8 Treatments for Migraines

8 Treatments for Migraines – Migraine is one of the common form of headache which can go up to severe extent when it becomes unbearable. Migraine causes pain in the head, brain and the nerves around the head. This pain mainly starts at one side of the head and spreads all over. This kind of pain, that is migraine pain may last from two hours to three days depending on the severity. Migraine pain may lead to nausea, vomiting. Migraine pain can go up to the stage of aura when headache becomes severe and people may find problems and can visualize halos and other disturbances. Now controlling migraine and its treatment is possible. Follow some simple steps which will help you to get rid of Migraine. Check out my post 8 Treatments for Migraines.
8 Treatments for Migraines, Migraine

8 Treatments for Migraines

Keep a check on your food

Have a note after having which food within an hour’s time you are facing migraine problem. If you are facing such severe issues then please try to avoid such foods which may trigger your migraine.

Have natural painkillers which can spice up your food

Have red pepper, capsaicin, is a terrific painkiller which are helpful and makes you to feel better during migraine attack. Try to incorporate these in your meal. In foreign countries cayenne pepper capsule is also available.

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Add caffeine to a extent when your suffer from migraine pain

Caffeine helps to reduce your migraine pain. But remember not to take too much caffeine, which may increase your pain. Add caffeine to a certain extent. Have one to two cup of coffee when you suffer from migraine pain. Painkillers with caffeine have been proven effective.

Have proper sleep

Proper sleep is really necessary for your health. Maintain a sleep cycle which will help you to have a full rest to your brain and nerves, thus will try to reduce migraine attacks. Do not sleep late and try to keep your room dark and in cool temperature.

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Treatments for Migraines, Migraine

Try to Meditate

Meditation is really good for migraine. Meditation keeps your brain muscles and tissues relaxed and stress free, thus keeps you away from migraine attack.

Use Ice-packs

Acute migraine pain goes unbearable, so try to have ice packs, which will slow down the pain in nerves and tissues.

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Try some natural oil therapy

Use lavender oil, peppermint oil, basil oil to get rid of acute migraine pain. These oils are helpful in muscle relaxation. Inhale these oils or apply it directly on head, which will give you a calm and relaxed feeling.

Take bath with lights off

Take good soaking bath and try to relax after bath, which will help you to console. Bathing brings your body temperature down and allows your brain muscles and tissues to cool down.

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Try to recognize what triggers your headache. It can be any food, smell, sound, noise which may trigger problem for you. Acupressure can also be a great help and treatment in case of migraine pains. Mint is also a good stress reliever, so try to have mint tea. And it is always advisable to check with your doctor.

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