Basic Exercise for Energy

Basic Exercise for Energy – Exercise is the energy booster for you. Exercise not only keeps you away from disease but also keeps you fresh and healthy. Simple exercises are good for your health and are always easy to perform. Exercise, Pranayam and Yogas are really stress relieving and thus boosts up your energy. Feeling energetic makes you to live longer and much younger. Exercise helps in proper blood circulation which make you feel energized throughout the day. Exercise boosts up your energy which helps you to go steady throughout the day. Exercise keeps you free from fatigue. Check out some of the Basic Exercise for Energy below.
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Basic Exercise for Energy

Brisk walk

Brisk walking regularly for thirty minutes helps you to get energy. This helps in proper blood circulation throughout the body. The range of motion throughout the body parts legs, thighs, hands, shoulders all help to keep body parts moving and active.


Deep breathing helps you to have proper amount of oxygen in your body. Inhale and exhale slowly for four to five times regularly will help you have relax properly and thus will keep you free from daily stress and fatigue.

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Morning bend

Morning bend helps to keep your body flexible. In our daily routine we work tediously and thus suffer from body pain. This exercise not only gives you energy but keeps you away from body pain. Stand with feet shoulder-width with knees slightly bent and put your hands behind head then with the help of your back flat try to bend forward until your back is parallel to the ground and try to keep weight in your heels and hips. Halt for few seconds then return to standing.

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Hopping on jumping rope which girls do from very small age jumping rope helps you remain fit, energetic and helps you to shed extra calories. Just hop for thirty times with the help of rope, that’s all will be for the day. This will make you full energetic and fit.

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Wall angel

Exercise named Wall angel help to keep your heart healthy. It also energizes the overall body and helps to keep your body flexible. Stand against a wall with spine touching it from shoulders to hips then raise your arms parallel to floor. Keep your arms and back against the wall try to rotate arms upward as far as you can then bring the hands down to starting position.

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Side crunches

Side crunches again help in proper blood circulation and help to bring fresh oxygen and this really easy to do. Sit on a chair or bench with hands behind head and then press elbows back to stretch your chest and open up your lungs then try to bend sideways at the waist to crunch to your left come back up and do it in the same way, repeat crunch to the right.

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Along with these exercises try to do some simple yogas such as virasana and simple pranayam such as anulom vilom ad kapalvati will help you have proper blood circulation and thus improves the oxygen flow throughout the body which helps to keep us energetic.

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