable or noteworthy results, however, my cousin used it religiously for a fortnight, thrice a week (this makes it six times in total) and still, was back to square one. Her grey hair strands were intact.

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She doesn’t use any harsh chemical-laden hair product either or gives hair styling using heating instruments a shot frequently, yet in spite of her diligent and dedicated application, this henna fetched no results. On the brighter side, K-Organics Herbal Henna did not suck moisture off her hair but then, it wasn’t sufficient to lift our spirits up as she (and I, somewhere ) had been quite meticulous in application. Keeping that in mind, the results were disheartening. On the whole, in spite of its organic and vegan tags, it didn’t perform well.

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In a nutshell, K-Organics Herbal Henna Powder is highly underwhelming. Moreover, it doesn’t cover grey hair strands let alone impart a red/brown/black hue to ones crowning glory. It entails difficulty in availability too and doesn’t serve any purpose when it comes to hair care. All in all, it is a damp squib.

Good about K-Organics Herbal Henna

  • Budget-friendly price
  • All-natural
  • Well-powdered without any coarse granules
  • Does not suck moisture out of hair
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free

Bad about K-Organics Herbal Henna

  • In terms of efficacy, it scores a big fat zero. It doesnt cover any strand of grey hair despite regular usage (thrice a week) for over a fortnight.
  • Ineffective and infructuous for those looking forward to a solution to hair greying
  • Availability is a bugbear. K-Organics, as of now sells only via Facebook
  • COD (Cash on delivery) is not provided
  • Packaging is too simplistic. It entails the hassle of transferring the content to a container else there may be spillage/contamination. Hence, flimsy packaging.
  • Does not impart a red hue to ones mane
  • Does not impart any shine or softness

Availability : Visit the official Facebook page of K-Organics

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