7 Healthy Ways to Beat the Heat

7 Healthy Ways to Beat the Heat – Summers are really getting unbearable when it rises to its peak. Every continent has summer seasons in different time. Excessive heat leads to health issues. It is not possible for everybody to stay indoors to get rid of summer. Especially for kids and working people it is very necessary to incorporate some healthy habits. Here are 7 Healthy Ways to Beat the Heat.
7 Healthy Ways to Beat the Heat, summer tips

7 Healthy Ways to Beat the Heat

Keep yourself hydrated to beat the heat

Liquid or water is the most important for our body and in this scorching heat. Liquid keeps your body temperature cool. Have lots of juices, fruits, dairy products which have water content, thus keeps water balance in your body and will remain refreshed.

Keep yourself protected from the sun

Try to stay indoors, avoid sun. People who work outside, try to schedule your meetings in the morning or evening time. Apply sunscreen to avoid harmful effects of UV rays. Use umbrella, cap or hat to protect yourself from sunstroke. Try to find out shades while driving or walking outside while noon.

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Dress up in a proper way

Whenever you are out in the daytime, do not forget to wear proper outfit, try to wear cotton or linen clothes specially of lighter colors as it absorbs less heat, which will keep you safe. Wear hat or carry an umbrella. Cover yourself with full sleeves, to avoid damage of UV rays on the skin.

Have probiotics as much as possible

Curd, fermented rice with onion, buttermilk, all these really helps and are very necessary for keeping you body temperature cool.

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Healthy Ways to Beat the Heat, summer tips

Have fresh fruits and salads to beat the heat

Fruits and vegetables keep you away from calories too. Fresh fruits such as guava, watermelon, pomegranate, pineapple, oranges, mango, strawberry, litchi, papaya is very nutritious for health. Have fresh vegetable salads and sandwiches made up of cucumber, tomato, onion, parsley, lettuce.

Exercise safely

Exercise is good for health, but lose your calories keeping your health in the notice. Do not strain yourself while exercising. In the summers while exercising, you sweat excessively so, always remember to hydrate yourself as much as possible.

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Proper sleep is really necessary

Proper sleep is very necessary to recover all lost energy. It is very necessary to have at least seven hours sleep every day. Keep your room calm and cool so that you can have a good sleep.

Start up early in the morning. Avoid daytime journey, be little calculative while traveling. Maintain proper hygiene. Avoid spicy and high calorie fat foods, to avoid gastric problems. Avoid having something very chilling, just after coming from scorching heat outside, wait a while to let your body temperature get calm down and then drink. Yoga can be a good substitute to keep your body temperature balanced. Follow these certain tips and stay healthy and beat the heat!

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