Hydration and Exercise

Hydration and Exercise – Hydration is very essential before you start your exercise. During exercise you body sweats and you may shed up to a liter of fluid from your body. And in order to stop your body from dehydration during exercise it is mandatory to have enough fluids during exercise. Fluid must be taken before, during and after performing exercise. Check out my post about Hydration and Exercise below.
Hydration and Exercise, Hydration, Exercise

Hydration and Exercise

What to drink

Fluid can simply be water that is H2O or you can substitute fluid with preferably electrolyte (form of salt), carbohydrate (form of sugar). At least 250 ml to 300 ml of fluid must be taken at every twenty minutes gap to avoid dehydration and fatigue during exercise. You can also have sports drink or coconut water which is very effective. Bananas and dates have high levels of the electrolyte potassium is a great option for refueling during an intense workout. But again drinking I much more better than munching fruit.


There are certain myths that electrolyte and carbohydrate fluids can be replaced by fruit juices and other drinks but it is not the effective one. Even people think that drinking between exercises may slow you down. But the truth is drinking protects your body and muscle from dehydration and fatigue.

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Dehydration in your body during exercise may increase cardiovascular strain and also may limit the ability of the body to transfer heat from contracting muscles to the skin surface for sudden dissipation to the environment. This way it may also cause heat injury at times. It also reduces blood volume and skin blood flow.

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Hydration and Exercise 1, Hydration, Exercise

Check if you are you hydrated or not

  • Check the color of the urine. If it is pale yellow then you are well hydrated.
  • Check your weight after exercise, for loosing every three pound you must have 16 ounce of water which will bring change of three percentages in your body weight.
  • If you are feeling fatigued after exercise that is just because your lean muscles which contain more than 75 percentage of fluid are getting dehydrated.

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  • Check if your mouth is getting dried up.
  • Pinch your skin and check for few seconds if the skin takes a while to return to its normal position, you may be dehydrated.
  • If you are feeling dizzy while exercise then stop immediately to hydrate yourself.

Remember dehydration may lead to serious cardiovascular issues, muscle cramps, fatigue, and weakness. So keep yourself properly hydrated but again remember excessive fluid intake may also lead to danger. Fluid intake must be limited to maximum one liter per hour.

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