Common Foundation Mistakes We All Make

Common Foundation Mistakes We All Make – The main trick to pull up any makeup look is to apply the foundation correctly. But here we all make mistakes, more or less. To tell you the truth, foundation is one of the trickiest makeup item to use. Foundation, when applied correctly can give us a flawless and fresh look while wrong application can do the opposite. Unlike moisturizer or kajal, foundation is not an easy thing to master. Many of us wear foundation on regular basis, yet aren’t aware about the mistakes we are making. Here in this post we will discuss about some of the Common Foundation Mistakes We All Make and how to avoid them.
Common Foundation Mistakes We All Make, Foundation Mistakes

Common Foundation Mistakes We All Make


How do you find the perfect shade of foundation for your skin tone? Probably by applying a dollop on the back of your hand? Well, its a bad idea actually because our hand doesn’t match the exact shade of our face. So what you need to do is to test your foundation on 3 small areas. Apply it under your eyes, on the nose and along your jawline. If you rub it and it completely disappears, then go for the shade.

Not Applying Primer

It is not a good idea to layer our skin with various makeup items. But if you are wearing foundation, you just have to apply primer underneath. It will help your makeup to stay long.

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Not Switching Coverage with the changing weather

We change our skin care routine according to weather, but forget to change our foundation. The humidity and dryness in the air is actually plays an important role in choosing your foundation. During winter, the dryness in our skin craves for something more hydrating, like tinted cream or liquid foundation, while powder formulas are best to counteract sweat and humidity of summer.

foundation, Foundation Mistakes

Laying it on too thick

Not all parts of our face can support thicker application of foundation. Yes, its true. We must apply foundation based on the thickness of supporting tissue. To put it simply, our forehead, the skin around the eyes and bridge of the nose need thin application because the skin on those parts are the thinnest. On the other hand, you can use a heavier application of foundation on areas like cheeks, nostrils, chin, upper lip and jaw. If you are applying a liquid foundation, place a couple of drops on the back of your hand and use brush or sponge to apply it from there. In this way, you will be able to control the amount of foundation you apply on the face.

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Trying to cover the pimples

Its quite tempting to apply a thick layer of foundation to cover our pimples. But this leads to nothing but a makeup disaster. When we apply that ultra thick layer of foundation on our zits, it ends up looking cakey, dry and sits on our pores. Cover those imperfections with concealers. Concealers have greater pigment than foundations, so they can be used as spot treatment to mask the imperfections without looking cakey.

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Not Using the right tools

Applying foundation with fingertips seems to be easiest and quickest trick, but its actually a bad idea as sometimes the warmth of finger can lead to makeup meltdown. So use beauty blenders or makeup brushes. Beauty blender is kind of one-size-fits-all stuff, but that’s not the case with makeup brushes. To even out your skin tone, apply cream or liquid foundation with a synthetic brush. Opt for a natural fiber or kabuki brush for powder foundations.

Foundation Mistakes We All Make, Foundation Mistakes

Not Blending Foundation past jawline

This is one of the most Common Foundation Mistakes We All Make. When it comes to makeup, nothing is more important than blending. While applying foundation, we often neglect the jawline and neck. But for a perfect seamless look we need to blend foundation on those areas particularly. You would never want to look like that your face and neck has two different color and texture.

Using Concealer Before Foundation

There’s always a debate goes on – which one to apply first, concealer or foundation? You must always apply foundation first. Applying concealer first would require you to use more foundation than you need otherwise. Instead, use a small, pointy brush to apply concealer on your troubled areas after applying foundation.

So these are Common Foundation Mistakes We All Make. We have also shared how to avoid those mistakes. Hope you found it helpful 🙂

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