How to Make Green Tea Tasty

How to Make Green Tea Tasty – Green Tea is the healthiest beverage rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients. Taking Green Tea is the best way to start your day. Green tea helps to boost your metabolism. It can be taken both hot and cold. People try to avoid green tea as it does not taste too good if you take it simply but you can always make it tastier. There are many different ways to make green tea tasty and healthier.
How to Make Green Tea Tasty, green tea

How to Make Green Tea Tasty

As mentioned before you can have green tea in both ways: hot or cold. If you are planning to have hot green tea then remember to put all favorite herbs you like such as ginger, lemon, honey, chamomile or mint. And if you like iced tea then cool the tea for twenty minutes and then refrigerate it for an hour. In iced tea you can add honey, lemon, vanilla essence, strawberry essence or mango flavor to it. Go through this post to know How to Make Green Tea Tasty.

Green Tea with Ginger and Mint

Gunpowder Green Tea with spearmint is all time popular Moroccan drink. To prepare this drink you need to have oranges, ginger root, gunpowder green tea leaves, and spearmint without stems. Cut all the ingredients in slices and dry all the ingredients together in room temperature then you can preserve it with the green tea itself. When you are feeling to have it take out and boil, let it cool down and allow it to refrigerate or even you can have it hot if you want.

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Green Tea with Honeydew Melon and Mint

Take one bag of green tea then add half cups of cubed honeydew melon. Add bunch of mint leaves and 1 spoon of sugar. First prepare the tea separately by adding tea bags into one cup of water and keep it aside. Then boil the all the mentioned stuffs in a pan and then let it cool down. Mix the tea and the other mixture together and let it refrigerate for half an hour. Add ice and then serve.

simple tips to Make Green Tea Tasty, green tea

Green Tea with Rose Petal and Orange

First prepare the green tea by boiling water and tea leaves together for two minutes. Strain the tea and separate the tea leaves from the tea. In a separate pan add a pinch of rose petals, orange rind and hibiscus and add water into it and boil it. Let it cool down add both the liquids of tea and the mixture and add sugar into it. Let it refrigerate then serve it with ice cubes if required.

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Green Tea with Raspberry

In boiling water put green tea for a minute and allow it to cool down. In a pan boil raspberry, sugar and water together for two minutes. Ones it done mix the tea and the prepared syrup together and keep it in refrigerator. Add some ice before you serve.

Easy ways to Make Green Tea Tasty, green tea

Green Tea with Citrus and Mint

In boiling water put all the ingredients together-orange slices, lemon slice, tea leaves, mint leave, sugar. Keep it aside for ten minutes. Allow it to settle down then strain the tea and refrigerate it. Serve it with ice cubes.

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These are few processes which you can follow to make your green tea tasty. Except these you can also try and experiment your green tea by adding extracts of peach, mango and any other fruits you love.

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