Exercise to Get Strong Arm

Exercise to Get Strong Arm – Arm toning and strengthening exercises are very important throughout life as the benefits go way beyond looking good in a tank top. Diet and nutrition is one of the important part of the whole session but till you cannot reduce one particular part of the body miraculously for that you need to try to tone the whole body by following proper exercise regime. Today we are going to discuss about some of the Exercise to Get Strong Arm.
Exercise to Get Strong Arm 2, Arm Exercise, Strong Arm

Exercise to Get Strong Arm

Roll-the-Ball with Uneven Push-Up

This exercise is best for those who need to shape up the upper body strength. Go down into a plank shape and put the ball under the right hand and put your left hand on the floor. Try to squeeze your abs and shoulders as you lower towards the floor by keeping elbows in. Then push back up and then pass the ball to the other side. Follow this for five times each in both sides. Use soccer ball or medicine ball for better results.

Pilates Boxing

People who want to burn fat this is one of the best exercise for them. Stand with feet a hips-width apart then try to bend your knees and hinge forward from your waist and dont forget to maintain a neutral spine then raise your fists to your shoulders keeping elbows up and try to box your right hand forward pushing your abs, switch it to the other hand . Do this exercise for twenty times for each hand.

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Exercise to Get Strong Arm 1, Arm Exercise, Strong Arm

Three-Point Row

This exercise targets back, medial deltoid and rear deltoid. Stand with feet putting right in front of the left and hold and eight to twelve pound dumbbell in left and, then bend forward from the hip and try to place your right hand on the bench and then extend the left hand down keeping palm facing right. Pull the left hand towards your rib cage and bring elbow out at 45 degree from side. Lower the back again and then draw the perpendicular ribs turning palm right facing left. Repeat this for ten times switching each arm.

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Hip Heist Push-Up

If you want lean toned arm then this is the best one for you. Get into a push up position first by lowering the chest and bending your elbows to 90 degree, then lift the hand and left foot by rotating the upper body towards right while bringing your left knee across body toward right armpit then go on pivoting on right foot and continue rotating torso till your face comes up then try to lift up your hips in a table top position. Do it in the same rotation to come back to the push up position.

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Exercise to Get Strong Arm, Arm Exercise, Strong Arm

Biceps and Arm Circles

This exercise helps to tone your muscles and make it stronger. It also helps to get a full toned body. Stand with legs slightly wider than hip-width carrying five to eight pound dumbbell in each hand with elbows in a bend position and arms should be raised up. Now keeping spine straight try to squat and circle left hand up and in towards your shoulder in a circular motion reverse to lower hand. Repeat this for sixteen times for both sides.

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There are also other such exercises which will help to get stronger arms such as bench dips, triangle push ups, triceps extension, sling shots, triceps swings, kick back with twists, get up plank, split squat rotation, opposite arm and leg lift. Do you know something dancing also helps in toning your arms and muscles. For men they follow dumbbells and weight lifting to tone their arms. This is not all you need to also have a constant check on the food which you eat must be full of protein, vitamin and minerals which is really very necessary.

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