Health Benefits of Clove Tea

Health Benefits of Clove Tea – Tea is a great refreshing drink from very age old time. Tea mixed with various herbs and spices makes it more energetic, health rich. Various herbal tea, especially clove tea is extremely beneficial for health. Clove is one of the most cherished herb or spice all over world. It has huge health benefits. Cloves are dried flower buds which are used as spice for cooking, aroma and also used for its therapeutic nature in message. Let’s check the Health Benefits of Clove Tea.
Health Benefits of Clove Tea, Clove Tea

Health Benefits of Clove Tea

Helps in Digestion

Clove tea has great effort in improving digestion process. Have clove tea, if you feel bloated or you are suffering from any indigestion issue, uneasiness after a heavy meal.

Acts as antiseptic

Clove tea is great to heal wounds, skin rashes, and other bacterial infection. It is good for your mouth too. It keeps your mouth free from bacteria.

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Soothes tooth issues

Clove is good for your tooth ache and sensitivity. Clove tea also helps keep bad breath away.

Treats headache

Clove helps to keep headache away. It gives instant relief from headache. The anti-inflammatory property in cloves helps to release headache.

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Soothes stress

Clove tea helps to relieve stress. It rejuvenates your mind due the component Eugenol present in cloves.

Relieves joint pain

Clove tea helps to get relieve from joint pain. It helps to get relieve from muscle pain too. Cloves are rich in omega 3 fats, calcium and iron it provides aid to joint and muscles.

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Health Benefits of Clove Tea 1, Clove Tea

Refreshes the skin

Cloves help to release the skin from acne as it has anti-bacterial properties. It also helps to reduce blemishes and marks.

What clove tea has :

  • Antioxidants
  • Flavonoids
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Fiber
  • Manganese
  • Calcium

Recipe of clove tea :

  • Ground the fresh cloves
  • Boil the water
  • Add tea bags to it
  • Add ground cloves to it
  • Then add sugar or honey to it as per requirement. Though it’s optional.
  • Let it simmer for ten minutes
  • Extract the tea in a cup
  • Serve it.

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Clove tea can store for a day or two. You can store it in refrigerator and serve it after an hour of meal.
People who are under medication must seek doctor’s advice to have clove tea as clove has a property, it can increase bleeding. The powerful healing qualities of the clove has made it much famous in this century and has been one of the top most desired tea among all.

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