8 Ways To Prevent Cancer

8 Ways To Prevent Cancer – Cancer is a life staking disease. Cancer is basically uncontrolled growth of body cells. It is considered as the malignant growth of uncontrolled division of cells in human body. But a healthy lifestyle can control cancer. Some health action and habits will help you to be free from this unwanted disease. Now let us check some ways which are helpful to prevent cancer. Read my post 8 Ways To Prevent Cancer below.
8 Ways To Prevent Cancer, Cancer

8 Ways To Prevent Cancer

Have plenty of water

Water is a must for your body. It helps to flush out cancer causing agents via urine. Water used to wash away all waste products lying in your bladder. This will help you keep yourself away from bladder cancer.

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Say ”no” to smoking

Stop smoking completely. Smoking can cause lung cancer. Tobacco does not do any good to health. Lot of men and women all over world are suffering from lung cancer, due to smoking habit.

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Get rid of over weight

Obesity is bad for cancer too. Exercise or work out regularly to get rid of extra pounds. You can also involve into various activity, such as swimming, games, dancing, jogging, etc.

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Exercise regularly

Regular movements of body parts help you to keep your blood flow proper, and thus keeps all body cells active. At least exercise for thirty minutes daily. Exercise also reduces the estrogen level in female body and thus reduces weight and keeps you away from breast cancer.

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8 Ways To Prevent Cancer 1, Cancer

Keep yourself away from cell phone

Avoid brain cancer by using hands free as much as possible. The radio frequency which the cell phone emits can be dangerous for your brain.

Check your supplements

Vitamin B, Vitamin D, folic acid are necessary for woman health, but it is always better to take it in natural form. Taking supplements, need doctor’s intervention. Prevent taking synthetic supplements.

Increase calcium intake

Calcium is very necessary to avoid bone cancer. Have skimmed milk or other low fat dairy products, which has whole lot of calcium. You can also try soy protein.

Have lot of fiber

Fiber is good for health. Have lots of fiber, which is very essential for health. Whole grain is really necessary for health. Fiber helps to keep body weight in control, moreover it helps to have a clear intestine.

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Have lots of fruits and vegetables that has lycopene which is helpful to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Keep yourself away from stress as stress leads you to overeating, over drinking, smoking which harms your health. Pay attentions to your family history, body pains and swellings. Never neglect these. Always take an advice of doctor , whenever you feel such.

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