Exercise Can Keep Depression Away

Exercise Can Keep Depression Away – Exercise not only keeps you healthy and fit it also keeps depression away. Exercise helps to keep depression and anxiety away from you. Daily exercise helps to release endorphins in body which gives us positive energy and keeps us happy and stress free. And this depression and stress can lead up to various health hazards. Today I will talk about how Exercise Can Keep Depression Away.
Exercise Can Keep Depression Away, Exercise, Depression

Exercise Can Keep Depression Away

What is depression all about?

Depression is a mental state which makes you feel low. It drains out all your mental energy. But with the help of will power and healthy habits one can get rid of this depression.

Now let us see how exercise can keep depression away

  • Exercise helps us to get fresh air every day. It keeps us healthy and fit. Exercise helps us to lose calories and helps to be in perfect shape and also makes us to feel energetic and lively throughout the day.
  • Exercise helps to work out on large muscle parts. Stretching of muscles helps to release body pain and thus helps to release anxiety, tension and aggression.
  • The feel good factor comes from the beta-endorphins which are produced by exercise.

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  • Exercise also keeps body temperature low. It helps in proper blood circulation thus keeps blood pressure in control which balances the anxiety and depression level.
  • Illness and diseases never provides a feel good factor in you. Exercise keeps heart healthy. It keeps blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol level in control. Exercise helps to boost up your immune power.

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Dos and don’ts of exercise

Exercise should be performed regularly at least for three days a week and for at least twenty to thirty minutes. It should begin with slow speed. One should never exercise with high speed. And one should keep realistic goal to achieve in exercise. Never push yourself for exercise. Always remember to start with warming up yourself.

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Exercise Can Keep Depression Away 1, Exercise, Depression

Exercises which keeps depression and anxiety away

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Yoga
  • Panayama

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Exercise not only helps to fight depression away but it also strengthens the focusing power. It helps to purge away the negativities and distraction. Exercise purges away the hopelessness, helplessness. It helps to boost the confidence level.  Exercise helps to cope up with self destructive ideas and thus increases the self esteem and self respect in oneself. Exercise helps to bring overall positivity and well being in oneself.

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