Changes in Stool Color

Changes in Stool Color – Stool is the waste product which body emits out after, completion of digestion process. And the color of the stool determines, if we are healthy or it is giving some warning signs. Keeping a check on stool color, can help you get cautious about the health issues you might face. Stool color can determine if our gastrointestinal tract is working well or not. The normal stool color is brown as it has the presence of bile in it. Our internal organ takes three days to digest the food we take. Bile is produced by liver which is stored in gallbladder and is used to digest the food. Depending on the presence of bile, our stool color varies from light yellow to black. Check out my post Changes in Stool Color below.
Changes in Stool Color, Stool Color

Changes in Stool Color

Reason for changes in stool color :

  • Loose motion
  • Food effects, which can be due to green or reddish vegetables
  • Constipation
  • Medicines
  • Trauma to the abdomen
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Gastritis or Digestion issues
  • Colon Cancer
  • Anal fissures

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Stool color and its meaning:

Green- Intake of green leafy vegetables, iron supplements, flavored drink or food color. Food is moving faster through the intestine and bile is not getting enough time to break them down. During diarrhea same stool color may occur.

Yellow- Presence of protein gluten, excess fat is absorbed by the stool. It can also be due to malabsorption disorder. This kind of stool has bad smell and is greasy.

White- This kind stool may be light or white colored. This can happen due to some medication or it can be due to bile duct obstruction which is not allowing bile in the stool.

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Red- Red colored stool can be due to food intake such as beet root, tomato, cranberries, food color, red gelatin etc. It can be also due to bleeding, hemorrhoids, rectum, in lower intestine or large intestine.

Black- The stool color can be black due to some iron supplements or due to some bleeding in upper intestinal tract or stomach. This really seeks the help of doctor.

For babies, especially new born stool color is generally green or pale green or yellowish green or brown in color. The shape, the color, the smell the size of the stool depends completely on the food that we intake. Stool color completely depends on what you eat and it also depicts you intestinal health.

To maintain a healthy life and to have a proper stool one need to have a good, high fibrous, low fat diet. For blackish, reddish, grey or clay colored stool, one must immediately consult a doctor.

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