How To Wear A Bubble Skirt

How To Wear A Bubble Skirt – Bubble skirt can make you look cute or totally unfashionable depending on the way you wear it. This type of skirt is gathered at the waist while voluminous towards the hem. It looks good on girls with hourglass or pear shaped figure. Bubble skirt can hide wide hips and thighs while flaunting the small waist and slim legs. This is the trend of the hour, but you also need to know how to carry it to make sure it looks flawless on you. If you are confused about how to wear this super trendy skirt, this post can help you out. Here we have discussed How To Wear A Balloon Skirt.
How To Wear A Bubble Skirt, Bubble Skirt

How To Wear A Bubble Skirt

For Party Look

For Party Look, Bubble skirt

Choose a bubble skirt made of rich, shiny fabric. Pair it with a neutral color top to make sure all the focus are on the skirt. You can pair a sleeveless blouse with a metallic bubble skirt or pair a brocade skirt with a black turtleneck with three-quarter length sleeve. For winter, wear a pair of opaque tights underneath the skirt and finish off the look with black ankle boots. Don’t forget to accessorize with a chunky neck piece.

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For Professional Look

For Professional Look, Bubble skirt

Wear a solid bubble skirt in black and top it off with a white or ivory button-down shirt and tuck it inside. Make sure the skirt has knee-length so that you can wear it comfortably at work. Wrap a belt around the waist and wear a boyfriend blazer on top. Accessorize with an over-sized watch to complete the look.

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For Casual Look

For Casual Look, Bubble skirt

Pair a cotton bubble skirt with a basic colored fitted v-neck t-shirt and tuck it inside. Alternatively you can wear a navy blue bubble skirt and top it off with navy blue and white striped tee. For a monochromatic look, pair a gray bubble skirt with a light gray top. Wear thin bangles and complete the look with wedges or ballet flats.

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For Flirty Night Out

For flirty night out, Bubble skirt

A mini bubble skirt can give you the perfect look for a flirty night out. Wear a high waist bubble skirt with a crop top that shows a hint of skin. For a more conservative look, pair your mini bubble skirt with a fitted tank top. Add cardigans for a layered look. To add a bit of sexiness, wear sheer tights and boots. Finish off the look with layered necklace or statement earrings.

If you are wondering How To Wear A Bubble Skirt, here you have your answer. Hope you enjoyed reading the post, stay tuned for more 🙂

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