Bad Habits that are Making You Fat

Bad Habits that are Making You Fat – Being fat is one of the major problem from which most of the people are suffering. Now-a-days people get very acquainted with fast and unhealthy foods and busy life style. And in this busy schedule of life our daily routine gets derailed and fitness goal shatter down. Today we are going to study on the facts which are the main reason behind getting fat, better to say some bad habits which we follow daily and which little by little contribute to fat and extra pound. Let’s check the Bad Habits that are Making You Fat.
Bad Habits that are Making You Fat, getting fat

Bad Habits that are Making You Fat

Poor information regarding foods

Try to see the amount of calories each food contains. Don’t look for low fat food or fat-free as these foods contain sugar and other chemicals. And these foods do not fill your appetite properly. Read the contents and you can see that low fat food and fat-free food contain near about same calories. So check the calories before you buy every food.

Skipping the meals

When people get fat they feel if we eat less then we will lose fat but it’s completely wrong. This makes to slow down your metabolism which makes you weaker and thus insists you to overeat later. So it is advisable to eat in small portion throughout the day.

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Ignoring nutrition advice

Avoiding nutrition advice is something which is adding to your ignorance regarding proper diet to regularize a good healthy habit. First of all when we are targeting to reduce weight we need to concentrate and know what our body has more which we need to reduce and what nutrition our body requires so that we can maintain a balance and never suffer from the deficit.

Eating fast, Taking big bites

In our school days mothers used to tell “eat fast” but it’s wrong you need to eat slowly as chewing is most important while you eat. Eat in small portions take smaller bite use a fork or small spoon while you eat so that it takes time to eat. Give time while you eat.

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Having filler foods in restaurant

Filler foods are foods which are provided as complimentary in the beginning while serving you dishes such as bread, chicken or potato smash. Stop having those foods instead ask for some fresh vegetable salads which will help you to absorb less calories.

Eating right before bed

This habit is very wrong and it harms you. Eat at least three hours before going to bed as body works minimum when you sleep.

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Watching T.V. while you eat

Habits that are Making You Fat, getting fat

Watching TV while we sit down to eat never helps us to concentrate on what we eat. So it is always better to sit down in order to eat together with families so that you can enjoy both family company and food.

Not drinking enough water

Water is very important for our body. So we need to have proper amount of water daily. Water also helps to have a better metabolism and water also keep your stomach full and thus avoids you from meaningless eating when you are not hungry.

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Drinking more soda, soft drink or alcohol

Stop taking alcohol, soda, soft drinks as much as possible as these contain huge amount of calorie and added sugar ad preservatives.

Not having enough protein

Protein is very much necessary for your health. Lean protein keeps you full and body in fact uses more calorie to burn the protein diet.

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Poor record keeping

You have a record of your weight so that a track can be maintained to control the weight.

Avoiding exercise

Exercise is very important for you on daily basis. So it is mandatory to have a regular exercise at least for twenty minutes.

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Always remember to have a better food habit and healthy work out by making out time from your busy schedule to stay fit and to cut down the extra fat from your body.

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