How Much Water is Good for Health

How Much Water is Good for Health – Water is always good for your health. We have often heard doctor saying drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Water is not only good for your health but great for your skin too. Water is actually one of the main components of body. Our body consists of 55 to 78 percent of water. Institute of medicine has declared that men must have at least three liters of water and women must have at least 2.2 liters of water daily. Water mainly keeps the body hydrated. Every cell requires water to function properly. So, let us check out How Much Water is Good for Health.
How Much Water is Good for Health, water, Water for Health

How Much Water is Good for Health

Water Helps to Relieve Fatigue

Water helps to reduce fatigue. It keeps body hydrated. If body does not have adequate water then blood volume drops which makes heart to work harder to pump oxygenated blood out in the blood stream thus makes major organs to work inefficiently.

Water Helps in Digestion and Reduces the Risk of Constipation

Water is very helpful for your health. It improves the function of gastrointestinal tract. It reduces the risk of constipation as the colon needs to be hydrated to avoid constipation. Water helps to dissolve the fiber and thus helps in smooth moving of food along the digestive tract.

Water Helps to Reduce Weight

Drinking of water before every meal helps to lose weight. Water keeps you full thus helps you to eat less. Moreover it helps to burn fats and also helps to eliminate fat cells.

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Water Helps in Treating Migraine and Headaches

Water helps to keep your head pain away. While you are suffering from headache and migraine you need to have lots of water which will give you primary relief.

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Water Reduces the Risk of Different Types of Cancer

Researchers have proven drinking of more water or fluids help to reduce the risk of bladder cancer because frequent urination helps to prevent build up of bladder carcinogens. Staying hydrated helps to reduce breast cancer risk and colon cancer.

Water Improves Mood

Drinking of water refreshes the mood. Dehydration imbalances the mood.

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Water Helps to Flush out the Toxins

Water acts as excellent detox agent. Toxin is flushed out mainly through urine and sweat. Regular drinking of water helps to dilute the salt and minerals in urine which prevents in kidney stone formation. But remember to have water in a proper level as excess drinking of water will harm kidney ability to filter the toxins and other wastes.

Water Helps to Regulate Body Temperature

Drinking of more water helps to regulate the body temperature. The thermal properties of water helps to evaporate heat from body via sweat and thus regulates the body temperature.

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Water Keeps Skin Healthy

Water helps the skin to get moisturized and smooth. Water keeps body soft, smooth and glowing. Water also helps to prevent skin from aging and thus keeps the skin soft, wrinkle free and glowing.

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Water Helps to Prevent Bad Breath

Drinking of sufficient water helps to keep your mouth moist and clears always the food particles in your mouth. Smelly compound such as bacteria and food particles create bad smells in your mouth. Drinking water keeps you away from bad smell.

Water Helps to Release Hangover

Alcohol makes you dehydrated so it water helps you to re-hydrate the body and thus balances the water level in your body.

Regular intake of water will always help you to maintain body balance and thus will keep you healthy.

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