8 Different Uses for Lip Balm

8 Different Uses for Lip Balm – Lip balm is absolutely important in winter to get rid of dry, chapped lips. However, we use lip balms all around the year to keep our lips soft and smooth. But do you know that lip balm is much more than just a fix for our chapped lips. Lip balm has several other uses as well. Often lip balm is not considered amongst the most glamorous beauty products, but when it comes to efficacy and functionality, lip balm is certainly the best. Lip balm is one such beauty product that can address many of our beauty concerns, like taming flyways, softening cuticles, preventing blisters, taming eyebrows and lots more. If you are a lip balm freak and hunting for new uses, here we present you 8 Different Uses for Lip Balm.
8 Different Uses for Lip Balm, Lip Balm

8 Different Uses for Lip Balm

Prolong your Perfume

Does your favorite perfume wear off quickly? Well, you can now prolong the staying power of your perfume with the help of your favorite lip balm. Dab some on the wrists and other pulse points wherever you like before spraying the perfume and the fragrance will stick to these areas and help you smell great for a long time.

Stand-in Cuticle Cream

If you have very dry hands, you must invest in a heavy duty hand moisturizer, But that’s for night, because using a heavy duty hand cream during the day might make our hands greasy and create problem. Rub a lip balm on the rough areas of the hand, this will create a barrier against the external elements and prevent further drying. You can also dab some on the rough cuticles as well.

Different Uses of Lip Balm, Lip Balm

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As an Eyebrow Gel

You can tame your wayward eyebrow hairs with lip balm. Just swipe it on the eye brows gently to groom your brows. This will work exactly like an eyebrow gel, however the staying power would be less. Lip balm can also be used to set the pencil or powder/eye shadow that you use to fill in the brows.

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As an Illuminator

Want a glowy, dewy look on the go? Well, simply find the lip balm inside your bag and dab it on the top points of your face, like the cheekbones, the nose bridge, above and underneath your brows and you are all set! Make sure you apply just a tiny bit of lip balm and it should be non tinted! The best part is that it would work with all skin tones.

Different Uses for Lip Balm, Lip Balm

As an Eyeshadow Primer

An eyeshadow primer is must when you are wearing gorgeous eye makeup and you want it to last long. Now you don’t have to spend for an expensive eye primer, as the lip balm can work equally well. Apply a tiny bit of lip balm before applying your eyeshadows and it will keep your eye makeup looking fresh all day long.

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Repair Scratched CD

Not sure how many people still listens to CDs, but if you are a CD buff then you just can’t ignore the problem of scratched CDs. Well, now you can fix them with your lip balm. Just spread some lip balm on the scratches and wipe away the excess. Leave it like this for some time and your scratched CD will be alright again!

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Soothes Nose Irritation

Catching a cold is very common in winter. And the repeated wiping and blowing your nose often leads to dry and irritated skin around the nose. Lip balm can fix it for you. Wash your hand and apply some lip balm onto the dry area with the help of your fingertips. Don’t use the lip balm directly on the skin as it may cause spreading of germs. Try to use an unscented variant.

Unusal Uses for Lip Balm, Lip Balm

Prevent Blisters

Getting blisters from a new shoe is very common and it happens due to the friction between our foot and the shoe. If your shoe is rubbing hard against the skin and you cannot change it immediately, simple apply a lip balm on the affected area as this will create a layer and minimize the friction to prevent the chance of painful blisters.

So there were 8 Different Uses for Lip Balm. I hope you liked the post, thanks for reading 🙂

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