Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser Review

Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser Review – Who would not want luscious, smooth, shiny, glossy and frizz-free tresses that cascade like a waterfall down ones waist? No one 🙂 Given the number of options we have at our disposal to tend to our hair and its woes, we run from pillar to post to grab that one shampoo, conditioner or serum that banishes all our hair issues, leaving us with the hair we have always wanted. However, on the downside, those very shampoos, conditioners and serums come packed with a number of pernicious chemicals such as- parabens, sulphates, alcohol, PEG, DMDM Hydantion and what not- all of which suck the life out of our crowning hair, leaving it dry, brittle and vulnerable to breakage/fall. So, better opt for something natural like Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser.
Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser Review

Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser Review

A natural brand from Namma Bengaluru- Aroma Essentials is here to listen to your woes and craft products that cater to this need of yours. In line with this thought and keeping my penchant for natural, safe and chemical-free products alive, I zeroed in on Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser last month. Having used it for a month now, here is my verdict on this hair cleanser. So, scroll down below to check out my Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser Review.

Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser

Price of Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser :


Directions for use and Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser Ingredients :

Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser direction for use and ingredients

Shelf life : 6 Months

Color : White

Smell : Pleasant though very mild almost unnoticeable.

Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser opening

What Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser claims

Makes hair smooth and soft besides thoroughly cleansing the scalp and hair.

Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser swatch

My experience with Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser

Packed in a simple tub with a cap on top and an extra layer of plastic cap inside, the packaging of Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser is simple, sturdy and leakage-free. I have noticed that the texture of the cleanser is such that it does not drip, hence making it spillage-free. On the whole, the packaging is fair and up to the mark for me.

Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser has a creamy texture that stays very much solid at room temperature even during the hot and humid months of June as well as July. Once in contact with water, it forms a smooth and creamy paste which needs to be massaged on to ones scalp and hair for about 3-4 minutes. Then, I rinse it with cold water and follow up with a conditioner (organic, of course). The end result is smooth, manageable and tangle-free mane with a little gloss. It stays well for 3-4 days and that is legit given its natural composition. The external effects of chemical-based products stays longer but so is the damage concomitant with them while the opposite is true for natural/safe products which work to nurture our tresses for a longer duration.

On the flip side, if I skip my conditioner (organic) or use Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser a little more than what I usually go for, my hair feels dry which is a turn-off. So, I combat this unwanted effect by oiling my tresses with olive oil the previous night. That way, it does not suck moisture off my hair. I find it suitable for use by all hair types although dry hair needs to be a little cautious of the quantity they are putting on their hair/scalp per use. All else is hunky-dory 🙂

In a nutshell, Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser deserves a try. Once your hair gets acclimatized with the cleanser, you won’t turn back to your chemical-laden hair products though you have to be diligent with the quantity if you have dry hair.

Good about Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser

  • All natural
  • Cruelty free
  • Artificial fragrance free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Chemical free
  • Crafted using the finest natural ingredients
  • Adds softness
  • Imparts a little shine
  • Makes hair tangle free
  • Apposite for use by all hair types though dry hair needs to tread cautiously

Bad for Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser

  • Might dry out hair if used in excess. Thus, ladies with dry hair need to use it sparingly.
  • Available only online at present. COD (cash on delivery) feature is not available.
  • Conditioning is vital especially for dry/excessively dry hair.

Availability : Visit Aroma Essentials official Facebook page.

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