Dry Skin Hacks for Winter

Dry Skin Hacks for Winter – With the start of winter come more layers, more cups of coffee and more skin issues, specially those with dry skin. Winter is a painful time for dry skin people. Dryness, dullness, flakiness, itchy skin – dry skin has to go through a lot. Oh yes, don’t forget breakouts, because breakouts don’t take break!! Since winter is literally the worst for dry skin, so it needs extra attention and little bit of pampering to keep our skin happy and glowing. Only the extra bit of moisturizer is not going to work, we need to amp up our beauty routine to keep our dry skin hydrated all winter long. If you are looking for ways to avoid bad skin in winter, then you are in the right place. Check out for some Dry Skin Hacks for Winter below.
Dry Skin Hacks for Winter, dry skin, winter

Dry Skin Hacks for Winter

CTM Routine

CTM routine is the basic of skincare, but don’t just stick to the same cleanser, toner and moisturizer all around the year. You should have different skin care products for different seasons. In winter, dry skin people should go for a mild, moisturizing face wash that would clean the skin without disturbing its pH balance. Toning should be done all year around. One should never skip toning as it brings the moisture back to the face which we lose during cleansing and also close the open pores to prevent breakout. Winter calls for heavy duty moisturizers for dry skin people, but make sure to pick a non-comedogenic one. Get a moisturizer that gets absorbed quickly and provide intense moisturization.

Speed up Your CTM Routine

This is a great Dry Skin Hack for Winter. If you like to take sweet gaps in between various steps of your skin care, then rethink your technique now. According to beauty experts, it is vital that you immediately follow your cleanser with toner and then serum and finally moisturizer. Doing everything faster will ensure that your skin stays hydrated throughout the process and absorb all the products better.

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How to take care of dry skin in winter, dry skin, winter

Serum First, then Moisturizer

If you have dry skin, then a hydrating serum can be your best friend in winter. So always apply serum first and then moisturizer, because serum will help absorb moisturizer more effectively.

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Exfoliate More

For dry skin, exfoliation is more important than moisturizing. Yes, that’s right. According to experts, having dry and flaky skin means you have dry skin-cell buildup on the surface of your skin. So exfoliation is very important to remove the buildup and make way for the moisturizers and serums.

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Oils Can be Your Savior

While discussing Dry Skin Hacks for Winter, its not possible to avoid oils. Add oils to your daily skin care routine for soft and supple skin in winter. Apply coconut oil on the face or go for argan oil if you have sensitive skin. Don’t want to put oil to your skin straight? Then mix a few drops of coconut oil or argan oil to your face and body moisturizer for long lasting hydration. Massage your face with extra virgin olive oil before washing your face with face wash, it works wonder for dry skin.

Dry Skin Tips and Tricks for Winter, dry skin, winter

No Face Pack, Use Sheet Masks

This is another great little Dry Skin Hack for Winter. Face packs absorb all the oil, dirt and grime from our face. While face packs are great for summer, but in winter, they should be avoided because in the process of absorbing impurities, face packs often take away some of the natural oils from our face. Replace face pack with Sheet masks in winter. According to beauty experts, sheet masks provides a boost of hydration to our skin which is great for dry skin especially in winter.

Keep in mind these Dry Skin Hacks for Winter to effectively tackle your dry skin woes.

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