Cholesterol Causes, Symptoms and Its Treatment

Cholesterol Causes, Symptoms and Its Treatment – Cholesterol is the fat or lipid present in your blood which your body requires to rebuild the cells and to develop certain hormones. Body builds cholesterol but at times food also helps to develop cholesterol. Our body requires very little cholesterol but excessive amount of cholesterol in your blood may lead to high cholesterol which leads to various health hazards such as stroke, heart disease and other vascular disease. 80 percent of cholesterol is developed in liver rest is incorporated through food.
Cholesterol Causes, Symptoms and Its Treatment, Cholesterol

Cholesterol Causes, Symptoms and Its Treatment

Dietary cholesterol is found in foods such as animal sources, such as eggs, meats, and dairy products. There are two different types of cholesterol- LDL is the bad cholesterol which increases the risk of heart disease and the other one is HDL is the good cholesterol which helps to lower risk of heart disease. Check out Cholesterol Causes, Symptoms and Its Treatment below.

Causes of cholesterol

If the LDL level of cholesterol increases in body then it becomes risky. There are many factors for the increased level of cholesterol such as intake of high saturated fatty foods, unhealthy diet, heredity, gender, overweight, low physical activity, alcohol consumption, increased age, smoking habit, inherited genetic condition known as familiar hypercholesterolemia. Certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, liver disease, and kidney disease can also raise cholesterol levels.

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Increase level of cholesterol is silent; it does not give as such any indication. Cholesterol mostly discovered when you have blood test or any physical exam. When there is complication of high cholesterol there can be pain in the calves which is caused due to narrowed arteries in legs. High cholesterol leads to stroke and other heart diseases. LDL cholesterol gathers fat deposit inside the blood vessels which develop scars called plaques which lead to damage of arteries, chest pain, stroke and heart attack.

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Cholesterol level is diagnosed by blood test known as which determines the cholesterol level in your blood.  In order to keep your cholesterol level control one need to have a healthy lifestyle. One need to avoid fatty foods which contain saturated foods. Avoid desserts and fried foods. Have regular exercise inform of work out, aerobics, brisk walk. Try to eat heart-healthy diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, and low-fat or non-fat dairy foods. Statin medicine can lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. Doctor’s advice is required for proper medicine to lower the high cholesterol level in blood.

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